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The Run Away in Jump

Chapter 1- Sam!

Danny, Sam and Tucker were out on patrol like they do every night before heading home, hopefully before curfew. This night they were cutting it close since they spent the good part of the day working on a big project that was due in Mr. Lancer's class tomorrow.

They just got out of Danny's house when Tucker spoke up, "Here, why don't he split up and cut our patrol time in half. If anyone sees anything we can contact each other using the Fenton phones," Tucker then handed one to Danny, another to Sam, then kept the last one. "I'll take the East side, Danny, you and Sam can take the West."

Danny looked at Tucker with a raised eyebrow, curious as to what he could possibly be up to. He knew that Tucker was horrible with an ecto-shooter and doing a whole half of a city alone was a big job to take on. Danny was about to say something, but then Sam spoke up, cutting him off. "Good idea, but make sure to contact us as soon as you see a ghost," She said with a firm tone. "After all you have a really bad aim whenever it comes to guns." Sam added with a laugh.

Tucker looked a little annoyed and embarrassed with the comment, but a second later his face formed into a devious grin, "Alright, but if I do call I better not find you two love birds making out." Tucker said and before Sam could lift a finger to strangle him, he was running towards his patrolling area. Danny was left with his mouth wide open, his chance to ask Tuck what he was up to was now gone.

Danny and Sam walked around for about half an hour in silence, for one big reason, that left the two teens a little to embarrassment to speak. However, only one of the them finally gathered up their courage to bring the topic up. "So, Danny, do you plan on going to the summer dance with anyone?" Sam asked as she walked besides Danny, who for some reason felt his heart skip a beat, "After all it is the only dance of the year that is not a school sanctioned event and you aren't forced to dance with your parents."

Danny looked away from her a little nervous about the topic, "Actually I was planning on asking someone, but never found the right time to ask." Danny felt his heart act up again. Of course the person he wanted to ask was the person walking next to him, but whenever he thought of asking before, Tucker was always there ruining the moment. Danny suddenly paused when he a thought occurred to him, 'Tuckers not here now.' He thought to himself and he felt his face turn red. Danny had opened his mouth to finally ask the question that has only been imagined about between the two teens.

However, right when his lips parted a blue mist came out and Danny had to resist the urge to groan. 'Of all the- how many times today will I be interrupted?!' He thought as he took off to the sky to look around to find the stupid ghost that ruined the first real chance Danny had to ask Sam out.

Seeing nothing Danny let his guard down, but then he almost jumped out of his skin when he hears a loud neigh from a hoarse. He turned around to find the Fright Knight charging towards him, his sword, the Soul Shredder, drawn. The Fright Knight's sword had the weird ability to make whoever is cut by it live their worst nightmare. Danny just barely flew out of the way of the sword's touch when the Fright Knight's fist collided into Danny's stomach, causing him to fly into a nearby building. Before Danny knew what was going on he was buried in a pile of bricks.

"Danny!" Sam shouted with fear. She then looked up at the Fright Knight, resentment clear on her face. She quickly went for her thermos which was clipped on her belt, but the Fright Knight saw the action and acted fast, refusing to go back to that hell hole called the Ghost Zone.

Danny just barely got out of the rubble he was buried in to find the Fright Knight charging towards Sam, his sword pointed right at her. Danny could feel his blood run cold. "Sam!" He yelled trying to warn her and quickly charging in her direction trying to get to the Fright Knight before he got to Sam. However, his attempts were wasted as the Fright Knight ran his sword right through her. "SAM!" Danny yelled again as she fell to the ground. Danny quickly shot a few ecto-blasts at the Fright Knight to get him away from Sam and then sucked him into his thermos while his guard was down.

Danny then scooped Sam in his arms and rushed her to the Hospital. The only thing on his mind was to get her to safety and fast. Even when he arrived he did not bother turning back into Fenton. He just rushed Sam to the nearest hospital employee and begged them to help her.

Danny paced around the waiting room for what seemed like hours. He stayed in his ghost form refusing to leave for even a second. Of course he had told Tucker what happened through the Fenton phones. Danny also told him to tell Sam's parents the news since it would be a little weird and suspicious if Danny called them as Phantom.

While he was pacing his eyes kept going from the floor to the thermos he had sucked the Fright Knight into. He was half tempted to go somewhere far away from Amity Park and let the Fright Knight out to only beat the living shite out of him, but again, Danny refused to leave the room and miss any news about Sam.

When his thoughts were not focused on the beaten image of the Fright Knight that occasionally popped into his head, they were submerged in the simplest fact that Danny had unintentionally let all of this happen. He let his guard down and the Fright Knight had the opportunity to knock him out and get to Sam. Danny stopped pacing when the thought of never seeing Sam again finally made their presence known. He unconsciously sat down, put his face in his hands and let out a tired sigh.

When he was caught up in his thoughts Tucker and Sam's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Manson, finally arrived, and everything turned into chaos. Sam's parents had successfully knocked Danny out of his stupor and then made it perfectly clear to him that all of this was his fault. Danny stayed quiet while they yelled at him. His mind could not help but agree with everything the Mansons were saying. When they were not yelling at Danny they were on their phones getting their lawyers to get a restraining order on Danny. Saying that if Phantom came within a ten mile radius of Sam they would personally make sure he would bee locked up for the rest of his afterlife.

Tucker tried to back Danny up, but Danny only gave him a strict look telling him to butt out and to let them vent. Tucker of course did not seem pleased that Danny was getting chewed out by Sam's parents, but he did not push the matter either.

After what seemed like hours of being yelled at, the doctor finally came out with a sad smile on his face. "Well Mr. and Mrs. Manson, your daughter will be fine. Luckily the sword missed all of her vital organs so the she should heal properly. However she seems to be in caught in a sever nightmare." Danny smiled hearing that Sam would live, but it vanished when he flinched that the fact that she was living her worst nightmare. "Give her a few hours and she should wake up. You can all go see her now if you want." The doctor finally finished.

Danny was about to go in, but Sam's parents gave him a warning glance, clearly stating that if he took another step he would never see the light of day again. Danny let out a frustrated sigh and turned away. He walked out of the hospital and flew out into the clear night sky.

Honestly, he was not sure if he could go see Sam, even if he wanted to. The image of the Fright Knight running Sam through caused guilt to eat away at his heart. He was torn thinking of what he may go through is mind if he saw Sam wrapped in bandages and clearly in pain from her nightmare, both of which he thought were inadvertently his fault. Danny let out a stressful sigh. Of course he also had no intention of going home, although it was clearly past his curfew.

So instead he flew around aimlessly until he found himself landing on a tree in the middle of the park. He looked up at the stars and remembered the Camping trip he, Tucker, and Sam went on, along with half of the other kids in their grade. He remembered how Sam had been only a few seconds away from having to wear the shock collar and become Walker's new source of amusement, and the possible key to keeping Danny in check while he was the warden's prisoner.

Then the time Freakshow had controlled him, and how Sam was only seconds away from becoming a shish kabob on a pointed rock after falling off the train. Then the time Tucker almost ended up being a ghost when Desiree first appeared just because Danny could not help but show off his cool new powers. His mind kept being overrun with memories of all the times his friends and family had been put in danger. Like when Youngblood appeared and tried to push his parents down a waterfall when they went on that one road trip, or when the entire town was filled with Walker's goons that were looking for him and terrorized most of the town.

Danny groaned at all the times his loved ones lives' have been put in jeopardy just because his parents built the Ghost Portal. That one invention is what caused Danny to get his ghost powers and also let all the Ghosts out into Amity. Finally, a thought occurred to him, and before he had time to change his mind Danny was flying through the air towards his home with the glowing neon ' Fenton Works' sign.

When he got home he refused to turn back into Fenton. He had a mission and he was not going to ruin it now. Although every fiber of his being told him to just go to bed and rest the day's events away, but Danny knew they would haunt him both in his dreams and in the morning when he woke up. He knew that there was only one thing to do to protect everyone he loved, and his destination was in the basement.

When Danny got down stares he just stared at the portal in front of him. He knew that all of his problems started with that one portal, and today it would also end with it. In all honesty Danny had no intention of destroying the device. Who knows what may happen if Danny shot an ecto-blast at it. After all just by not changing the ecto-filter it blows up. He only had one plan in mind, 'Lock it forever.'

Danny walked over to the portal and started to change the password into a lot of random numbers he chose not to pay attention to. So even if he wanted to open the portal again he could not. Danny let out a sigh before pressing the 'enter' button that would be the very switch that meant he could not turn back. With the button pushed he knew he had a limited amount of time to get what he needed and get out. Danny looked around the lab and picked up the only tools he thought were worth bringing with him.

Danny grabbed a few more Fenton thermoses, a Spector deflector. He also grabbed the BOOmerang so that if Sam, Tucker, or Jazz tried to look for him he would not make it easy. He then stuffed a lot of random inventions and objects in his hast. He knew how to build most of his parents' inventions by heart so he knew he did not have to grab that much.

When Danny thought he had everything he needed, he then walked over to one of the cabinets that held most the blueprints of his parents' inventions. He quickly looked and found the ones for the Ghost Portal. Before he could think twice about it he filled his hands with ectoplasm and the papers glowed green as they caught on fire. He knew that eventually his parents would be able to possibly build another one, but it would take a lot money and time.

When the papers were done burning Danny heard a loud gasp come from behind him. When he looked he found his mother, Maddie Fenton, staring at him in shock. 'I'm having the worst possible luck today.' Danny thought in his head, holding back the urge to roll his eyes of how much the today was just not going his way.

"What are you doing in my house?!" His mother yelled while a mini ecto-shooter came out of the wrist of her jumpsuit, aiming right at him.

"Ummm-," Danny started until he had to dodge a blast of ectoplasm that shot right at him. "I was actually just leaving." Danny almost yelled as he phased through the ceiling, the bag full of inventions in hand. He then rushed out the door before his dad could see him and shot ecto-blasts at him as well.

Danny took a short break when he knew he was far enough away from Fenton Works. He then got out a few pieces of paper and took a deep breath, not sure what to write. He knew that if he wanted to succeed with his plan he could only say goodbye to three people, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz. He simply told Jazz and Tucker what he was doing and why, but for Sam it was the same thing, yet so much more.

He had written how he was sorry, and how he was really looking forward to seeing her at the summer dance. Yet, he could not bring himself to say that he really wanted to ask her to it. He figured it would hurt her to know that Danny had such feelings and had chose to leave them behind. When he put them in their own specific envelope he got out the thermos with the Fright Knight in it. Danny still wanted to open it and beat him up, but then decided he deserved something a lot worse. Danny turned himself intangible and phased through the dirt under him. Danny made sure to go as far underground as possible before he got out the thermos and stuck it into the dirt and kept it there. Satisfied with the Fright Knight's fate he then headed for the hospital.

Danny decided it would be best to stay invisible when he went to see Sam and Tuck. That way Sam's parents would not see him and chase him out. When he saw Sam his heart clenched. Sam's eyes were closed as tight as they could be and her hands clenched her blankets like they were her anchor to stay alive. Thankfully for Danny her hospital gown covered up the bandages so he could not see the wound the Soul Shredder left behind.

Beside her was Tucker, he was sitting on a chair looking sad and Danny knew his mood will only get worse when he read the letters. Danny then quickly dropped off the letters in Tucker's bag that held a Fenton Bazooka. Danny let out a sigh while he few away. He gave one last glance back at his friends and seeing now that half of his plan was now over. He slowly left his two best friends to finish what he started. Now came the dangerous yet very pleasurable part of his plan.

Danny flew through the mansion with ease. He really had to wonder why Vlad had not put some sort of ghost alarm or defenses in his house, but then again he would probably get annoyed whenever he came home. Danny eventually did find Vlad's vault and took what he thought he would need and flew downstairs to do the same thing he did back home, and a little more.

Danny, again found it too easy to get to Vlad's 'secret' lab. He quickly ran around the room all too pleased to finally be able to give Vlad some retribution for all the crap he had put him through.

Finally he made his way to the fruit loop's portal and almost laughed when the password was 'Maddie.' 'Of course, what else would a fruit loop do than obsess over a married woman for over twenty years.' He thought as he quickly entered some random numbers like he did at home, before he pressed enter he looked at the staircase to the lab and waited. He knew the fruit loop would walk down those stairs at any moment, sensing something was wrong in and with his lab.

Danny was soon proven right when Vlad Masters, Major, billionaire, halfa, and forever a lover of the Green Bay Packers, walked into the lab with a scowl on his face. "Daniel, what are you doing here at this time of night, and what happened to my lab?" He asked, his scowl growing deeper as he looked around the room with distaste.

Danny smiled a triumphant smile, "I'm here to say goodbye, and give you a gift before I leave." He simply stated, his smile only growing wider.

"Where are you going, and I certainly hope that 'this' is not my present." Vlad gestured to the lab which was now littered with the destruction of his many devises, and burning blueprints. Danny had taken special care to destroy all of his blueprints and equipment so that it would be hard for him to recover.

"This is only part of my gift, but I simply have to ask," Danny started leaning against the lock of the Ghost Portal, "did you want to take one last look at the Ghost Zone before I close the portal forever?"

Vlad's face was now turning red with frustration, "You wouldn't dare!" He stated.

Danny simply smiled to that comment. "Actually, I would. After all, I have to find some way to keep ghosts out of Amity while I'm gone. I'm only going to ask one more time, you want to look?" Vlad simply growled at Danny, clearly not amused. Then a black ring formed around Vlad's waist and then spit, one going up the other going down until Vlad Plasmius was floating where the billionaire used to be. Danny let out a disappointed sigh, "Well I guess that's a 'no' then." Danny then shrugged his shoulders, "All well," He said and then pressed enter and the door started to close.

"No!" Vlad yelled as he flew at the portal, in a failed attempt to keep the door open. His fingers were only a few centimeters away from the doors before they were finally closed forever. Vlad just stared at the door in awe. He then looked at Danny and annoyance appeared as clear as day on his face. "You have proven yourself Daniel, but this is not over."

Danny could not hold back a chuckle, "Oh, I know, that's why I gracefully took a few thousand parting gifts from you." Danny said holding up a large bag and then jumping in the air leaving a thoroughly confused fruit loop to his thoughts.

Danny then flew away form the mansion and towards areas unknown. He smiled as he opened one of his bags to show over half a million dollars lying in wait for him to use. Danny knew that Vlad would hunt him down until his dying breath. As a matter of fact, Danny was planning on. He knew that as long as Vlad was chasing Danny, he would leave his dad, Jack Fenton, alone. Even if his dad had unintentionally caused the accident that 'ruined' Vlad's life and caused him to lose the girl of his dreams, Maddie Fenton.

However, no matter how long Danny stared at all the hundreds in the bag he could not find any pleasure in it. Instead he started to feel the loss of his home, which he now left behind.

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