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"Sweetheart, take care of yourself and our babies. I should be home in a few hours."

"I will. Both are asleep at the moment, but, they miss you too. The sound of your voice soothes them like it does me."

"What have they been up to this past week since I've been gone?"

"Well, Marc is now able to crawl and pull himself up. And, Marie has learnt that if she holds on to things while trying to walk she won't fall down as much." She answers with a laugh.

"Well, Baby, they are calling my flight now, so, I need to let you go and will see all of you in a few hours. I love you, Bella, my life and wife. All I am and all I have are yours for always."


"Who the hell is knocking so persistently on the damn door at five in the morning?" Bella was wondering aloud as she went to answer the door. As she swung it open she saw two strange men and one woman standing on the doorstep. "Can I help you?"

"Are you Mrs. Isabella Cullen married to Mr. Edward Cullen?" one of the men asked.


"Ma'am, can we come in, please? We won't take up much of your time." Stepping back from the door Bella motioned for them to all enter and pointed the way to the living room. As she followed behind and was the last to enter to notice that no one had taken a seat as yet, but, she offered, however, they declined the invitation.

"Mrs. Cullen, is there anyone here with you?" Bella nodded and said that her cousin was staying with her right now. "Then I suggest you get her." was all that was said.

Bella went up the stairs to get Alice and quickly explained about the strange situation below and that she was starting to get scared. Alice jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and both women went downstairs. As the two women entered the room all three individuals turned to face them.

"Mrs. Cullen, I apologize for my bad manner from earlier by not introducing ourselves. I'm David Brinks, this is Norman Hills are with the NTSB and this lady is Helen Foster is with the FAA." Not really understanding why these people were here Bella glanced over to Alice to see if she had a clue, but, she was wearing the same puzzled expression as what Bella felt was on her face.

When suddenly Alice squeals and yells, "Oh, my God, no." she quickly rushes over to her cousin wrapping her arms around her as if to protect her.

"What the hell is…." Bella's voice fades for a moment and then resumes with a bit of a tremor. "Just say what you have come to say."

"Mrs. Cullen, the plane that your husband was returning home on crashed and although, we are hoping to find survivors, none have been found right now. It went down in the crossing from Japan to Hawaii nearly three hours after takeoff. I'm sorry to have to be the bearer of this news."

Bella stood staring at all of them as if they had suddenly grown extra heads and was speaking a language she didn't know. Alice was holding her tightly with tears streaming down her face and, neither woman heard anything else that was being said. After a bit the three strangers left.


"All rise. The Honorable Judge Peter Norris is presiding." The bailiff announces as the door to the judge's chamber opens and out walks a graying haired man dressing in a black robe. He mounts the steps to take a seat behind the bench. After he is seated and calls the hearing to order the bailiff continues, "We are here today concerning the case of Cullen vs. Cullen."

"Yes, this is an unusual situation and it is sad that it has to come to this under any circumstances. It is this court's understanding that Mrs. Isabella Cullen is petitioning to have her husband Edward Anthony Masen Cullen declared legally dead since it has been eight years since his plane crashed.

"And, Mr. Cullen's family is fighting this as they believe that he is still alive." He says while looking at each attorney for both parties involved and they all nodded as to the correctness of the judge's statements.

Over the next hour both sides state their case giving the reasons why they have taken their particular stand on the issues. But, at the end of that time the judge pauses before rendering his verdict.

"Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, I can understand why you feel as you do and why your whole family has taken the stand that you all have. However, at the end of the day life has to begin "moving forwards again". So, I have no choice but to rule in favor of Mrs. Isabella Cullen.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen is hereby declared legally deceased and all properties and assets are here forth declared free of any legal encumbrance. All is now free and clear for Mrs. Cullen to decide what she wishes to do with any and all holdings." And with that he bangs his gavel once before rising and leaves the courtroom.

Bella's attorney moves quickly to get her out of the courtroom before any of the Cullen family can reach her to begin with any remarks about her actions

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