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Edward was sitting enjoying the peace and quiet after all of urgency of the last few hours. The entire family had gone back to the ranch to rest up before returning later in the day to spend time with the new mother and babies. He was looking down into the innocent faces of the twins, yeah, twins again, his newborn son and daughter with wonder and love.

He relaxed and let his mind wander back over the last four years remembering all that had taken place.

Bella had followed the suggestion that John Merriweather had suggested and didn't call to announce the press conference until she and Alec were on their way to the company. Alec had his secretary to doing the calling as he and Bella were walking out the door heading for the company.

She and Alec had stayed the night at his office so no one had a chance to abduct her and take her to James Cunningham. John Merriweather had gone so far as to post a guard on her with instructions to remain hidden unless otherwise needed to give assistance.

The board was called and everyone met at the company. Once all were present and the initial surprise of James along with the brothers being at the company on the reason of conducting business, all employees had been summoned to the company auditorium.

Everyone got into position, curious as to what was going on, but, was feeling the tense excitement that was in the air. Blending in quietly behind each person that was about to be arrested the entire SEC force was in attendance as had been planned.

Bella had stepped forward while holding up her hands motioning for silence so she could be heard. It was then that she surprised everyone including the SEC guys with her lead subject of how Edward had returned just a day or two after she and the children had left town. She continued to explain how he had come to work at the company under an assumed name and soon discovered criminal activities taking place with the accounts which a great many were found to be fake and used to be laundering money through the company.

From there it was explained how she and Edward had been reunited, but, in the meantime, the proper authorities had been contacted to begin the investigation to found out who were the guilty parties.

The press ate it up as they witnessed the arrest of six company employees along with James Cunningham and the Volturi brothers who it was discovered used the name also of Volterra. To say that they all went quietly would be a lie; James had tried to fight, but, it didn't do him any good.

John Merriweather had indeed followed through with the suggestion of tracing back the phone numbers and checking out the video feeds. The evidence piled up and strengthened the case against all of those that had been arrested. But, it also led to others outside of the Volturi organization that were going through the brothers for a fee to have their funds laundered as well. As the cases became more and more solid everyone agreed to a plea bargain and ended up spending many years behind bars.

About a year after Cunningham and the brothers got to prison they were found dead in their cells with their throats cut. After an investigation it was still a mystery to this day as to who the murderer had been.

Bella had revealed that the Mrs. Sea that had bought the company was none other than herself; that she had just used a variation of her nickname at the company as the purchaser. Everything was quickly returned to Edward, but, he had been doing quite a bit of thinking ever since returning from the ranch, so, it came as a surprise when he decided to leave everything the way it was just how Bella had put it in place for when she and the kids had left.

He wanted a change to a quieter way of life and the ranch was the ideal setting to him. So, he and Bella gave their house to Jasper and Alice and Edward would stay with them when he did come to town from time to time to take part in the company meetings.

Life settled into a happy peace and then Bella got pregnant, but, it didn't take long to discover that this time around there were problems and that she was once more carrying twins, a boy and a girl. The family on both sides, both Swan and Cullen, would come to the ranch to spend time with them and to help Bella.

Charlotte and Roger married and were expecting their first child in another couple of months, but, they still maintained their positions at the ranch with Roger being the foreman and Charlotte still in charge of the children.

With Bella starting to stir as if about to awaken, Edward quickly snaps his attention back to the present. Taking one last look at his son, Cameron Lawrence and his daughter, Ariel Dawn, he got up and went to his wife with a tired, but, happy smile on his face.

In spite of a difficult pregnancy Bella had a quick delivery with no complications. And, Edward was sure that life was beautiful and he would know this happiness forever.

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