The Gate of Seven Deadly Sins

Chapter one: Where it all start

"We have to go now!" The voice at the television rang as a picture of a goggle wearing-boy and an inhuman creature that stand beside him came.

A chuckle was heard in front of the TV. Upon closer look, it was revealed that the one who did it was a girl, who was watching the TV.

The girl has a shoulder-length midnight black hair that was tied into a low ponytail, leaving some of the hair loosely at her ears. She has a dark blue, almost to black eyes. Her skin is pale, showing that she didn't go out to the sun much often.

She was wearing a pair of light blue pajamas with blue flower patterns all over it.

The girl chuckle again, "He's so cheesy, but I guess all Digimon series are." She said to herself, still staring at the TV.

Her eyes wander a bit when the commercial show up, and it landed at the photo on her desk. It was a photo of her parents and her brother, along with a white knight with red cape.

She look at it wishfully, "I wonder how Ryo and Gallantmon is doing?" Thinking to herself again, she smirked, "Probably having problem getting proper food."

'After all, Ryo can't cook even if his life depends on it, and Gallantmon is clueless about that kind of thing.' She giggled to herself, 'It was usually me who cooks for them when Mom and Dad weren't around.'

Staring back at the TV she can't help but wonder how lucky is her brother, having a Digimon partner…

The world is at peace now, Humans and Digimons coexist with each other, helping each other when needed. It was no wonder too, that some child became partners of Digimon. It was rare that some child got a partner, and some may've left partner less for the whole life. Basically, it's all about luck.

It's all written at the history, after a great war that involves a god-like being that defies Yggdrasill, who is evil, and wants nothing but destroy the world, the Demon Lords, the Royal Knights, and the Holy Angels unite to defeat the evil. It was then that they made an agreement, which led the world to become what it is now.

It was one of her favorite stories during childhood. The adventure that the Digi-Warrior has to gone trough to save the world is amazing, exiting, and, most of all, awesome.

Glancing back at the photo, she let out a sigh. As much as she hated to admit it, she was jealous of her brother. By some crazy miracle, it turns out that her brother is the partner of a Royal Knight. No one could've possibly wondered how such curious Digimon like Guilmon is actually the Gallantmon.

She could still remember when Ryo found an egg and a Digivice, which shock them all. Ryo then later sent to Digimon Academy, the super amazing elite school special for those with Digimon partner only. Then, Guilmon evolved to Gallantmon, and he became a respectful student body, along with other Royal knights.

Ryo, her naive, helpless, fried egg rolls loving brother has become a cherished person, full of respect and sense of duty. The same could be said with Guilmon, who now evolved to Gallantmon. He too, loves fried egg rolls, and he also very curious, asking a lot of things when he sees new things, she had some opportunity to see him when Ryo came home. Guilmon has become a respectful, strong, smart, wise, and full of responsibility persona.

Looking back at the TV, now showing some ending credits, cursing herself for missing some parts, she sighed, 'Digimon huh…?' Flopping back to her bed after turning off the TV, she yawned.

Closing her eyes, she let one final though cross her mind.

'I wonder…if I am partnered to one.'

When she opened her eyes, she knows that she was not in her bed anymore.

She looks around finding no trace of anything, all she seen is darkness. She frowned, where is she? What has happened to her?

Finding no answer to that question she stood up, glancing at her surrounding, she hoped that there is something other than the ink darkness that surrounds the area. She started to walk, not knowing where she was going.

At this point, she no longer knew anything. All she cared now is to get out from here. All this darkness is scary and disturbing, yet at the same time she felt that this was…right.

Shaking her head, she focused at the task, abandoning the strange feeling altogether. She doesn't know how long she has walk or how far. She just keeps walking.

It was then something caught her eye. Staying too long in the darkness enable her sight to adjust, it was one of the reason she prefer darkness, as long as you adjust with it, it was fine, unlike light that blinded you. On any case, there was something there, and she was sure of it.

She took a deep breath, relaxing a bit. This darkness that surrounds her could make one go mad, but she was no such person. She is strong and independent.

She then started to walk to where the something is. It was more far than she though, but it was no big deal, this was better than walking pointlessly anyway.

Finally arriving at her destination, she can't help but to gape.

There, in front of her, is a gate. The gate is marvelous, if not, creepy. It almost seems that the gate was made of skull, with claws sticking out at some parts to another. There is also a very much intact skull above the door of the gate. But that was not what caught her eye.

It was the strange seals that were scattered at the different parts of the gate. In total, there are seven. When she saw it, she was struck with familiarity. It almost seems like she saw it before. But where? She realized that she can't remember where she had seen it before.

Glancing at the gate again, she saw, upon closer look, that the seals seem to be…odd. Like there's something missing. Looking up and down she realized that on the door, where the green seal was, is emitting some short of strange light, whereas the others didn't.

Curious, she approached closer. She knows the saying that curiosity kills the cat, but at this point she didn't care anymore. She want to know what was happening here, and there is nothing, nothing would stop her from finding out what was going on.

The seal seems to get brighter as she approach, as if it has consciousness and it knows that she was approaching. She brings up her hand, reaching it to the seal.

'Who are you?'

It was so sudden that she immediately draws back and fell flat at her back. She stared at the door, disbelieve is clear at her face. Is it just her or…the door just spoke? She kept staring at it. That surely can't be. She must be imagining things.

'Who are you?'

The same voice said. She squalled, turning her head furiously at her left and right, trying to find the person who had spoken. Yet no matter how hard she looked, she found no one at vicinity. And, as surprising and impossible as it sounds, it came from the gate. Remembering what the voice asks, she pointed at herself, asking an unspeakable question.

As if the voice could see, and understand what she was asking, it answered, '…Yes, I'm speaking to you.'

Her mouth opened, closed, the opened again. She was in loss of words. The door spoke to her. This must be some sort of hallucination. Yes, that explains things. After all, she was…what was she doing again? That's weird, she remember that she was not supposed to be here…or is she?

'Are you listening or me or ignoring me?' the voice said, a hint of annoyed was clear at its voice.

"You speak?" She didn't know what possessed her to say that. Maybe it's because she knew that doors weren't supposed to speak, it goes against logic.

'Of course. What's wrong with that?' It ask, clearly confused. Seems like Mr. Door didn't understand that it speaking is very…weird.

"Uh well, not to offend you but…You're a door, right?" She said, "And door's aren't supposed to talk…yes?" she look confused, still staring at the door.

'Me? Door? Ha! As if!' The voice said, 'I am, by all means, no such thing as a lowlife door!'

She breathed a sigh of relief, thanking whoever above that she had not gone crazy. But wait…, "Then, what are you?" she asked, tilting her head a bit.

The voice fell silent, 'What am I?' It repeated. There was silence as the voice didn't respond.

"Mr. Voice? What's wrong?" she asked, a bit worried. At this ink darkness, the voice may be the only hope of getting out here. And she was getting tired.

'Truthfully…I don't remember.' The voice said its voice seems to be distant; it was as if it's trying to remember something, and failing at doing so.

She stared at the door. A memory-loss voice at the door that is no door itself (Confusing, I know). Looking back, it seems to be far too crazy. What else now? "You…don't?"

The voice seems to think for a moment, 'I vaguely remember being something else, and there is some other that is like me. But it's all too blurry…'

Other like him? "What do you mean?" She asked with interest. It seems that she had forgotten and probably thrown away the idea to get out from the strange place to hear its story.

'Hmmm….' The voiced hummed in deep though. 'I've been here for the longest I know, but something told me that I've been something else in the past. I just can't seem to remember what."

"What about the others you spoke about?" she said, "Do they know something?"

'No idea. I vaguely remember that there is other presence like me here. But one by one, they disappeared. I was the last one, the only one who is still here.'

That brings up something, "Where is here?" She asked.

The voice fell silent, '…I…don't know. This place is always like this for the longest I know.'

It sure doesn't know a lot of things, but maybe if she keeps asking, it might remember something. And maybe, just maybe, she could get out from this place.

She looks up, intending to ask more, but she was cut off by the voice, 'How about you? Where did you come from?'

She blinked, not expecting a question, but nether less, she answered, "From…earth?" she said, confused. Now that she thinks about it, she didn't know what her world referred to. And she still doesn't know if she was in earth right now.

'E…arth? What is that? Is it like this place?' The voice asked full of curiosity.

"No, earth weren't like this place." She said, "There is more light from the sun or moon and filled with nature."

'Sun? Moon? Nature? What is that?'

"Well, Sun is a big ball of light that shines above us during the day. Moon is the same, only less intense and during night. Nature is like trees, plants, and something along with that."

'…That sounds so…interesting.' The voice mused, 'I want to see it.'

She giggled; at least, the voice naivety amuses her. It lightens up the atmosphere. "Yeah, the world is pretty interesting all right." She smiled, still giggling.

Even though she can't see it, it almost seem like the voice is smiling too.

'What is your name?' The voice asks.

"Eh?" Was her intelligent reply, she blushes in embarrassment after saying that,"Oh…Name?"

She smiled a bit, "My name is Clara Triste." She cocked her head a bit, "What's yours?"

'I can't remember.' The voice said, a hint of sadness is visible.

Her face deflated. "I see…." Then she brightened, "You don't have to worry about that." She said, still smiling.

'What? Why?'

"Because…" she started, "Even though you have no idea that you are in past, you could start a new in future!" She continued, "So what if you lost your memory? Make a new one! Experience new things! Past is past, now is now!"

The voice went silent, before (If can be seen) smiled, '...Yeah! You're right! Even if I don't have memories, I'll make a new one!'

Clara smiled; glad that she could help it. Then suddenly, she heard it gasp. Confused she look up, to find something floating above her, pulsating a soft white glow.

She stared at it, confused. "What…is that?"

'That…! I remember now! That light is the one that took the others!'

"…Took the others?" She said, "The other ones you mean?"

'Yes' the voice said, 'The other six were taken by that light.'

"…Six?" Plus the voice, that would make it seven. She clutched her head. A gate with seven seals, a voice that spoke of the other six, making it seven, the glowing seal, the weird light, it's all connected, somehow. But what could've it possibly mean?

Suddenly out of blue, she remembered something she read long ago. And by then she realized why the seals seems so familiar. But that means the voice is actually…

Before she could ponder more, the light intensified. She screamed, closing her eyes as she was swallowed by the bright light….