Summary: Crossover. Harry killed Voldemort, married Ginny and had three kids… and then everything turned upside down. Harry fled with his four kids to New York, trying to find the peace that they couldn't have in England when SHIELD found them. And what is this about Voldemort being alive?

Spoilers: HP (7 books), Iron Man (movie I and II), Captain America The First Avenger (movie), Thor (movie), The Avengers (movie). If you don't know the books or movies, go read and watch them!

Beta: Marwana

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Pairings in this chapter: HP/GWP, RW/HGW

Warnings in this chapter: AU fanfiction, Crossover, bashing

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Time change/date of time



After the final battle of the II Wizard War - in which Voldemort called Harry Potter to the Forbidden Forest and Harry Potter went and killed the Dark Lord - everyone thought it was over, including Harry himself.

Harry did everything expected of him. He became an Auror, married Ginny and had a couple of children. He even killed the dark lord, like everyone wanted him to do. But then the problems started. The Death Eaters on the run attacked Andromeda Tonks, killing her, and Teddy Lupin had to go live with the Potters. And then after Ginny birthed their baby girl it came to the surface that she had been sleeping around. Harry divorced her and his two best friends turned against him. Harry took the kids to Gringotts to check them to find out who their father was and it was proven that he was the father. And then Ginny tried to take the kids, the whore. Luckily the purebloods took Harry's side and she lost everything. The same day that he won, he left the country, taking his kids with him.

Moving to the States he bought a coffee shop with a flat above. Being a single parent with a baby girl and three boys was no easy thing. Teddy was six, which was a relieve for Harry because it meant that there was one less child to worry about, as he could put the boy in the elementary school. But it was more difficult to find a nanny to take care of his children and pre-elementary school was full. And then the men in suit appeared. They knew what Harry was and wanted him to accompany them. Harry didn't want anything to do with magic but in the end he went with them – taking the children with him when the men said that they would find him a babysitter.

When he arrived at the men's headquarters he was taken to a prison of glass and Harry froze.

"Yes, he has that reaction on people. He's been asking for you since his body came back to life." The man who accompanied him, Agent Coulson his name was, said.

The man in the cell looked up and smirked.

–Hello Harry.–



I know: one more Harry goes to the Avengers fic, though I do promise that this time Harry won't be the master of death.

There will be some differences tough, in the books James, Albus and Lily will be born three years later than what I'm counting, but otherwise I wouldn't have a plot.

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