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Chapter XVII

–Problems in 'Family' Land–

23 December, 2009

Harry let himself fall on the bed on top of the blankets tiredly. His whole body hurt from the magic he had used. It was taking longer than he thought he would. How long had he been there? A fortnight? He was just so tired…

"That's it." Harry looked sideways to who was entering his bedroom. "UP!"

Harry stood barely registering what was happening. There were two men in his room. Who were they? Harry just wanted to sleep… the man who spoke approached and grabbed Harry, the other grabbed the first man and then Harry felt the familiar feeling of side-apparation. When land appeared underneath Harry's feet he fell in the man's arms. His body and mind tried to rebel but his whole body hurt from the overuse of magic and his eyes started to close. Heavy. So heavy…

"What is wrong with Potter?" Harry heard someone say. He should recognize that voice… from where?

"Extended overuse of his magic. He needs to sleep. And I need a lab and a cauldron."

'Cauldron?' Harry's mind asked.

"And who is that guy?"

Why did that voice sound so… familiar?

"My new babysitter."

Arms suddenly embraced him and he felt himself being picked up by someone behind him. Was he some kind of damsel now to be handled like this? He just needed a bed, he would be up and about in the morning.

"I don't have cauldrons… but Kenai has them for school, his room is over there" Harry felt himself being moved as the person who was holding him pointed to a place by the side, "and you can use the kitchen. If you need any ingredients that the boy doesn't have, just tell Jarvis and he'll make sure it'll be delivered at once."

"Very well."

Harry heard movement as if the other two men were walking away.

"What did you do this time, Potter?" Harry heard against his head.

Harry merely hummed and the man with the familiar voice started to walk, before he finally lowered Harry on a bed. The bed felt great under him and he barely registered another body, although smaller, leaning into him under the sheets the man pulled over them.


Tony went to the kitchen where Riddle was with the 'babysitter' and a tired Kenai, who was dressed in a pj which according to Rolfy changed colours according to the owner's feelings - just like Kenai's hair was known to do - and which at the moment was showing various sizes of the letter 'z's which were dancing 'tiredly'. Kenai looked up to him with a questioning look.

"Your Godfather is in my bed with Ali, you can go there, but don't wake him." Tony warned.

The boy nodded and ran away and up the stairs to Tony's bedroom. Tony looked at Riddle as the man cut some kind of seeds.

"What are you doing?"

"My Harry is using too much magic on the Daddy Issues' Man. I need to give his magic core a magical boost."

Tony looked towards the cauldron and then towards the 'babysitter'.

"I can't keep calling you babysitter."

"Agent Barton." The Agent introduced himself from his seating position by Riddle's side.

"Who else is coming?" Riddle asked.

"Yinsen, Pepper, Rhodey and the Scamanders."

"How many rooms do you have in this house?"


Riddle hummed.

"I'll enlarge the rooms in the morning. And add a couple of beds in each room then. Harry and the children will stay in your room, considering you already practically donated your bed." Tony raised an eyebrow. "Or I can move Harry to the room I'll sleep in. A bedroom for the Scamanders and their children, a room for Miss Potts and a room for the rest of the muggles."

"So I sleep with Yinsen and this Rhodey then?" Agent… Atron, right?, asked.

"You can sleep on the couch." Riddle stated coldly.

Agent Aton was going to argue but Riddle started to put ingredients in the cauldron and neither he nor Tony would dare to interrupt a wizard while he was working. Tony had tried to do that with Rolfy once, he vowed to never do so again.

"My Lord?" a sleepily Jimmie asked as he entered the kitchen in pjs which had the symbol of ACDC on the front, his baby Sister grabbed his hand as she rubbed her closed eye with her fist, she was with pink footy-pjs that had 'I'm a Princess' on the front in golden brilliant letters. "Clint? What is going on?"

"Hi Jimmie, Princess. Shouldn't you be asleep?" Tony asked.

"I woke when Teddy left." Princess explained. "I'm thirsty."

Agent Baton looked at Tony who pointed towards the closet behind him and the Agent opened it and took a glass before serving Princess a glass of water. The girl sat on a chair while Jimmie approached Riddle who gave him the knife and something called boomslang, and the boy started to squash it with the side of the knife. Tony looked to the boy with a raised eyebrow.

"It's good practice for him." Riddle explained. "He is the heir of the family, he should practice more his magic roots than he does his muggle side."

"Heir of the family?"

"My Harry is the Lord of three families. Potter, Black and Lupin. Tedmond is the heir of the Lupin family and James is the heir of the Potter and Black families. While Severus is the heir of your family. As it is a muggle family, I suppose you know what to teach him and how to do it."

Tony tensed, once again remembered of his quickly-diminishing lifetime.

"How can you be here, Clint?" Jimmie asked the Agent.

"I'm on babysitting duty." The man said.

Jimmie frowned as he put the liquid from the boomslang in a flask.

"I thought you were a level 3 agent and that they usually put rookies with the Dark Lord."

Agent Cartoon huffed and crossed his arms looking to the other side.

"Agent Coulson deemed my report 'unsatisfying'."

"As far as I've heard you wrote 'President Kingshot tried to attack Agent Potter, I defended him by shooting my arrow and I missed'." Riddle stated with a smirk.

"It was what had happened." Agent Cart retorted.

"I made people scream for twice the information you gave." Riddle said and Tony noticed as Jimmie shivered at the information.

When Tony looked at Princess she seemed like she hadn't even heard it, barely awake in her chair which he deemed a good thing. Those weren't things he would want the kids to hear.

"Oh… I'm sorry… next time I'll remember to add how Kingshot took his stick out and was starting to raise it towards Potter when I lowered down with style to the floor between the two and how I grabbed my bow and an arrow and pointed it at the man, threatened him before I shot and how the man disappeared with a pop."

"'Took his wand out' and 'the man apparated away'." Riddle amended. "If you had said that maybe I wouldn't have crucioed you, but Coulson would still want to know why the Magical British Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt was attacking my Harry. There's always a reason."

"Personal information which I don't deem necessary to tell my bosses. It's between Potter and Kingshot."

"Wait a minute. Minister Shacklebolt was here? With Dad?" Jimmie asked looking up from the roots he was cutting.

"Coulson had to warn the magical American police who warned the magical British police. The man decided to come and see who it was that was using the British name. Kingshot even asked Potter to return to England, something about how he was raised to be a warrior and that he wasn't a muggle… it was around then that the things heated up. When Potter started refusing him and the magical world or something like that."

"That sure sounds like my Harry." Riddle said smugly and Tony was sure the man's eyes looked at him for brief seconds.

Kenai entered again.

"What are you two doing up?"

"Lilu woke when you left the bedroom and forced me to wake up, stand and come give her a glass of water. Too scared of the dark." Jimmie scowled only to receive a glare from Riddle at the tone.

"Was not." Princess huffed barely keeping her eyes open.

Kenai sighed and approached the girl, picking her up.

"Let's go. Dad is here."


"Yes. You can sleep with him and Al, but don't wake him up. He looks really tired. Like after a full day of mad house."

Princess nodded eagerly and Kenai left with her in his arms.

"Was Phil warned that Dad is here? Or that you're here, My Lord?" Jimmie asked Riddle.

Riddle looked up from the potion towards the boy and then towards Agent Brat.

"After your Father left he visited me twice a month. When your Father's muggle called me to ask what was wrong with your Father he warned that he would attack SHIELD's headquarters if your Father wouldn't appear for this muggle celebration. So when your Father didn't appear in the last days I limited myself to leave my cell and the babysitter followed me. So no, no one was warned, James."

The boy nodded and turned back to the potion. It always surprised Tony how the children called the man a Lord. Potter wasn't even his follower and from the way Potter had said it only Death Eaters - what kind of name is that? - used that title for Riddle. Tony understood that it was all about respect and that Potter had a portrait of the man, from when he was younger, in his living room and that the portrait - a fucking portrait! - taught them that it was disrespectful to speak of him any other way. But even so! They were kids they should be allowed to call people what they wanted. If they wanted to call the man Voldymorts or TomTom they should be able to do so. Not call him Dark Lord out of fear. After all… who is the 8 years old boy that calls a person My Lord or Dark Lord out of respect in 2009?

Kenai returned.

"Are there any ingredients you need, sir?"

"No, Tedmond, you had everything I would need in your trunk. Although I have to wonder why you have such an amount of ingredients at your disposal."

Kenai blushed.

"Evans suc…" Riddle coughed, interrupting the boy and Kenai amended himself; "is terrible at potion brewing. Buying potions is expensive and with Albus having his visions… someone needs to know how to do it. We need potions and ointments daily. James needs his ointments because of all his football games and all the times he gets hurt. Albus needs potions to calm down after a bad nightmare because of what he has seen happening in the Afghanistan… And Evans can't pay for them all the time. So I bought potions books and have been practicing under Rolf's tutelage, sir." The boy said, before he looked sideways to Tony. "I've been showing them to my Potions Professor when they're done and it's been used as an extra credit…" the boy added to Tony, trying to explain his reasoning.

"Calm down, Tedmond, you're not grounded." The boy lowered his head, his hair and pjs returning from purple to turquoise. "Your Godfather isn't perfect. And yes he needs help with his potions brewing, but be sure that this is what you want for yourself. Your Godfather would never forgive himself if you ended up doing something that you don't enjoy doing."

"I… yes, sir."

"Did Severus have any more visions since you called me, muggle?"

Tony shrugged.

"He is clingier than ever." Tony simply said, if Ali had seen his death that first night the boy had pretty much a good reason for not leaving Tony's side.

"Of course he is. He is spending more time with you down in the lab than he spends playing with us." Jimmie argued.

"Jimmie don't you even dare to play cocky with me, do you understand?" Tony snarled to the boy. "You have no idea how it was there in the Afghanistan. Ali knows and he is younger than you… Shit! He was Princess's age when his own 'powers' forced him to watch some things that even adults can't handle. So don't you dare to tell me that it's not normal for your younger Brother to get a little clingy when his Father disappears for a few months. Ali needs you, Jimmie, needs you there to tell him that everything will be alright. And what you do? You pretend that he is the one at fault. That it is his fault that the accident happens."

"If he hadn't clung to you in the first place this would never had happened. Dad would never have gone after you, because Albus would have never had a vision of you. SHIELDs would not have come now and persuaded Dad to participate in their jobs. Britain would never have found us. And maybe… maybe our Mother would be here. Dad would have found a cure. I'm sure he would…

"Instead we lost our Mother… twice. Or at least I did it, considering my Brother and Sister don't even remember her. We almost lost Dad once, because of you. And now Dad spends months in SHIELD's headquarters playing healer of a frozen man instead of being with us while he left us with you. The great Tony Stark. You're not our Father, or Mother or whatever… you aren't even family!"

Tony looked at Jimmie as the whole house shook with the boy's outburst. Jimmie's eyes grew wide when he realized what he had just said, tears amounting at the corners of his eyes as the boy raised his hands to his mouth as if to keep what he said inside. But Jimmie was right; Tony wasn't part of the family. He was just an extra. He was just… Tony turned around and left the room. He needed to work, to go to his lab and work on his new Iron Man model and…


"Way to go, James Sirius!" Teddy hissed and James shuddered at his angry tone, Teddy and Father only called him that when they were really angry. "Go apologize at once! Tony hasn't been anything but here for us in a bad time."

"I…" James started, avoiding Uncle's looks as the wizard sneered at him as if he was worthless.

"Or you go right now or I'll tell Father first thing in the morning." Teddy warned angrily and James knew he would.

James tensed, his throat tightening, and left the kitchen counter before running after Tony down the stairs. The man was heads down in this new prototype of Iron Man suit in a suitcase.

"Sir?" he called and heard Jarvis' voice warning Tony that he was there over the loud music.

Tony looked up and the door opened, the music lowering down.

"Thank you for not destroying my glass this time." The man said nonchalantly, before turning again to the suit.

James approached looking at it.

"Can I… can I help?"

Tony looked up towards James and then nodded.

"Grab some gloves from over there." The man said, absently pointing with his hand to somewhere behind him.

James looked to where he was pointing and found some kind of lockers. There were four of them, each one with his and his Siblings' nicknames(at least the ones that Tony called them; Albus was Aladdin, James was Jimmie, Ted was Kenai and Lilu was Princess). James, swallowing the tightness in his throat, approached, opened the one with his name on it and took the gloves inside which fitted perfectly. He couldn't believe that Tony had spent all this work on him and his Siblings considering they barely came down here anymore. There were even overalls in there for him to make sure he did not get oil on his clothes and James was sure it was a perfect fit, like everything else Tony usually gave them. It wasn't like Dad who sometimes bought things two sizes too big because of how quick they grew, Tony bought things that fit even if it only fit for a month.

"What do I do?"

"Since it's your first time, I'm going to have to teach you the names of the wrenches and spanners so you can give them to me and, as I work, I'll explain what I'm doing. That is what I've been doing with Ali all this time."

James nodded and approached. After a while as Tony worked and explained to James about what each thing was and how it was supposed to work and what would happen if he did something in other way. Dad and Tony spent most of their time arguing when they were together, sure they spoke on the phone all the time, but when they were together they always argued because of how 'different' they are… but James couldn't help but think that they were exactly alike.

"I'm sorry."

Tony looked up from what he was doing, looking at James and then back to the prototype.

"You were right. I'm not your family. I'm just the friend your Father contacts when in need of a helping hand."

"I didn't mean it… I…"

"Yes you did, Jimmie. And you were right. I'm not family." The man said before throwing the wrench away and starting to walk away.

"For someone who is so smart… you're such an idiot." Tony stopped and turned around with a raised eyebrow. "When Dad is angry or upset he goes to the kitchen and spends hours cooking, he already did that when we were in London. The good part is that now we can sell it and back then we had to beg for my Uncles and Cousins to come for the sudden dinner party because we had too much food. When Dad has a problem instead of solving it, he goes to the kitchen. You are not different. You run here, to your lab and when I tried to talk to you, you turned your back on me. I may be 8… but I'm not completely stupid. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said those mean things to you… I just… I miss Dad and…" James found himself crying and tried to wipe the tears of his face at once. "Shit."

Arms appeared around James and he was pulled to a warm chest, James grabbed the shirt stained with oil and tried to stop the tears but it was hard.

"It's okay to cry. Even adults cry sometimes. Even your Father cries sometimes, hell even I cry." James shook his head. No, Dad never cries, Dad… "When we finally left the enemy camp and Rhodey found us, I cried in Rhodey's arms." James' eyes widened, looking at the stained shirt before his face. "When we got to the camp Rhodey gave Potter a phone and he called the café, he cried when he heard Kenai's voice on the phone."

James closed his eyes and stopped trying to keep the tears away and let the tears run down his face.

"I was wrong." James said when he finally calmed down, Tony had returned to his prototype. The man hummed not looking up. "You are family. I just don't understand why you call Dad: Potter. I mean… if you're friends, or whatever, why the surnames?"

"When we were in Afghanistan your Dad called me Stark and I called him Potter. It's… habit, I presume."

James tilted his head to the side as he heard Tony speak. He had heard people use that tone before…

"You like him, don't you?"

Tony looked up with a raised eyebrow and pointed James the wrench.

"You're trying to second guess everything I do and give it a solution. Not everything is that easy, Jimmie Black."

James grinned.

"Keep telling yourself that, Mummy." James stood and walked to the glass door where he stopped to look back at Tony. "So it would be what; Evans Stark? Or maybe Harry Stark? Or perhaps Tony Black? Or do you prefer Tony Potter, Mummy?" James ducked to avoid the object thrown at his head.



The title came from Problems in Wonder Land

In case people doesn't realize, I had a lot of fun inventing names for both the kids and for Clint Barton. It took a while to give a name to Teddy, but in the end I remembered Kenai and Koda from Brother Bear (Disney movie) and Albus nickname came from Aladdin's nickname Ali Ababua(no idea how it is written) (Disney movie as well). Barton was the one more funny as I redid his name so many times trying to find others ways to write it, my two favourites were Baton and Cartoon.

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