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Chapter XIX

Christmas / Yule

24 December, 2009

"One can't live while the other survives." Harry looked at Stark, - the children were playing by the side and Harry was putting the balm on his back again - the man had just whispered that line. "You said that to Riddle, what does it mean?"

"It's a prophecy." Stark hummed inquisitively. "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies. And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not. And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives. The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…" Harry sighed. "This dictated my life when I lived in England. This prophecy claims me as the one who has to defeat Voldemort. I did my part…"

"Thrice defied him… your parents." Harry hummed affirmatively. "Born as the seventh month dies; 31st July. Dark Lord will mark him; your lightning scar, right?"


"Power the Dark Lord knows not… that is what?"

"Love. Voldemort doesn't understand love and because of that he couldn't touch me."

"So… love saved you?" Stark asked sceptical.

"That's one way to put it." A voice drawled from the windows. Harry looked at Voldemort as the man leaned against the windows while looking at the view. Harry supposed that had to be one of the things the man missed most since he was locked up. "I promised a man who loved Lily Potter that I wouldn't kill her. When I arrived I gave her a chance to let me kill my Harry and for her to live, she refused it. She begged for me to kill her and not my Harry. I killed her and unknowingly we created a bond called life-for-life. So when I tried to kill my Harry I was going against my own vow and my magic turned against me saving Harry, giving him my horcrux and creating a love barrier against me as it was my life-for-life bond. Any other person who would have tried would have managed to kill Harry, but not the horcrux in him. Killing Harry would make the horcrux wake from its slumber and take over the body and I believe Dumbledore knew that or he would have killed you sooner." The man added pointedly to Harry. "He may be an old fool, but he wasn't stupid."

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Was that an almost compliment?" Harry asked amused making Voldemort sneer.

Stark hummed.

"That explains the 'power the Dark Lord knows not', but what does the 'either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives' means?"

"Easy one of us has to kill the other." Harry and Voldemort said at the same time.

"Are you sure?" Stark asked frowning and Harry looked at him bemused. "Those are the right words, aren't they?"

"Yes, why?"

"Neither can live while the other survives." Stark turned lightly so he would be facing Voldemort. "If you took part of your soul from your body that will make you live a half-life, right?"

"I had seven horcrux, so I suppose that is a yes."

"How many do you have now?"

"Harry. When my Harry went to save you I took a potion to restore the others into my person again… by returning the soul together I stopped merely surviving, that is what you're saying, isn't it?"

Harry tensed, his eyes growing wide.

"So we both only need to stop surviving and start with living?" he asked sceptical.

Stark shrugged only to whimper at the movement.

"It's an interpretation." Voldemort conceded. "One that I'm surprised your perfect Headmaster didn't speak about with you… after all it was 'Love' that saved you. You only need to make me feel 'love'."

Harry glared at Voldemort for the way the man taunted him. He felt Stark turn, under his hands as Harry massaged his back, to where the children were playing.

"Hey, champs." The four looked up in question. "Apparently your Great Uncle needs a little love." The man said signalling with his head towards Voldemort.

Harry watched amused as Voldemort tensed while the children stood, ran to him, hugged him and declared their love for him. Harry leaned forward and down so he could whisper in Stark's ear.

"Thanks for that."

"You said it yourself. Everyone needs someone there for them." The man answered while tilting his head to the side to look at Harry.

Harry grinned and kissed the man on the cheek from behind.

"You're right." Harry straightened and continued with the massaging. "Everyone needs someone there for them."

After lunch, as Harry recapitulated the massage, Happy arrived with the others. After getting rid of the children Voldemort had fled to the rooms and according to Hawkeye he was enlarging the bedrooms so they would handle the amount of people that would be staying there. Pepper looked at the scene with a raised eyebrow.

"Fell down a set of stairs!" Stark said at once before the woman could speak.

"Really?" Pepper asked sceptically.

"I was running up the stairs while pulling Mummy and missed a step, so I fell on Mummy's chest whom supported my weight as he fell with his back against the wall. Great Uncle said he had to put that balm two in two hours." James said embarrassed his spot in front of the TV where he and his Brothers were playing videogames. "He broke a bone and everything."

Pepper's eyes grew wide and looked at Harry at once in question.

"My Uncle already checked him. A potion for the broken bone and the balm is all he needs… and rest. He'll be fine in a few hours." Harry said before turning to James. "I hope you have learnt your lesson, it was Stark this time but it could have been you."

"I know Dad." The boy said before returning to the game, taking it out of the pause mode. "Die mudblood! Die!"

"James if I hear you say something like that again I'll exchange the game for the one your Sister wanted with the man who has a red hat and whom fights marshmallows."

"But Dad… Super Mario is for babies…" James whined.

"It's that or no game at all."

That stopped all whining and the three returned to the game, no sound was heard but Harry knew that they were still killing each other. Harry looked down at Tony.

"I'm going to kill you for giving them such a horrible game."

"Pepper didn't give me any time to invent my own Iron Man game for them so I had to buy the one that was the best according to the internet and the reviews." The man argued.

"You don't need to buy them anything… or build for that matter." Harry argued. "You already give us too much." He added lamely.

Luna appeared with the twins who ran to the trio by the TV and sat at their side screaming inputs at the TV on how to kill the other quicker. Harry groaned. Voldemort approached and sat at Stark's side with a smirk.

"I fail to see your problem, Harry. I happen to find that muggle thing to be very… educative."

Luna chuckled and approached, kissing Harry on the cheek and then Stark.

"Nice to meet you, sir." Luna said, bowing her head to Voldemort. "I'm afraid we weren't introduced before."

Harry tensed, suddenly remembering that Luna and Rolf didn't know.

"Lord Tom Riddle, an old student from Hogwarts, he moved to the States and when I moved here he was the only wizard I kept in touch with."

Luna smiled.

"Pleasure to meet you, Lord Riddle. I'm Luna, this is my husband Rolf and these are my children."

"Pleasure to meet you as well, Heiress Lovegood." Voldemort conceded with a bow of his head and then he nodded his head at Rolf but it was all he did for the muggleborn.

Stark moved his face so he could look at Harry behind him with a raised eyebrow.

"Like in the non-magic world - where there is prejudice against things like colour, religions and genders - in the magical world there is prejudice against the ones that came from non-magic. There are purebloods, halfbloods, halfbreeds, muggleborns, creatures, squibs and - at the bottom - muggles. Pureblood have non-muggle-blood in their veins. I'm a halfblood because my Mother was a muggleborn and my Father a pureblood. Halfbreed is a wizard/witch who is the son of a magical or muggle parent with a creature parent. Muggleborn is a child of a muggle - that as you must already know is the term for non-magic people - whom gains magic. And squibs are children of wizards that don't have any magic at all."

"I'm a muggleborn." Rolf explained and Stark hummed. "My wife is a pureblood and an heiress at that, but our children - like Lord Potter - are only halfbloods. Although I believe that all of Evan's children are already considered purebloods."

"Pureblood of the first generation." Voldemort affirmed. "Minus Tedmond whose Father was a creature."

"Really?" Pepper asked in surprise.

"Werewolf." Teddy said with his tongue between his teeth as he was getting beaten by James. "I'm a filthy halfbreed."

"A halfbreed who happens to be the heir of a family." Voldemort commented and Teddy shrugged not even looking at them.

Harry didn't need to look Stark in the face to know the man was thinking.

"And what is a wizard with a pureblood and a muggle parent?" the man asked, making Harry grin, of course Stark had looked Voldemort's history up.

"Halfblood. Beneath Harry and the twins' status." Voldemort explained with a sneer.

Stark hummed and he looked back at Harry and Harry knew the man was thinking the same. Voldemort could speak big, but he was 'beneath' Harry.

"I have a question." Harry looked at Hawkeye with a raised eyebrow. "If you and Stark aren't dating," the man started but Harry shook his head anyway, "then why does your son always call the man 'Mummy'?"

Harry and Stark groaned.

"We tried to make him stop." Stark growled. "It was a stupid joke Black used a year ago to shut up some prejudiced old women who were badmouthing us because we were two men who were taking a couple of kids out… but since then the damn brat doesn't call me anything else."

"But Mummy…" the boy whined from his place by the screens. "How could I call our Mother in any other way? I mean, am I the only one who notices that Dad is using Mum's dresses?" the boy asked as Teddy whimpered, having lost the game.

"When I'll be able to walk again you'll be wishing that I can't." Stark promised the boy as Harry rolled his eyes and the others laughed.


25 December, 2009

In the morning Harry woke with the children jumping on the bed.

"Presents. Presents!" the four screamed.

Harry groaned and turned around on the bed to put his head on the pillow.

"Disappear champs." Stark groaned at his side on the bed. "You don't have permission to call us until it's at the least 10 am."

"But…" Albus whined.

"We don't have a clock." James argued trying to sound cocky.

"Jarvis!" Harry called, raising his head so he could be heard.

"Yes sir."

"What time is it?" Harry asked, making the quartet groan.

"It's half past 4, sir."

Harry sent a pointed look to the quartet who went grudgingly back to the beds Voldemort had added in the room for the four. Harry turned to his side and sighed tiredly.

"Funny enough I missed this." Harry whispered barely a sound to the person who was sharing the bed with him.

"The awakening or the not-so-empty bed?" Stark asked barely a sound.

Harry grinned.

"Don't turn cocky as well, mister." He said before he closed his eyes intending on going back to sleep.

"I wouldn't dream of it." Stark argued, his whispered voice amused.


Harry looked at Voldemort as the man sneered at the presents which the children were opening happily. He turned to Stark.

"Do you have classic music? The one people dance in pairs to." the man frowned and nodded. "Can you show me?"

Stark nodded and showed Harry to the place where he kept the disks. Harry checked them in silence and finally chose one.

"Is your Uncle mad?" Stark mumbled, while looking at Voldemort as the man practically glared at James as the boy trashed the paper around the present.

"Wizards don't celebrate Christmas." Harry answered. "They celebrate Winter Solstice on the 21st and Yule on the Christmas day. They also don't celebrate the New Year."

Stark's eyes grew wide.


"Don't worry, you don't need to know everything. I don't celebrate even a third of what Voldemort wants me to. I'll just pass and dance to a little music to calm him down and that will be enough."

"You dance?"

Harry made a face and Stark snickered understanding the answer. Harry put the music on and approached Voldemort with a raised eyebrow.

"Just to warn you the last time I attempted to dance was also my first time and I was 14." Harry threatened before he grabbed the man's crossed arms and pulled him to the middle of the room. "I don't even remember half the steps…" Harry continued but he gasped as suddenly Voldemort pulled Harry against him forcing Harry into the female position and before Harry knew it they were dancing.

"Don't worry, I'll guide you." Voldemort answered with a smirk and Harry glared as Voldemort put both hands on Harry's hips and Harry moved his hands to the man's damned shoulders and the man raised him in the air in a classical female move. "But I have to say I had expected worse, Severus did spoke so badly of you…" the man taunted.

"Don't make me regret this!"

"Far from it, my Harry. Far from it."


"What kind of dance is that?" Tony couldn't help but wonder.

"Wizarding Dance." Rolfy answered. "It's pretty easy… once you get the hang of it."

Tony nodded and looked at the children as Princess opened her new set of princess clothes which were a perfect fit and which were exactly alike the princess from the movies she liked so much, nothing but the best from a Stark. Tony smiled as she squeaked and hugged her new dresses and accessories close.

Ali was playing with his new psp game on the big screens; which was like a repeat of Tony getting caught, building the Iron Man, returning and then fighting Obadiah Stane. Tony was quite proud of the game, and it could be played as two people as you could choose Tony and Potter. Although Tony had morphed his face a bit and put simply his name as Agent Potter so no one besides the Wizardry World, in case they happened upon it, would know. There was even a scene in which Tony had added a bonus in which the Tony in the game had to teach Agent Potter how to drive, as he was always going against walls. Tony hoped Potter wouldn't see that part, actually.

Looking at Jimmie, Tony saw the boy opening the box that said top secret which contained a whole pack of wizard and muggle pranks. Rolfy had helped him with that one – owl-ordering from some wizards in England called Weasel and Weasel, or whatever, whom had a prank shop - and with Kenai - who was sitting on a couch on his knees with a book about potions in hand and the rest of the collection on the ground. To a wizard that might had been expensive… but when you transferred dollars to galleons and the books ended up the price you would pay when going to the grocery store and filled the car… wasn't considered expensive. Besides, Tony had seen the boy enamoured with the books in a magical catalogue for months.

"Stark, do you have Agent Coulson's number?" Tony looked at Legolas, who was sitting by his side looking at the kids, and nodded. "I just realized that all my electronic equipment blew up when the Lord transported us." The man explained. "I should warn the man before the Director kills me."

Tony took his cellphone and looked for the Agent's number before he passed it to Legolas, while noticing that Rolfy and his wife had joined Potter and Riddle.

"Potter said Riddle's birthday is close by. Tell Coulson neither Potter nor Riddle are leaving until after the birthday so Potter's core levels have grown high enough for him to be able to do magic and we may celebrate Riddle's birthday."

Legolas smiled and nodded, walking away with the phone against his ear. Pepper approached Tony, and pointed at the kids' presents with a raised eyebrow.

"When did you have time for that?"

"Couldn't sleep." Tony answered with a shrug. "Did you enjoy your present?"

Pepper showed the new necklace that Princess had forced him to buy online. The girl had insisted that Pepper wouldn't take her eyes from it when they had been shopping.

"Yes, thank you. Although I'm surprised that I didn't have to buy something nice for myself this time."

"You can thank Princess. She wouldn't stop pestering me until it finally arrived in the mail."

Pepper smiled and nodded. Tony saw Rhodey as he approached Ali and sat down beside the boy picking a commander and joining the game, as Yinsen was helping Princess to put the dress from that new princess film, the… Princess and the Frog, right?

"Is that dark paint?" Tony looked to where Pepper was pointing to see Princess putting the face paint on her face so she would become dark like the princess. "What is sh…?"

"Let her have fun. She won't be the princess if she doesn't have the right skin tone, will she?"

Pepper groaned.

"From now on, I'll check your gifts for the kids before you give them the things."

Tony frowned confused. Was there something wrong with the dress? Wasn't it the right tone?


February, 2010

Harry took a deep breath and looked at the man as he waited in the fake old infirmary. Now that he had done everything he could, he only had to wait for him to wake up. Harry turned the old stereo on and sat beside it as he waited.

Harry woke suddenly at hearing the man move and, looking at the Captain, he saw the man sit, his face confused. The man looked at Harry.


"Where am I?" the man asked, looking around as if a fish out of water.

"In a recovery room in New York City. I've been treating you since you arrived."

The Captain looked at the window and then at Harry.

"Where am I really?"

"I'm afraid I don't understand." Harry asked as he stood to go check the Captain.

"The game it's from May 1941, I know because I was there." The man stated his voice starting to get angry.

Harry's smile grew amused.

"My name is Evans. And, although I'm British, at the moment I work for the United States and my job is to make sure you are well from your accident."

The Captain stood, towering over Harry. Harry wasn't exactly small but Merlin this man was tall!

"I'm going to ask you again. Where am I?"

"Captain Rogers…" Harry started.


"I told you already. I work for the United States!" Harry snapped back and before Harry knew it the door behind him was thrown open and he was being used as captive, a strong arm around his neck was cutting all air from his body. Harry tried to keep alert but, by the time the Captain released him and ran, everything went black.


Tony took a hand to his necklace as he suddenly felt it pulse and become cold. Tony frowned and stood from his desk.

"JARVIS!" he called as he ran to grab his new Iron Man prototype in form of a suitcase and started to put it on, hell to tests, he needed it immediately.

"Yes sir?" the AI asked from inside the suit, at least this part seemed to be working as it was supposed…

"Call Pepper, tell her to pick up the kids from school." Tony said as he jumped from his office windows and flew to where Potter had told him was SHIELD's headquarters.


Next: Tony's reaction and Harry wakes up…


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