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I was floating in the air, sitting cross-legged in front of a waterfall. It was how I'd started all my mornings since Goku's death six months ago. I didn't want to stray too far from Mt. Paozu, I had to watch over Gohan.

I could feel the temperature rising with the sun. Springtime was slowly giving way to summer and soon the days would grow oppressively hot. Being a Namekian was especially useful at such times. Our planet had three suns and constant daylight.

There was activity in the Son household. I could sense it. Gohan and Chichi had always been early risers. 6 am, and it's a weekday. Gohan will have to leave for school in a few hours. I sighed quietly. That boy loved studying far too much.

It was time to spar, so I turned my attention away from Gohan and split into two using the multiform. I'd long since given up trying to surpass Goku, but I wasn't about the let Vegeta pull too far ahead.

Fighting with myself had grown dull. I was already used to countering my own moves. If only Gohan would train with me, but that woman wouldn't let me anywhere near him now that Goku was gone. She was just like all the others, judging me as a monster, though I honestly couldn't blame her.

It was around 8 am when I ended the sparring session. I resumed my sitting position, this time planted firmly on the ground at a ledge near the top of the waterfall. Checking back in on Gohan, I found him at the school he now attended. How he could stand being there for 6 hours was beyond me.

Then I began thinking about my home world. It had been a while since I had last probed Nail's memories for information about it. It was the one place I knew where the inhabitants wouldn't judge me by my appearance. Humans! My fists clenched as I remembered how they had treated me, back when Kami and I were one.

Goku was gone, and Vegeta was hardly a replacement. I could easily resume my quest for world domination. However, Gohan wouldn't approve of that at all. He was the one person I truly cared for, the others hardly mattered to me, except for Goku, but he was dead. My heart rate returned to normal as I reigned in my emotions. I would never willingly harm my only friend, even to fulfill my father's goal. Come to think of it, I did technically kill Goku. This brought a smile to my face. Perhaps my mission has already been accomplished. Now all that's left is to watch over Gohan.

At 9:30, Kami's emotions invaded my mind. Though we were technically one being, our thoughts rarely mingled, I knew that something had to have spooked him. Upon further probing I was annoyed to find out that he'd apparently seen ghosts darting across the sky. "Ghosts," I muttered. The old man appeared to be going senile. Perhaps I ought to absorb him. I immediately dismissed that idea. The old man annoyed me greatly and I doubted that I could handle becoming one with him.

Kami's nervousness appeared to die down, though I knew that he was really suppressing his emotions to avoid disturbing me. He's still looking for those ghosts. What annoyed me most was that he didn't think to try and sense their power levels. All living beings would have some sort of power signature. "If you can't sense them, then they're not real," I said to him telepathically. He didn't listen.

Though his emotions had died down, I could still faintly detect his nervousness. As things were, I could not meditate. I had half mind to head up there and tell the old man to shut up. I was even willing to show him that these ghosts were figments of his imaginations.

I had restrained myself from doing anything for about half an hour, in the vain hope that the old man would get over his fear. "Piccolo please listen to me. You must head over to Amembo Island." I could tell that something had happened. Kami and I rarely spoke.

"This better not be ghosts," I said out loud as I took off, heading south towards the island. It didn't occur to me that I ought to ask him what he knew of the situation during my flight. I assumed that it was just some natural disaster; after all, there were no significant power levels on the island.

My frustration with Kami seemed to melt away as I saw the smoke cloud, moments before coming upon the city, set ablaze, with desperate crowds of terrified people scrambling amongst the ruins. For the first time, I felt a sense of sympathy for them as they struggled to find a safe refuge amongst the ruins. Gohan really has gotten to me, I thought, smiling faintly.

When I landed amongst the rubble, the unpleasant odor of charred flesh mingled with the smoke. I hated that smell and was determined to return to the waterfall as soon as possible. I noticed that everyone around me was running from the same spot, and as I approached it, a ki blast emerged from the smoke, heading towards me.

It was easy to block it, but I was now confused. I hadn't sensed anyone here. It can't be Vegeta, I thought. He was miles away. As if on cue, two figures emerged from the smoke, heading straight towards me with eerie grins on their faces. The part that unnerved me the most was the fact that I couldn't sense anything from them, and I instinctively knew that they were the ones responsible.

"I can tell that you're not ordinary humans. What are you two?"

The male one, at least that's what he sounded like, spoke up. "We are artificial beings, the new masters of this world," he said in a smooth voice. "I was wondering when one of you'd show up, Piccolo. Tell me, where's Goku. He's the one who our creator built us to destroy."

I was taken aback; he knew things about me, yet I knew next to nothing about them. "I don't care who you think you are," I replied harshly. "However, I'm not going to let you do whatever you please. As for Goku I doubt you two could've beaten him. Though there's no point in my telling you why." I stripped off my weighted clothing. There would be no mercy for these two.

I sensed Vegeta approaching, and intended to finish this before he arrived. I raised an eyebrow when the female stepped forward. "Alright 17, let me handle this one. You can have the next one." The male nodded to her and stepped back. "Try to amuse me," she said.

I bared my fangs at her. "I'll do more than that!" I rushed in to land the first blow, but she vanished. Where is she? I frantically scanned the area, and when I looked at her companion, he directed my attention upward. She was standing on the roof of one of the buildings, looking down at me with that accursed smile.

"Try to keep up." I could feel my blood boiling at that.

"Try this!" I began firing ki blasts, which she dodged effortlessly as if we were playing a game. I saw an opening and managed to send her into a nearby building with a kick to the gut. However she looked completely unscathed when she emerged.

Now she was starting to laugh at me. "Is that really all you can do? It's too bad, but I think you ought go running to Goku for help."

My body was now shaking and I was sure my blood was boiling. I clenched my fist tightly to exhaust some of the stress. She was obviously a powerful opponent and I could only assume the same for her brother. "I'm afraid that Goku won't be fighting you," I said as calmly as possible.

"Is that so?" She was now frowning at me. "Then there's no point in keeping you around. You're no fun." Suddenly she was behind me, and moments later I was eating pavement. My back was now aching terribly, all from just one hit.

If I'm gone then who will protect Gohan? That question was what helped me stand up. The little monster was now standing several feet away from me, daring me to attack. I have to destroy her…there has to be some weakness. She turned to her companion to say something. My eyes widened and I mustered my strength and leapt towards her. I'd decapitate her, then there would only be one left for Gohan to deal with.

She vanished moments before my chop made contact. Behind me! Anticipating her next move, I turned and felt a terrible pain as her foot made contact with my gut. It was nauseous, winded, and in pain all at once. My body went limp and I was soon facedown on the ground. Gohan…I'm sorry. With that I gave up and then everything went dark.

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