Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. They all belong to Rob Thurman. Also, I am not a history buff. Some of these details might be close, or totally off, so if I get some fact wrong…sue me.

This idea came to me from my favorite Supernatural episode. A million points to who can guess which one.

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It is summer, the skies gold dreading what lies ahead. I look up to lament with them only to be refused. My arm comes up to shield my eyes from the rays. I look besides me. Shining even brighter is my evening star. His pale locks decorated with all that is beautiful, are undisturbed by the air whispering around us. His eyes, the same as the cat besides him, rimed with the darkest shade there could be. The sun's rays reflect off the golden dusted skin. I stare at him, and he dares not stare back.



They came unannounced as always, pounding at my door like animals. Once, twice, three times. Will this nightmare never end? Sixth, seventh knock. The obnoxious banging ceased and the hyena like yelling began. I do enjoy this very much. Getting them all riled up is more fun than some of my normal pleasantries. Emphasize on the some. I flop off my couch, and head over to the door. The yelling by this time is now joined by kicking of the door. I fling the door open with the best of my smiles to a dreadful animal and his gorgeous brother.

"Dammit Loman, do you understand the concept of opening your fucken door when someone knocks!" The ugly one said, the brother a ghost in the background.

"Why yes I'm glad you asked. I practically invented the concept. Although before my monogamous days, I didn't care who came through the door. If they were fuckable, or had a bag over their head, they were welcomed under my roof, if you get my drift, whenever they wanted. Then word got out of my magnificent self that I had to put locks to keep the millions of people waiting for me outside. Don't get me wrong, I could have pleased every one of them out there, but there were some that even bags over their heads couldn't save them. Talking about bags over peoples head would you care for one." Cal's face looked like someone had made him his bitch, and I was awfully disappointed I wasn't there for that. Along with the bruises on his jawline and left eye, he seemed to have something that stunk like manure and looked like snot covering his hair and dripping down his face.

"He needs to use your shower." Niko, not asking but demanding, shoved his baby bro to my nearest bathroom. Cal sloshed his way leaving a trail of messy all over my marble floor, and I gave him hell for that. With a finger thrown my way and a bang of the door, Cal disappear to make ruin of my toiletries.

"Talk to me. Tell me why beauty has transformed into beast" I go back to my couch, getting comfortable for the juicy details. Niko takes a seat next to me avoiding the armchair which Salomon has marked as hers.

"Fight at the bar. When I got there he was, well like that." He pointed with his thumb to the goop on the floor.

"Yeah, you're going to clean that up right. I am a puck, not a maintenance man."


"Solomon, No. That's not food." The puck was trying, in a vain attempt, to keep his cat from investigating the contents of the bucket of goop that was recently cleaned from the floor.

"Do you know what it is?" By the time I had gotten to the bar the fight was stopped, and bodies were being carried away by a disheveled Ishiah and Sam. I found Cal in the bathroom wrenching his guts out. The puck gave up on the mummy cat and walked towards the bathroom Cal was using. I followed as he opened the door without any knowledge of privacy, and the fact that he so called 'invented' the concept of knocking, naked Cal in the other side of the door though so as well. He quickly closed the curtain, and cursed Goodfellow.

This was followed by an attempt on Goodfellows side to find out if the slime was threatening, and Cal was attempting not to kill Robin. It went something like this.

"Did it burn?" Robin got closer to the shower.

"What? Are you telling me if it burns when I pee or something?" Cal answered pulling the shower curtain closer to his body.

"No, I meant the goop that is infesting your face, Ohh, my mistake that's just your face." Robin slapped a hand in his thigh for a job well done.

"Fucking asshole and no it doesn't burn. It does smell like everything wrong with this world. Wait. That's you." Cal pointing a finger at Robin let out a cackle.

In the end nothing was found out of what the creature could have been.


I felt fine, for all we knew that creature spit mucus on me and nothing more. A reassuring word was not good enough for Niko. All I really wanted to do was eat some of Goodfellow's gourmet food, and take a nice nap. That wasn't happening right know. We were on our way to Ishiah's house, much to my displeasure. He and Sammy, the only witnesses, had left work to take a nap or eat expensive crackers I presume. One thing that Ishiah's my boss, but he's also sleeping with the puck, now I have to go to his house to find out if he knew what had thrown goop at my face. How embarrassing.

"We wouldn't have to go if you would correctly explain what happened." Robin sitting on the left side of me spoke first.

"I told you, it happened really fast. One second no goop, the next goop on my face." I got the middle. Squished between Robin and Niko was the least of my concerns. I rubbed the bridge of my nose and rested my head on my knees. The cabbie was one of those creatures that was blind, and had no eyes or something. Frankly, I was to fucken tired to give a shit.

"How do you feel?" That was Niko. He placed his hand on my back and patted gently. I knew it was him, if it where Goodfellow he would have done some patting and other things.

"Tired." I don't know if it was the goop or if I was just tired. It was two hours till noon, and I felt like I just watched a chick flick without blinking. Something with that Friends girl. In the beginning she was with one guy, in the middle another, and in the end she marries some other guy that popped out of nowhere. I was beginning to think of what would happen if a high school sassy friend came into the picture when my hair was pulled.

"Where here. Look presentable." I looked, my head still resting on my knees, to my right. The building was alright. In an alright neighborhood, and alright views. With the help of Niko I got out of the cab. The spring, or was it summer, air washed all my worries away. I felt nice. I looked at Niko who gave me a weird look. I think I might have said that out loud.


He felt nice. Nice. Did he just say that? In the beginning Cal had convinced me that he was just tired, but now I wasn't so sure. He had bags under his eyes, purple bruises, torn cloths and a smelled worse than a homeless person.

"You high man?" Robin said in a Jamaican accent, as he pushed open the door to the stairwell. Caliban replied with, again, "Nice" as he looked about his surroundings. I put a hand on his shoulder. For comfort, I wasn't sure; I just didn't want him to run off or worse. We made our way up thirteenth floors; the number thirteenth, ironic? Cal, by now, was telling a really pissed off Goodfellow about a sassy gal and her pal trying to find love in the big city. We reached to what I assume was Ishiah's apartment. Before Robin had a chance to react Cal was banging at the door.

A dog answered, and a confused Ishiah opened the door, that didn't stop Cal. "What's wrong with him?" the door was wide opened but Cal still felt the need to knock.

"That's what I want to know." I waited for him to let us in. It was a nice place, nicer than ours, but not as showy as Robin's. The shaggy dog began sniffing Cal, and Cal began sniffing the dog. I asked Ishiah if he knew what the creature was.

"A nymph, well, a kind of nymph." He kept staring at Cal, probably thinking if he should take a picture of him, for memory or blackmail. The blackmail part was getting taken care of by Robin. Cal was now looking at a painting, and expressing his opinions with superior vocabulary; Robin was taking a video to add to a collection of his Cal Naughtiest.

"The…umm..." He thought of the next word carefully, "…Fluid the nymph exhales is a hallucinogen. He'll be fine he just needs rest."

"No way in hell that a nymph beat you up." Robin hollered shaking his head.

"It was a nymph, and leave that alone." Ishiah walked over to Cal who was taking down the painting.

"Maybe a Rocky Balboa nymph. I'm keeping this." He had it in his hands and down from the wall before Ishiah could get there.

"Caliban you fucking ass…" Ishiah didn't get to finish cussing out Cal, because a second later he was gone.


"Where did you sent him!" I was on Cal shaking his shoulders. I wasn't sure if the hallucinogen effected his gating, and if it did I really didn't want to know where Ishiah might end up.

"Relax, I sent him to Nevah's Landing, behind the Restaurant. Careful, you are ruining my artwork." Cal shook me off, and blew imaginary dust off the painting.

"Cal are you sure?" Niko stood beside me, grabbing my shoulder.

"Call him." Cal responded in the most casual way that it made me want to split his face open. I left the room to call him. He answered, and he wasn't happy. In the other room I could hear Niko lecturing Cal.

"I can't believe that little moron did that." Ishiah sounded sick, his voice raspy from the gate. He followed by cursing out Caliban in the most unholy ways.

By the time I finished the call Caliban was asleep in the couch using the dog as a pillow and a protective hand on the painting. I pushed him off.

"Hey, what's your deal?" Cal said from the floor already shutting his eyes for another nap.

"Ishiah is in the Landing. Take us there, so we can bring him back." I was in no mood for games this time; I though a high Cal would be all about peace and love, but he's just more of an asshole.

"No." Cal rolling to his stomach started to snore. I grabbed him from his shirt, lifted him up and threw him back down. Cal was about to make some snotty comment that would lead to another black eye, courtesy of me and not some muscular nymph.

"Cal, take us to Nevah's Landing." Niko stood in front of Cal, and looked at him with demanding eyes. The voice of reason made the voice of ass cooperate. Cal stood from the floor and made his way to the hallway.

"Alright get in a circle, hold hands, and breath." He started to exhale and inhale. He made a gate and entered thru it, Niko followed and then I.

I didn't end up where I hoped I did.


So I am stuck in some All-American town, a couple of bucks in my pocket, and confused as shit. Cal gated me here for a painting. That guy is fired after he comes and takes me back to New York.

I walk in to the restaurant in front of where I landed. I ordered a coffee, and waited for Robin.

That bastard never came.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. They all belong to Rob Thurman. Also, I am not a history buff. Some of these details might be close, or totally off, so if I get some fact wrong…sue me.

This idea came to me from my favorite Supernatural episode. A million points to who can guess which one.