Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. They all belong to Rob Thurman. Also, I am not a history buff. Some of these details might be close, or totally off, so if I get some fact wrong…sue me.

This idea came to me from my favorite Supernatural episode. A million points to who can guess which one.

Chapter 2


I knew something was wrong from the beginning. Cal never gives in so easily, even with me. The second I stepped out of the gate the air around me felt different. I stepped on sand. The whitest sand I've ever seen. Robin looked surprised as I did. His eyes where wide and mouth agape, staring at Cal figuring how to end his life.

"Please tell me you didn't." Robin said, hands on both sides of his face.

"I didn't think it'll work, but it did!" Cal looked around ecstatically, and surprised.

"Where did you gate us?" I asked Cal.

"Isn't it obvious? The bastard gated us to the painting." Robin began looking around.

"Is that even possible?" I joined Robin and took a look around. In the painting the sand was topped with a golden sky, and a clear blue river. The river to my right was as clear as glass, and flowed like a real river would. The sky shined bright and the sun burned my skin. I was grateful Promise didn't get dragged into this. Even her heavy cloaks couldn't block out the sun.

Robin began to walk towards the river. He knew something, but his expressions showed that he wasn't sure if he was right. I didn't get to ask him. The sounds of people and growls came from behind us.

"Run." Robin demanded and headed to some woods far in front of us. I grabbed a dazed Cal and followed him. When we gated the woods seemed miniature; it would be a while until we reached them.

Cal was losing breath by the time we made it. Whoever was following us was getting closer. It went thru my mind to fight the followers, but Robin running full speed made me think otherwise. The woods where dark and murky, and still to my surprise seemed real. Robin stopped a few feet ahead of us as voices behinds us disappeared.

I looked at Robin who was frozen in spot.

I took me a while to realize why. A man was standing directly in front of him.


Robin had stopped. The guy who was blocking his way began to laugh. I couldn't really see him. The world around me was spinning. I looked to Niko who still held me with one arm and his short sword on the other. I looked back to the guy who was still laughing. He had an evil laughter. His jet black hair passed only an inch from his ears from what I can tell. Someone spoke up; it took me awhile to realize it was Robin. I couldn't really tell what he was saying, something about fish. Niko moved us closer, and the muffles were now whispers.

"What do you want?" That was Robin. I could see his lips moving.

"Just wanted to play a little game." The other guy I could see clearly now. The thumping of my head was now a little headache. He wore a black on black suit.

"What do you want?" Niko said, with a more demanding tone. As he said it he inched closer to the stranger. The stranger just smiled.

"Who are you, and where are we?" I decided to take a lighter approach. Get the details first, then do some damage. I could tell that both my brother and the puck where wondering this as well.

"Like I said it's a game. You win you go home to him, you lose I take him." He wasn't looking at us; this answer was solely for Robin.

"Okay. I am not up for your stupid little ass game. I am gating us out of here." I took a step back and started the gate a few feet in front of me. Not a second later I stopped. I couldn't gate.

I looked to Niko who looked at Robin who looked at the stranger. Robin repeated question, "What do you want?"

"You heard me Goodfellow. Win you win. Lose you lose." With that he snapped his finger together and disappeared.

At that same moment the howls and shouts began again.


I felt heavier. Was it the challenges that befall me? No. It was my fucking clothes. I looked down. The slacks I was wearing before were now replaced with a skirt. A golden belt that was tied around my waist with two daggers tied on either sides of my hips. Sandals with small colorful gems were knotted at my feet, and a headdress heavier than Zeus was placed on my head.

"What the hell?" Cal said. I turned around to see him and Niko dressed in not so fancy garments. They had a simple Egyptian skirt that use to be white but now had threads lose in the bottom of the skirt and was an awful color of yellow. A movement not far behind got me back to the real situation. Not to say that B.C fashion wasn't a situation that had to be fixed, but on a later time.

"Don't say a word. Keep your head down, and don't look anybody in the eye. I am your lord, and you are my servants." I told them in a hushed voice. How will the chasers take it when they hear me talking in an unknown language? Cal began to argue, but he was stopped by the two crimson colored dogs that jumped out of the darkness ahead. They were followed by decent looking guards, three of them to be exact. They all had mean faces, black hair, and dark skin.

"What are you doing here?" The one in the middle spoke in Egyptian. He had a raspy voice, from yelling orders I presume.

"I've come from Rome, sent by the council. Egypt is a desolate place. One could easily get lost." I smiled and swallowed my fear. I waited for an answer, but I didn't get one. Typical.

"Can you perhaps show me to the great King? The business I have with him cannot be pushes back any further than it already is." The three spoke among themselves, and finally agreed to show me and my "slaves", who were behaving quite well, to the kingdom.


We entered a palace, gold decorations all along the walls. The guards led us to a damp room. Along the way they spoke to Robin who responded with not a care in the world. They spoke Egyptian. I understood a few words, but they were talking to fast I couldn't grasp the conversation. When they left us in the room, I turned to Robin who sat in a wooden chair covered in fine fabric.

"Explain." I didn't need to say anything else. Cal stood by my side looking green. I pushed him to another seat next to Robin who by this time had crossed his ankles and laid them on a bronze statue.

"His name is Michael. He just likes to make peoples life lives miserable. If he tries to tell you he's a trickster, don't believe him. His little tricks always back fire on him. We'll just have to wait." Robin held his chin with his hands, pondering.

"What? I've never been so confused in my life." Cal looked a lot better than he did before.

"Keep your voice down Janis Joplin." Robin stood and looked towards the door. He beckoned us to get closer with his hands and finally explained to us what was happening.