Chapter 1

At the east high school that day Gabriella saw Troy at his locker with his friends and could not help but stare at him. As the day went on Troy had been staring at Gabriella too. Gabriella sense some one was staring at her so she turn her head and her brown chocolate eyes meet Troy's really blue eyes. What Gabriella did not know is that Troy not only like her but he was in love with her. Troy had one problem though he knew he had a girlfriend right now. But Troy was thinking about dumping his girlfriend Stacy. But what Troy did not know is that Gabriella not only likes him but is in love with him too.

The next day at school Gabriella saw Troy's girlfriend Stacy making out with the captain of the football team in a corner near a class room. After she saw this she went and told her friends Sharpay and Taylor what she had saw. Sharpay said that she knew that girl Stacy was a slut and did not belong with Troy. Taylor had agreed with what Sharpay had said about Stacy. Gabriella asked her friends Taylor and Sharpay if she should tell Troy about it. Sharpay told Gabriella not to say anything and that she had a plan. Sharpay told Gabriella that she would meet her at her locker after class. So Gabriella and her friends went to their next class.

Troy was in the gym with his friends at basketball practice and Chad notice that something was off with his best friend but did not know what. Troy was thinking about Gabriella again. Mean while Sharpay waited for Gabriella to show up at her locker. Gabriella show up at her locker and asked Sharpay what her plan was. Sharpay told Gabriella to go up to Troy the next day and make out with him at his locker and hopefully Troy's girlfriend Stacy will see it. Gabriella asked her if she was sure this was a good idea. Sharpay said to Gabriella that it was a good idea. Sharpay told her this just part of her plan. Taylor show up at Gabriella's locker and asked what the plan was and Sharpay filled her in. Taylor even told Gabriella it was a good idea too.

So that next day Gabriella was going to do what Sharpay told her to do. When Gabriella came out of her class, she saw Troy at his locker alone and then she saw Troy's girlfriend Stacy coming around the corner,so she went over to Troy and turn him around and push him up against his locker and kissed him passionately on the lips. Troy responded back and kissed Gabriella passionately too. Troy and Gabriella's kissing went into a make out session. Troy's girlfriend Stacy saw them making out big time and she got pissed and stormed off down the hall way. Troy and Gabriella were still making out at Troy's locker when his friends came over to his locker. Chad was in shock when he saw them making out. Troy and Gabriella finally pulled apart and Gabriella gave Troy her cell phone number to him. Gabriella kissed Troy one more time before walking away from him. As she walked away from him she wink back at him.

So after school Troy gave Gabriella a ride home. While they were in his car she went down on him and undid his pants and pull out his member and took it in her mouth and suck on him. Troy moaned the whole time Gabriella was giving him a really good blow job. When Troy came Gabriella swollow it. Gabriella told Troy she would see him tomorrow and left his car with him happy. When Troy got home he could not believe that he got a blow job from Gabriella the girl he is in love with.