Rocket was just walking around the streets of Station Square, remembering the time he had spent there. He was too distracted with looking around his old stronghold that he didn't see the car approaching behind him. He came back to reality when the siren was close enough to be heard. The car stopped and two people got out.

"Espio? Vector? What's going on," Rocket asked.

"Actually, we're Zespio and Zector. We're Zone Cops," Zepsio said.

"And what does that have to do with me?"

"You are Rocket the Hedgehog?"

"Yeah," Rocket answered.

"I'm afraid you're under arrest," Zector said.

"For what?"

"According to the report, you're under arrest for robbery. If you would be so kind as to come with us."

"About that, officers," Rocket said before running off.

"After him," Zector said before he and Zepsio got back into their squad car. They then tried to catch up with Rocket, but that proved impossible with the speed Rocket was going at.

"He's too fast. We'll never catch him."

"It's Rocket we're going after. You and I both know he's not about to get arrested any time soon." Rocket was ahead of Zespio and Zector when he attempted to do something Sonic had done. Rocket reached the highest speed he could reach and broke the sound barrier.

"Did you see that," Zector asked.

"I did," Zespio responded. Rocket stopped running to see if Zector and Zespio were still chasing him. He looked around for any trace of their car.

"I lost them. Good." Before Rocket could get back home, sirens went off and he started running again. Up ahead, Rocket saw a barricade of Zone Police cars.

"Stop, Rocket! We have you surrounded!"

"You'll never take me alive," Rocket said as he slid across the hood of one of the cars. He kept running through the streets of Station Square with Zone Cops on his tail.

"Don't these guys ever take a vacation?" Before Rocket could reach the speed needed to do a sonic boom again, one of the Zone Police cars stopped in his path and he ran into it. Once Rocket was on the ground, Zonic stepped out and walked up to him.

"Zonic," Rocket said weakly.

"Sorry, Rocket, but you're under arrest for robbery," Zonic said before helping Rocket up to his feet.

"I know you're innocent, but I have to make it looking convincing."

"I get you."

"Hold still," Zonic said before attaching a Control Collar to Rocket's neck.

"What's this for," Rocket asked, referring to the Control Collar.

"Just disables the powers you wield."

"I don't buy it, but it's probably useless to use any of my powers anyway."

"It is. Now come on. It's off to Zone Jail for you," Zonic said as he led Rocket to his Zone Police car. Rocket got in the back while Zonic got in the front and drove off.

This is really starting to be a good day for me, Rocket thought as he was brought to Zone Jail. Once he was given his prison uniform, Rocket was escorted to his prison cell.

"Can this day get any worse," Rocket asked himself.

"Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. Nice to see you again, Rocket," a voice said from behind him.

"Oh, no. Why did I have to say that?" Rocket turned around and saw a face from his past in the same cell as him.