Chapter 1

Two kittens sat by their mother's death bed. The oldest was a red queen with white bib and some black patches. The younger one who's eyes were hardly open was black with gold and orange stripes. The dying tabby looked at her two beautiful kits that would grow up without a mother. A tear streamed down her face.

"Bomby I want you to promise something." Her mother said in a hoarse voice

"Yes" the oldest kitten replied softly

"Always look after your sister, she's going to need you more than anything."

The kitten nodded and looked at her sister who was in her lap.

"When I go I want you find the Jellicle junkyard, it's just a few blocks away just past the sausage factory"

The kitten nodded again

She reached out a grabbed her paw.

"I love you Bombalurina, you and your sister both."

Tears welled to the kittens eyes.

"Be strong" her mother whispered and the conclusion of her sentence she collapsed and died.

"No mama no! wake up, please wake up!" she cried as tears streamed down her face.

"Mama" the younger one mumbled

"She's gone Demmy She's gone." Bombalurina sobbed as she picked up her sister and held her close.

For a while they laid against the wall and cried. Bomba held Dem tight. After they calmed down a bit ,they left and headed for the junk yard their mother talked about. They hoped for a better life.