Chapter 9

"We found them!" called Alonzo as the toms and the two queens entered the junkyard. Jellyorum and Jennyanydots came out from their dens with looks of disbelief on their faces, but when they saw what Munkustrap and Rum Tum Tugger were holding those expressions changed. They quickly scurried back inside and prepared beds for the queens. Jenny let out a soft sob as the toms laid them down. She grabbed some ointment and some bandages, and began to tend to Demeter.

A few hours later Demeter woke up. Her eyes shot around the room but soon realized where she was. She sighed in relief and ran her paw through her head fur.

"Oh good you're up!" Jellyorum cheered as she made her way to Demeter's bed. She sat down on a stool next to her bed, and rubbed a healing scar on Demeter's face. Demeter smiled weakly.

"How are you?" Jellyorum asked.

Demeter's smile faded and she bowed her head.

"What he put us through, it was so scary!" she whimpered. "He beat us ,tormented us, and tortured the crap out of us!" She explained now sobbing. "He even raped me" she whispered.

Jellyorum gasped and threw her arms around her adopted daughter.

"It will never happen again Demeter, ever!" Jellyorum promised. She let go of her embrace. "Thank you" Demeter said now smiling. She observed Jellyorum and noticed something different about her, then it hit her.

"Everlasting cat you had them!" Demeter exclaimed. Jellyorum looked puzzled for a moment but then realized what Demeter was saying. She smiled and nodded proudly, and pointed to the corner where five kittens slept in a pile of pillows.

"The toms are Jenny's and queens are mine." Jelly explained. Demeter smiled and watched them sleep. A little white and tan queen kit popped up and blinked sleepily at her mother.

"Come here darling." Jelly coaxed. The kitten scampered over and looked up at her mother. "This is Demeter ,can you say hello?" Jellyorum said in a motherly tone.

"Hi" the young kitten said shyly and then hid her face in her mother's fur. Jellyorum smiled and rubbed her back.

"Her name's Etcetera and my other is Electra." Jellyorum informed. "

"They're beautiful." Demeter cooed. Jellyorum grinned.

A few minutes later one of the tom kits started crying in his sleep. Jennyanydots came running in the room and scooped him up. "Shhhhhh, it's alright dear, it was just a bad dream, you're safe now." She comforted as the small kitten cried in her neck. He was white with light brown splotches here and there. She sat him down after he stopped crying and came over to Demeter's bed. She embraced her without saying anything. Jellyorum pulled her up and whispered something in her ear. Jenny's eyes went wide. She sat down on the stool and looked at Demeter with a look of concern.

"How do you feel dear?" she asked kindly placing a paw on Demeter's forehead.

"Fine." Demeter said raising an eyebrow.

"Are you sure?" Jenny questioned , cocking her head.

Demeter nodded. "Ok" Jenny sighed and got up as Bombalurina began to stir.

What was up with that? Demeter thought as she settled back into her bed. She just shrugged it off. At least she was home.