Harry Potter and True blood Crossover

Chapter 1

It was six months after the war had finished and Harriett had, had enough of the English wizarding world. Could they not see that she was tired of all their crap, they had put all their hopes on a child's shoulders. As if it was god dame ok, Instead of getting off their fat lazy asses and doing something about it themselves.

It was Harriett's seventeenth birthday today and she was barricaded inside number twelve Grimmauld Place, her dead godfathers childhood home with; Dobby, Winky and Kreacher. Just as the clock struck eleven o'clock in the morning an owl came though the kitchen window, with the Gringotts Seal on it. As Harriett opened it, it read:

Dear Lady Potter

On the seventeenth year of your birth, we at Gringotts Bank would like to talk to you, to sort out your inheritance today at 11:15 attached it a port-key that will take you to Berkit the Potter Account Mangers office at Gringotts Bank England Wizarding Britain

May your gold all ways flow


Inheritance Manger Of Gringotts England

As Harriett read this, she realised she only had ten minutes left, to get dressed and ready. So leaving everything on the table, she ran up the stairs up to Sirius old room, which she now used as hers and changed into something respectable.

As she came down the stairs with three minutes to spare, she was wearing a pair of old fitting black pants and an old leather jacket of Sirius's that said on the back: marauders ride again. Harriett had personally got him and Remus one in her fifth year at Hogwarts, for Christmas.

As Harriett sat there with his finger of the port-key her thoughts went to her father's best friend. Sirius was the only one ever to care about her, just for herself, for Harriett. Good and bad whatever she did he care for her as a person, not as a weapon/chosen one to win the war of their own making. Harriett thought about something that no one knew about other the two people and they were both dead. In her fifth year over Christmas holiday Harriett and Sirius had undergone a ritual to adopt Harriett into the House of Black, as Sirius's daughter and heir. Harriett still found it weird, that no one asked her how she got the Black lordship/ladyship. When it was a known fact that Bellatrix Lestrange should have gotten it before herself. And if not her narcissa Malfoy or at least Draco. But then again the English Wizarding World weren't fielded with the brightest people.

Just as she was coming out of her thoughts Harriett felt a pull under her navel and before she could even think of anything else she was crashing down on a stone floor.