A fem harry potter an true blood crossover

Chapter 5 - Getting to know one another

It took a long time for Sookie and Harriett to trust each other. It was not that they did not like one another, but they were very private people, they exceptionally did not expect for another person to have all their memories. At first they were incidentally unconformable with each other. For two people that never got close to anyone for fear of being hurt and because in the past they had been. It was a lot to go through for anyone, for a immortal witch and a near immortal fray/ fairy it was even harder.

At the beginning there was a lot of shouting going on from Sookie and her grandmother. With the information from the transfer, it did not take much time for Sookie to figure out that she was from the fray. And considering that she looked too much like her father add to the fact that Jason was there for her birth. And She knew that she was: A. not adopted or B. not her father's daughter. With these facts it was not long before she worked out that her grandmother had the answers to her questions.

What came out was mind blowing, Sookie and Jason where the grand children of Fintan brigant. Which means that they are the grate - grandchildren of Niall Brigant the prince of the sky fray/fairies. Fintan was his appointed heir to the throne. When Niall stepped down, died or was killed, Fintan would become prince and basically rule the whole sky fray as a nation.

At the beginning when Sookie first found out she might have a grandfather out there who could help her with her abilities / powers, she had gone a little crazy. Harriett had sympathy for Sookie. All though out her childhood she had been called names because she could not control her gifts add to the fact that they were people out there that could of helped her and yet did nothing, to help her, it was hard all round.

Harriett had tried to get in contact with Fintan only to find out that that he was dead he had been killed by the civil war that was going on the fray realm. From a demon lawyer of Fintan's and practically every high up that did not use the goblins. See Harriett did not get that, goblins had been the bankers of the world, before half of the world was even founded by everyone else.

Desmond Cataliades the demon lawyer, told use that Sookie should of already know that finatan was dead because of the will of Fintan had been forwarded to her months ago. When she said that she did not get anything, he started screaming down the phone at the person that was in the room with him. To get his assistant, in there now. He was good he never gave where he was or who was with him. But within half an hour, the problem was solved and Sookie was told she was the sole heir to everything Fintan owned on this earthy plane, which meant that she when from a backward not going anywhere barmaid to a multi-millionaire, in the space of half an hour. It was a big change for the southern girl, to going for scrapping and saving for everything to never having to work in her life, it was hard.

Harriett had took to teaching Sookie, all she knew about the supernatural world they both lived in. Sookie may have the information in her mind by it was just about bringing it out. Also in agreement with Sookie and her grandmother, Adele. Jason was not told about what Harriett and Sookie could do or what they were. Jason did not have any fray traits, but the good looks. So he did not have to know about the supernatural world out there. If in the future he would have to be told if he got involved with a vampire, then he would have to be told to protect himself from the vamp politics. But even then he would get the sort version of Sookie's and Harriett's abilities and weakness. If Jason did not know there strengths or weaknesses then he could not be made to tell them to anyone else.

In the weeks following the fact that she did not have to work a day in her life. Sookie quit working for her shifter boss (and wasn't that a shock) and went back to school. She took lessons at Shreveport community college, to be closer to home. But with the help of Harriett and her books, she was able to get her degree in English, history and business.