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-How To Tame Your Student-


"Ugh, uh.. Hmpph nghh,"

A sound of muffled moan could be heard softly from the last stall of the men's bathroom. A student alone occupied that stall, however let's say he was in the middle of self-pleasuring himself, no we're not talking about jerk-off or that kind of stuff. This student current state was quite a turn on, he was seated on a closet, his hands tied to the pipe above his head making his body stretched. Both of his lower legs were tied to the thighs, a broom was connected to the bind around the ankles, forcing the teenage student to spread his legs. A very wet-of-saliva cloth was inside the mouth, perfectly muffled the sound that's coming. And the last was the buzzing vibrators around his sensitive areas; the egg shaped one on both of his nipples, and the medium sized long dildo was inserted inside his twitching asshole. To sum up all, the student was in ecstasy with this self-pleasure set-up. A large pool of thick cum covered his perfectly shaped abs, and a huge amount of precum dripping down his crotch from his very erect manhood. He had cum at least four times already, and he was ready for his fifth soon.

"Nghh, ammfhh," the student's body jerked a bit after finally releasing his impended fifth coming. The teen was well spent that much was expected, sweat poured like a river on his flushed face, he was at the brink of unconsciousness.

But no, he didn't pass out, his pride was too high to let him did that and showing weakness would bring such a salvation to his captor. Speaking of the devil, the door of the bathroom was suddenly opened, creaked against the floor, alerting the abused student of the arrival of his captor. He squirmed; a rage was shown on his rough-yet-handsome face indicating how much he despised the person who made him went through this humiliating process.

The person stopped in front of his stall, black polished shoes was the only thing the student saw before the light rushed in when the captor opened the door of his stall.

"Quite enjoying yourself, ne?" A smug voice came from the captor.

The student raised his head a bit to look at the blasted face of his teacher. Yes, the person who put the poor student in his current state was no other but his teacher. A medium heighted man, an inch or two shorter than him, with lean body and boyish face.

"Have you learnt your lesson?" the teacher asked with a calm tone.

"Mmph!" the student started to protest through his muffled mouth, shook his head so fast threw a gesture of disobedience.

"A shame then, in a mere minute the class would be over and soon students would come to this bathroom. The decision is yours, at first I thought this would be the fastest way to teach a lesson for stubborn youngling like you," the teacher bow down a little, brought his face closer to the student flushed one then yanked the cloth out of his mouth, "But then I was wrong in here, who ever thought you like showing yourself like this towards public? Maybe this isn't a punishment for you."

"Shut up you little faggot, don't you act so high and mighty just because youmph mpffth," the teacher put back the gag, perfectly muffling the student's horrible curse.

"Watch your words; it seems you really haven't learnt a bit. I'm disappointed." The teacher drew a long breath then sighed it out, "I give you one more chance, speak properly or I'll leave you right away, maybe you'll like your new title as the perverted student pleasuring himself in the bathroom stall." He chuckled a little, and then once again removed the cloth.

A long silence stretched out after it, the student only held down his head contemplating. After what seemed like hours the student still hadn't said anything.

And then disaster happened, the vibrator on his nipples went wild sending pleasurable pain through his swollen and highly sensitive buds, and the dildo was no better. The whole thing now rotated, jabbing his sweet spot with strong vibration. "Aaahhhh," the student, couldn't contain himself with sudden aggression, moaning loudly, without a gag his moans could be heard on the entire room. The look of horror clearly painted on his face.

The teacher only chuckled to himself, his right hand held a small device which controlled wirelessly the vibrator on both the student's nipples and the dildo inside the asshole. "Well if you don't want to speak I'll take that as a no. Enjoy your time then." The teacher backed away.

"No wait!" Half surprised the teacher looked back, the student's face was quite pained but then it changed into defeated one, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry….. sensei. I'm a bad boy I deserve uhh… the punishment, and I ahh... promise not to insult teacher ever again."

The teacher smiled, one of his jobs was accomplished, "Well done, Mr. Roronoa Zoro."


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