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"Shinra Tensei!"

With narrowed eyes, Pain released another gravitational force from his Deva Path. The force crashed through the whole battlefield, knocking all the jinchūriki and Kakashi off their feet, sending each of them backwards. The Deva Path then turned its head to face Obito, who only nodded his head in response as he gestured with his right hand.

The Kanzeon Statue immediately released more wooden palms towards the other jinchūriki and Kakashi. The wooden palms connected before they could steady themselves, crushing each under their weight and creating nine-more craters.

"Do that mud jutsu you did earlier." Obito hissed towards Kabuto. "Hurry-"

Before he could finish his sentence – and before Kabuto could channel his chakra – three of the wooden hands became encased in flames before being reduced to ash. Yugito, Rōshi, and Naruto freed themselves quickly. A smirk developed on Naruto's face as he looked towards the other wooden hands.

"Well, Yagura, looks like I was right; you can beat this guy's Wood Release with some really hot fire." He stated as he clapped his hands together, creating a pinkish-red sphere of fire: "Scorch Release: Combustion Wave!"

The fire sphere in Naruto's hands grew larger as smaller fireballs were released from his hands, flying directly at the remaining wooden hands on the ground. In an instant, the remaining hands were reduced to dust, freeing Kakashi and the remaining jinchūriki.

"I stand corrected, Naruto." Yagura admitted with a chuckle: "It appears the fire you all possess is stronger than this monster's imitation of Wood Release."

"Imitation?" Obito's eyes narrowed: "Funny way of viewing things, 'Mizukage-san'. You above anyone else should know my strength."

"I know your strengths, alright, and it's nothing I respect." Yagura hissed in response: "Take away the genjutsu you casted on me and Isobu years ago, and you would never have been able to defeat me."

"Isobu?" Obito mumbled the name before shaking his head: "Whatever, it doesn't matter. I would never have been able to cast such a genjutsu on you if I wasn't inherently stronger than you." He then turned towards the Deva Path Pain, who nodded its head in response, before turning back to face Yagura: "In case you have forgotten your place, let me remind you exactly how. All Is Suffering!"

"Banshō Ten'in!"

The smaller wooden heads on the Kanzeon Lotus King started to channel chakra, generating elemental blasts in their mouths. Before the other shinobi could react, however, Pain held out his right hands toward Yagura, causing his body to grow limp once more. Within seconds, Yagura was flying towards Pain just as Obito's wooden statue released its elemental blasts.

'D-Damn.' Yagura bit his lip as he began to channel Isobu's chakra: "Shell Spear!"

"Yagura!" Naruto shouted as he held out his hands: "Adamantine Sealing Chains!"

Yagura's bijū cloak began to change shape, forming into a turtle shell with spikes that quickly covered his entire body. Naruto released sealing chains from both his hands that flew towards the shell, hoping to grab onto the Sanbi jinchūriki before Obito's blast connected.

The five-elemental blast, however, connected first, crashing into Yagura's body.

Within seconds, the force of Obito's jutsu tore into the turtle shell, cracking it and ripping it apart bit-by-bit until Yagura's body was exposed. The Yondaime Mizukage screamed in pain as the jutsu finally came to a halt.

What remained of his bijū cloak fell apart, revealing Yagura's normal body. His skin was heavily cut-up by the wind, he had heavy bruises from the force of the stone and the water, visible burns from the fire, and his body still seemed to be covered in electricity. He quickly fell to the ground, unconscious after the assault.

"There's two." Pain spoke-up from the Asura Path, chuckling as Obito's wooden statue released a hand to grab onto Yagura's body: "By your logic, I assume you must see things are not as dire for us as you had assumed-"


The Deva Path's eyes narrowed as he watched Killer Bee released a bijūdama directly at the wooden hand approaching Yagura's body, destroying it. Naruto's sealing chains finally reached Yagura's body, grabbing onto him carefully.

'… Still alive.' Naruto sighed in relief after confirming that Yagura still had a pulse.

He took in a deep breath as he quickly summoned another toad, who took Yagura away to safety. The Deva Path Pain's and Obito's eyes narrowed in response, but before either could respond, Kabuto proceeded to chuckle.

"You're taking them to Mount Myōboku." He noted, shaking his head: "It's not difficult to get there. Not if one is already aware of its location."

"Don't bullshit me." Naruto hissed in response: "There's not a chance in hell you know where that is!"

Kabuto snorted: "You really think that? You don't think that the Snake Clan wouldn't keep tabs of where the toads live? I'm certain the toads know where Ryūchi Cave is, after all." He then shook his head, chuckling once again: "Pain-sama already called you out on it, but all you are doing is stalling. In the end, nothing has changed."

Konan nodded her head in agreement: "This invasion is still underway, and it is still a success. It is a fact that your villages are slowly understanding."

Shikaku began to grit his teeth as he watched the shadow around Hidan's neck – the one he had been using to strangle the man – was slowly starting to recede back towards the Nara. Hidan's eyes watched the shadow on his body fade away before he started to notice the shadow that the Nara Clan head was using to hold him down was starting to waver.

"Is it just me, or are you getting weaker?" He asked, a loud, manic laugh escaping his lips: "The moment this shadow fades, you know what's coming, don't you?"

Shikaku did not immediately reply, only biting his lip in response. He briefly glanced around the battlefield before he looked back at Hidan and shrugged. Hidan mimicked the gesture in a slightly delayed fashion.

"I accomplished my goal. They got away and you have no chance of hunting them down." He said sharply.

"Again, I don't give a fuck about them." Hidan snorted: "They're going to be rotting away any minute now." He then started to grin as he began to laugh again: "You, though… heh. Hehehehe. HAHAHAH! You literally threw your life away for a couple of walking corpses! Don't you feel like the world's biggest fucking dumbass, huh?"

Shikaku shook his head in response: 'No, I know they'll get out of it. Ino, Chōji, Shino… they're all good. They'll get themselves and those Kumo shinobi out of this.'

"Eh, believe what you want. Whatever gives you peace in your last moments." Hidan grumbled as he began to exert pressure once more. After a few more seconds, he managed to take a step forward. His grin widened as he began to take a second step: "Are you prepared to come face-to-face with Jashin-sama?"

"Even if I died, I wouldn't be seeing your god." Shikaku snorted. He then separated his hands from the 'shadow possession jutsu' hand sign, raising his left hand: "Ninja Art: Shadow Overwhelming Victory!"

Multiple shadow threads broke off from Shikaku's body before they briefly skewered a pocket in his Konoha flak jacket, each thread piercing a piece from an explosive tag. The shadow threads then rushed over towards Hidan's approaching body, stabbing into the man and holding his body down and, by proxy, attaching explosive tags all over his body.

Within seconds, Hidan's body was covered in explosive tags.

"These tags…" Hidan grit his teeth as he glared at Shikaku, trying to walk forward despite all the shadow threads: "You think this is going to stop me?"

"I've already been briefed on your file. I know this won't kill you. But I'm sure this'll hurt quite a bit." Shikaku said with a smirk as he took in a deep breath: "Fire Style; Phoenix Flower Jutsu!"

Shikaku breathed out three fireballs that flew forward at Hidan, making contact with the explosive tags on the ends of the shadow threads. Upon contact, the tags exploded, creating a massive explosion that consumed Hidan's body entirely. The explosion proceeded to spread Hidan's body parts everywhere, spreading blood all over the battlefield.

As Hidan's body parts flew around, Shikaku ran over to the first body part he could find: Hidan's right arm. He quickly pulled out a sealing scroll.

'I was told his body will self-regenerate over time. Sealing him away like this should-' Shikaku's eyes widened in horror as Hidan's right arm exploded on itself, splattering the man in blood: "ARGH!"

Shikaku fell to the ground as Hidan's blood continued to burn at his skin. He began to scream as his body became covered in burns. The Jōnin Commander tried to brush the blood off his face with his hands, but he was unable to take it off. It continued to sit on his face, burning away at his skin.

After a few seconds, Hidan's remaining body parts proceeded to come together remotely. The Jashinist's body was covered in heavy burns and his right arm was still missing, but the man walked forward as if nothing had happened to him otherwise.

"Realize how impossible it will be to defeat me?" Hidan asked, smirking: "Nice trick, by the way. Hurt like a bitch too. But against a loyal, devout Jashinist, it's all meaningless."

"… Maybe." Shikaku shook his head in response. The burning was starting to overwhelm his body and his eyes started to shut up: "But… I can tell… there's a way… for you to die… and I think I know someone… who will find out how to kill you."

Shikaku felt Hidan's killing intent explode from his body. A chuckle escaped his lips as he braced himself for the inevitable. 'Shikamaru… I'm going to trust you, your girlfriend, and your friends will finish this guy off. And all those like him.' A small smile then developed on his lips: 'Give them hell for me.'

"The fuck are you smiling about?" Hidan growled out.

With a snarl, Hidan closed the distance between himself and Shikaku and pulled out one of his iron spikes. He then slammed the spike directly into Shikaku's face, going straight through and piercing his brain.

Hidan then pulled out the spike and proceeded to stab Shikaku's body in his chest. And then his stomach. Then his shoulders. He continued to mutilate the Nara's body over-and-over until Nara Shikaku's corpse was completely unrecognizable.

"How's that? Still smiling now that you're in hell?" Hidan growled out.

Hidan remained still for a moment, glaring at Shikaku's bloody body. After a few minutes of silence, he finally looked away. His eyes then started to look around the area.

'I should probably go continue on. The invasion looks like it's still going good-' Hidan's eyes widened as he recalled his fight prior to facing Shikaku: "Wait, that fat fuck threw my scythe away! Bitch, now I got to go find out!"

With a huff, Hidan rushed through the streets of Kumogakure, ignoring any and all shinobi he came across on his pursuit for his treasured weapon.

"Konan is right." Obito spoke-up, chuckling: "Any moment now, this village will fall. Just accept-"

"Shut the fuck up. All of you." Yugito growled as she ran through hand signs: "Kumogakure will not fall! Your invasion is going to end a failure, and all of your lives are forfeit! Fire Style: Two-Tailed Purgatory!"

Yugito took in a deep breath before breathing out a massive blue fire that flew through the air towards Obito. The Uchiha gestured with his right hand, causing the Kanzeon Lotus King statue to bring more wooden hands downward to block the flame. The fire connected with the wooden palms, creating a massive explosion as the wooden palms turned to dust. Multiple smaller blue fireballs flew forward from the remains of the larger blue flame, flying towards all members of the Akatsuki.

Obito's eyes narrowed on the oncoming fireballs: 'How much of the Nibi's chakra did she put in that attack?'

The Uchiha, alongside Konan, Kabuto, and the three remaining Paths of Pain all jumped away, causing the blue fireballs to miss. The Animal Path narrowed its eyes on Yugito before it slammed its palm on the ground once more.

"Summoning Jutsu!"

In another poof of smoke, the giant, multi-headed dog returned. The monster roared as it charged forward, moving faster than it had previously, as it charged at the remaining jinchūriki and Kakashi. Yugito, Rōshi, Han, Utakata, Killer Bee, Naruto, and Kakashi were able to jump away in time, but one of the dog's heads managed to bite down on Fū's left leg before she could fly away. She shouted in pain as it dug its teeth into her skin past her Bijū Chakra Armor.

"Get off!" She growled out as she flapped her wings.

As she managed to finally force herself out of the creature's grasp, cocoon strings formed from her wings, extending towards the dog's mouth and wrapping around it, completely encasing it. Fū breathed heavily as she began to fly around the dog's body.

'That monster can't reform its heads if I just encase all of its heads in cocoon.' She realized. 'It'll make it almost entirely useless.'

"Torrent Style: Crashing Rainfall!"

While Kabuto began to channel chakra, his skin began to change shape, forming dark grey scales that slowly formed around his body. Fins began to form around his arms and a spiky, black dorsal fin developed on top of his head.

Upon his skin changing shape, the water moisture in the air around Fū's body began to come together, forming into a massive deluge of water. The water crashed into her body, pulling her down to the ground before pounding into her skin.

"ARGH!" She growled out as she tried to pull herself up. No matter how hard she tried, however, the water continued to crush into her back, causing cracks to form in her Bijū Chakra Armor.

Kabuto was about to make another hand sign, but Naruto proceeded to charge at him, appearing directly in front of him with a body flicker, a Rasengan in his hands. He attempted to slam it into Kabuto's chest, but the silver-haired shinobi, shifted his hand sign.

"Swift Style!"

Within a second, Kabuto moved out of the way, quickly appearing behind Naruto's body instead. He then slammed his right hand into Naruto's right shoulder, piercing his skin. Naruto's eyes widened in response as he started to choke-out blood.

"You weren't… th-that fast last time… Guess you must have added Swift Style to your list of kekkei genkai, huh?" Naruto hissed as his eyes narrowed on Kabuto's body, taking in his new appearance: "… And which kekkei genkai is that? Who did you take that one from?"

"I didn't take this one. It was actually a gift, thank you very much." Kabuto corrected, chuckling to himself. "Still experimenting with a name for it, actually. The transformation has a name, but the advanced water style associated with it… I think 'Torrent Style' sounded fitting, hmm?" His right hand then began to change shape, turning into a large pink crystal: "But I'll think about it later. Crystal Style: Jade-"

"Scorch Style: Spreading Flames!"

Within a second, Naruto's body became encased in pinkish-red flames that quickly spread to Kabuto's body. The Yakushi pulled away, the crystal on his arm completely melted off. He took in a deep breath as the newly-formed scales began to glow for a moment before generating water, extinguishing Naruto's flames.

Naruto's eyes narrowed on Kabuto before he shook his head: "You really are hopeless, you know? Needing to rely on all those kekkei genkai that you stole, cause there's nothing to you otherwise."

Kabuto snorted: "And what about you? Take away the Kyūbi from you and 'what' exactly are you?"

"Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto replied firmly, nodding his head: "And I'm proud of the person I am, y'know? At the very least, I haven't twisted my own genetics to intentionally make myself something that I'm not!"

Kabuto grit his teeth in response. Before he could charge forward, however, Obito's 'Kanzeon Lotus King' statue released another barrage of elemental blasts from the heads on their mouth directly at Naruto's position.

"Banshō Ten'in!"

"All is Suffering!"

Naruto's body became limp as a gravitational force grabbed a hold of his body and began to throw him directly into the oncoming elemental barrage.

"Naruto!" Han shouted as he began to channel his Boil Release throughout his body. With steam-enhanced reflexes, Han jumped into the air, launching himself up into the air: "Grab onto me!"

Naruto bit his lip in response as he began to channel chakra: "Adamantine Sealing Chain!"

The Uzumaki released two sealing chains from his back that flew directly towards Han. The chains connected, grabbing onto Han's right arm. The Gobi jinchūriki then grabbed onto the chains with his left hand and pulled, applying so much force that Naruto was pulled out of Pain's gravitational force, causing him to escape Obito's jutsu just in time.

"You just did that trick on Yagura-san a moment ago." Han noted, glaring intently at both Obito and the Deva Path: "You're a fool to think it would work twice."

"You avoided one attack. Congratulations." Obito rolled his eyes: "Now, let's see if you can dodge anything else."

Before either Han or Naruto could reply, the Asura Path rushed towards them, its hands opening-up as it launched a barrage of missiles upwards. Naruto's eyes narrowed as he held out his left hand, causing tails of chakra to form from his chakra cloak. The tails flew through the air, blocking the oncoming missiles, creating explosion-after-explosion in the sky.

As Naruto and Han landed on the ground, the Asura Path crouched downward, fire forming from jets on its feet as it prepared to launch itself forward. Yugito, Rōshi, Killer Bee, and Kakashi rushed at it, prepared to strike, but the Deva Path held out his hand.

"Shinra Tensei!"

The four shinobi were sent flying backwards from another overwhelming gravitational force blasting through their bodies, Kakashi choking out some blood from the force of the attack. They all crashed into piles of debris on the ground, scattering dust throughout the area.

With its potential assailants sent flying away, the Asura Path rushed towards both Han and Naruto, its head opening up as it started to charge its cannon.

"Alkali Bath!"

The ground between the Asura Path and both Naruto and Han changed color, turning a dark-colored purple. The Asura Path, initially, continued to fly over the changed battlefield without much concern.

The ground, however, began to bubble.

"Water Style: Soap Bubble: Fourteen Alkali Bubbles to Heaven!"

The dark-purple covering rose from the ground, forming fourteen dark purple bubbles that completely surrounded the Asura Path's body. It collided with one of the bubbles, unable to move through it. Immediately, it's body started to burn heavily.

"What?" Pain spoke through the Asura Path as it, the Animal Path, and the Deva Path turned their attention towards Utakata.

The Rokubi jinchūriki, having never charged forward with the other jinchūriki and Kakashi, was standing making a single hand sign, his chakra cloak turning back into a deep, dark purple that resembled his alkali bubbles.

"You know, I'm curious if that gravitational technique could repel my bubbles." He wondered, a smirk developed on his face as he clapped his hands together: "But you can't confirm that right now, can you?"

Instantly, the alkali bubbles closed in on the Asura Path. The bubbles continued to burn at the creature's skin before it slowly started to melt. As its body grew smaller, it lowered its head and aimed its cannon directly at Utakata.

With a shout, the Asura Path launched its head-cannon at the Rokubi jinchūriki before its body completely melted away. The blast, while not dissipating the alkali bubbles, flew through them on its approach towards Utakata. Utakata jumped away in time, but the blast connected with the ground underneath him, creating a massive explosion that quickly consumed Utakata's body.

"Utakata!" Naruto shouted.

Utakata's body became encased in flames as he jumped towards Naruto's and Han's position. His chakra cloak extinguished the flames after a second, but he quickly fell to his knees after the fact, breathing heavily. He looked upward, focusing on Pain's Deva Path.

"Another down…" Utakata mumbled, his smirk returning. And as times goes on, we're figuring out your strategies… and the limits to your overpowered abilities." A chuckle escaped his lips as he pulled himself back-up to his feet: "With each passing second, you come across less-and-less like the god you claim to be. That is how we know you all will fail; why this invasion will fail."


Hinata jumped throughout the battlefield as she dodged bijūdama-after-bijūdama released from Kido and his multiple shadow clones. Each orb barely missed her body, crashing into the ground and creating more-and-more craters.

'Dodging this many bijūdama over and over is going to get impossible. If this fight keeps up longer, I'm going to mess up and get hit.' Hinata realized, biting down on her lip: 'And he's right that if I get hit by one of those, I'm dead.'

As the Hyūga avoided another attack, another bijūdama flew towards her new position. She side-stepped just in time, the giant orb grazing the snake-aura from her Sage Mode. She bit down on her lip harder: "Shit!"

"I will confess that you have genuinely impressed me, Hyūga Hinata. I think most shinobi would have succumbed to the attacks already." Kido admitted, chuckling slightly: "I really value this data, for what it's worth. Please, keep trying to dodge for as long as you can!"

'He's enjoying this…' Hinata grit her teeth as she continued to focus on dodging: 'I need to figure out how I can stop this!' She took in a deep breath: 'My only shot is going to be if I can get this guy to stop, even for just a moment. If I can get him to stop this bijūdama spamming, I might be able to create an opening I can exploit…' Her hand instinctively went to her bow: 'Maybe… if I try using that jutsu with senjutsu chakra instead of my chakra affinity… maybe that might work.'

Taking in a deep breath, Hinata pulled out her bow and began channeling senjutsu chakra into her bow as she launched an arrow made from senjutsu chakra into the sky: "Sage Art: Never Ending Snake Arrow Downpour!"

Hinata's arrow flew through the air, changing shape into a cyan-colored snake. After traveling through the air for a moment, it changed direction, flying back down towards the ground. As the snake arrow traveled downward, water moisture in the air and natural energy in the clouds began to come together around the arrow, forming into hundreds of cyan-colored snake arrows.

The arrows descended at the same time onto Kido and his shadow clones, biting into them before they could jump away. Within seconds, the ROOT agent and his clones were all covered in the snakes.

"Argh, get off-" One of the clones began to hiss before its eyes widened and the snake arrows' bites overcame it, causing it to dissipate.

Within seconds, the clones started to dissipate one-after-another. With the bijūdama onslaught finally at its end, Hinata's eyes focused on the original Kido as his clones disappeared. Her fists tightened as another chakra aura layer surrounded her arms, taking on the shape of a lion's head.

'Finally! There's my opening!' She charged forward at Kido: "Gentle Step: Eight Trigrams Sixty-four Palms!"

As the original Kido managed to pull of the snakes off his body, Hinata charged at him, delivering a punch from her chakra-enhanced fists. She then continued on with her assault, striking at each of his chakra points.

"Two palms! Four palms! Eight palms! Sixteen palms!"

"Back off!" Kido growled as he took in a deep breath: "Tailed Beast Shockwave!"

Kido opened his mouth and screamed, creating a massive shockwave directly in Hinata's face. The Hyūga heiress was sent flying backwards, blood starting to drip from her ears as she grit her teeth in pain. Her hands lost their chakra color as they went to her ears.

"Close, but not close enough." Kido remarked as he opened his mouth to channel chakra once more: "Now, time to finish-" His words died on his lips, and the chakra he was channeling began to fade as he felt himself getting bitten over-and-over: "A-AH! What the hell?"

The snakes that Hinata had created from her 'Never Ending Arrow Downpour' that had attacked the Kido clones, upon dissipating the clones, all had surrounded Kido's body and closed in on him, biting down and injecting poison.

"Get off!" He growled as he tried to claw off the chakra snakes. As he tore off more snakes, causing them to dissipate back into natural energy, more snakes took their places: "I SAID GET OFF!"

Hinata's eyes widened as she continued to stare at the sight in front of her, her Byakugan noticing the spread of poison traveling through his body and, unlike previous times, actually staying in his bloodstream.

'The chakra snakes generated from my chakra aura are extremely poisonous. Kido's been using the artificial Kyūbi chakra to filter out the poison, but at the sheer volume of poison, it can't keep up with it.' Hinata realized. A grin developed on her face as she charged forward, the lion-shaped chakra aura forming around her hands once more: 'Now, time to take advantage of it!'

"I SAID GET OFF OF ME!" Kido growled out as he slammed his tails onto the ground: "Lightning Style: Tailed Beast Storm!"

Red colored lightning shot from Kido's tails and crashed over his body, dissipating the remaining snakes on his body. The lightning continued to strike around his body, targeting the remaining snakes. As the numbers dwindled to four left, the lightning from his tails stopped forming.

His eyes pulsated slightly as he started to cough-up blood: "Wh-What?"

"It's catching up to you, isn't it? My poison?" Hinata asked as she finally closed the distance. Kido's eyes focused intently on her, moving from her face to her fists, which were already coming directly towards him: "But it's too late; you're already in my area of divination. Gentle Step: Eight Trigrams, Sixty-four Palms! Two palms!"

After slamming her chakra-covered palms into his chest, Kido choked out even more blood than before. He tried to channel chakra into his mouth to create another shockwave, but he was unable to do so and only choked out more blood.

"Four palms! Eight palms! Sixteen palms! Thirty-two palms!"

With each passing strike, Hinata tore into his body, delivering blow-after-blow that slowly drained him – not sealed off – his chakra. After the thirty-second strike, the artificial bijū chakra faded away from his body, revealing the bloodied-up, human body of Tsumiki Kido. His eyes were wide in horror as he watched Hinata prepare to finish off her jutsu.

'No… this can't be… it can't end here…' He bit his lips as he closed his eyes. His mind played back an image of his father, coughing into his hands as he waved goodbye to his son, as he sent him off to Konoha to find a better life: 'I… wasn't supposed to die here! Dammit, father… you told me to live, and I-'

His thoughts came to an end as Hinata continued with her strike. Her final thirty-two palm strikes tore into his body before she finally aimed her final strike at the tenketsu point at his heart.

"Eight Trigrams Sixty-four palms!"

Her final palm strike pierced Kido's chest, crushing his heart. The former ROOT scientist's body had gone completely still as she pulled her fist out of his chest, causing the corpse to fall to the ground.

"It's… It's done…" Hinata told herself. She took in a deep breath: "Thank goodness-"

Hinata immediately fell to her knees, her exhaustion catching up to her. Her chakra aura faded and her body stopped channeling senjutsu chakra, causing her appearance to revert. She struggled to pull herself back up to her feet, her legs wobbling as she slowly began to move away from her battlefield.

"I… I need… to get to a medic… so I can help elsewhere…" She mumbled to herself.

The Deva Path Pain's eyes narrowed on the melted remains of the Asura Path's body before narrowing on Utakata. It held out its hands for a moment as it took in a deep breath: "Water-Wind Wild Wave Jutsu!"

The Deva Path spat out a large deluge of water from his mouth as a gust of wind was released from his palms. The wind caused the water to move faster, forming into sharp waves that flew directly at Utakata.

Before they could connect with the Rokubi jinchūriki's body, Han jumped in the way, generating steam around his body to block the attack. The waves, upon impact, tore through the steam and struck at his skin, causing him to hiss as he started to bleed.

"It's using new techniques this time." Han noted. Despite the pain, he could not hide the grin that was forming on his face: "Must be getting desperate, aren't you?"

"Good, cause he should be." Naruto said sharply. His eyes then moved from the Deva Path towards the Kanzeon Lotus King: "And hopefully he'll be really feeling it when that thing comes falling down!"

Obito, noticing where Naruto's gaze was focused, snorted in response: "Do you think you're going to topple it? You're nowhere near skilled enough to do so!" He then clapped his hands together: "Allow me to remind you!"

Immediately, the wooden statue released more wooden hands that rushed towards Naruto's position. He, Han, and Utakata jumped out of the way, narrowly avoiding the attacks. More hands continued to follow them, however. Utakata managed to lose his footing, falling to the ground, but before he could get crushed by one of the wooden palms, Han grabbed onto him, initially bridal carrying him before positioning the Rokubi jinchūriki on his back.

"Thank you, Han-san… I'm probably not going to be able to move much for a little bit. Not after that last attack." Utakata admitted. "If you need to set me down away from the battle, I understand-"

"Can you still attack from this position?" Han asked. Utakata noted as he brought his pipe to his lips, which caused the Iwa shinobi to nod his head: "That's the most important part. You're not a burden, yet. We fight together."

"… Then I'll keep fighting." Utakata smirked as his eyes narrowed on the statue. 'Now, how to take that thing down? It has a nearly endless supply of arms. No matter how many we destroy, we either have not touched the surface of its full amount, or it regenerates them. Both thoughts are troubling.' He bit down on his lip as his eyes narrowed on its his head: 'Suppose the natural thought is to just remove its head-' His eyes widened as he turned his attention towards the water deluge Kabuto had created that was still present, pounding on Fū's body: 'That's the ticket!'

"We need to free Fū." Utakata stated.

"Already ahead of you."

Before Utakata or Han could approach Fū, a spiraling vortex formed around the cascading water pounding onto her body. The vortex began to rotate rapidly as the water was sucked inside, freeing Fū. The Nanabi jinchūriki pulled herself off the ground, breathing heavily as she tried to steady herself.

"That hurt like a bitch…" Fū hissed. She turned her head to the side just as Kakashi jumped to her side, his Mangekyō Sharingan active in his eye. She nodded her head: "Thanks, Kakashi-san."

"No need to thank me. Consider if returning the favor from earlier." He replied back, smiling behind his mask.

'His presence here ruins so much… Kakashi can use Kamui to send things to the other dimension, but I can't travel there freely because of his stupid clone.' Obito grit his teeth as his eyes narrowed on his former teammate: 'He's a giant handicap for me and I need to get rid of it once and for all!' He made a hand sign as the statue's arms started to expand forward once again. He then turned his attention towards Konan: "Konan, your assistance, please."

Konan nodded her head in response as she flew into the air, making a gesture with her hands, causing paper to scatter from her body.

"Paper Drizzle!"

She flapped her wings, sending paper needles flying down towards Kakashi and Fū as Obito sent another barrage of wooden palms downward. Both Kakashi and Fū jumped out of the way, and Kakashi continued to dodge as more wooden palms flew towards his position.

Within seconds, Kakashi was surrounded as wooden palms surrounded his body. As the palms grew closer, Kakashi noticed that their were explosive tags planted on the center of the palms. His eyes widened.

'That woman…' The image of Konan entered his brain: 'She must have-' He shook his head, pushing the thought of his head, as he ran through hand signs: "Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu!"

Kakashi's body sank into the ground just in time as the wooden palms collided with one another. Upon impact with another, the explosive tags detonated, creating a massive explosion. The resulting explosion created a massive crater and scattered debris everywhere. Kakashi was forced out of the underground, flying into the sky with heavy burns on his body.

"Heh." Obito smirked as he clapped his hands together: "I'll look forward to seeing you again in the ideal world, Kakashi! Farewell for now! All is Suffering!"


As the Kanzeon Lotus King released an elemental barrage from its heads, Naruto released a large bijūdama that flew directly towards the statue's head. The bijūdama intercepted the elemental blast before it could connect with Kakashi's body, creating a massive explosion that caused gusts of winds and rock debris to scatter as raindrops, flames, and lightning fell down to the ground.

Obito's eyes twitched: "Why is that one of you most always step up in defense of each other? You jinchūriki are cockroaches; you won't stay down!"

"Are we, now?" Naruto asked, grinning: "Well, I wouldn't call any of us 'cockroaches', but I'd call her a horned-beetle!"

Obito turned his attention towards Fū, who was now flying up into the sky towards the Kanzeon Lotus King's head. His eyes narrowed as he gestured with his hands, causing the hands of the statue to strike once more, trying to crush her.

To his disappointment, however, Fū proceeded to fly around, avoiding each wooden palm as she continued to fly up its body. A scowl developed on his lips as he made a hand sign, causing the wooden palms on the stature to morph, turning into wooden dragon.

"Stay down-"

"Fire Style: Flaming Cat Claw!"

Leaning down for a moment, Yugito leaped upwards, the claws on her hands encasing themselves in blue flames. She sliced upward into the air, sending blue flames upward into the heads of the wooden dragons that had formed around Fū's body, destroying the heads and causing them to fall apart.

Yugito's claws buried themselves into the statue's body. She then began to scale her way upward to Fū's height. The two female jinchūriki nodded their heads as they rose up together, Yugito clearing a path and destroying all the wooden palms and dragons that tried to intercept Fū.

After a few more seconds, Fū finally reached the top of the statue. Facing it directly, the mouths opened up mouth, channeling elemental chakra into each head. Fū, in response, channeled bijū chakra in her mouth.


Before the Kanzeon Lotus King could strike once more, Fū unleashed a large bijūdama into its head, causing it to explode before the whole statue ignited. She flew away and Yugito jumped off the charred statue just in time as the statue came crumbling to the ground, reduced to ash.

'They destroyed it!' Obito grit his teeth in response: 'These damn brats… Madara, you were wrong about its strength!'

Fū quickly flew down, joining the others. Yugito continued to freefall towards the ground, but before she could hit the ground, a pillar of papers materialized underneath her and rose upwards, slamming into her chest, causing her to choke out blood as she was sent flying back into the sky.

"Yugito!" Fū called out as she immediately flew back up.

The Nibi jinchūriki continued to float aimlessly upwards until she finally stopped. She now found herself surrounded by paper butterflies, all made with explosive tags. Yugito proceeded to breathe out a stream of blue flames, using the force to send her downwards just in time as the paper butterflies. As she began to fly downwards, Fū managed to catch onto her body.

The two jinchūriki then flew level with Konan, who was glaring at the two of them as her paper wings continued to flap.

"You know, I'm getting really sick of you." Fū grumbled

"The feeling is mutual." Konan replied as she held up her right hand. Paper broke apart from her arm, taking the shape of a chakram that began to spin rapidly. "The resistance you all are putting up is more irritating than admirable."

"Resisting. That's really all we are doing in your perspective, isn't it?" Yugito asked with a snarl. "All because you think your organization is divine? Cause you think your precious leader is a god?" She channeled more of Matatabi's chakra, causing her claws to sharpen further: "Allow us to set the record straight; his 'divinity' is a lie, and we're going to prove it by killing both you and your god!"

Konan's glare intensified as she sent her paper chakram flying towards both Yugito and Fū.

"Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher!"

"Sage Art: Negative Emotion Manipulation: Envy!"

Hiashi released a massive burst of chakra from his palms at the same as Tanuki sent a blast of dark energy from his hands. The two blasts collided with another, creating an explosion with enough force that the resulting shockwave tore down the walls of the factory room. The abandoned building began to shake heavily, but miraculously did not fall down on top of them.

Dust had scattered throughout the building. Hiashi jumped backwards, his eyes focusing on Tanuki, who began to slowly creep his way towards him.

'That 'Envy' jutsu again… is that producing copies of my techniques?' Hiashi wondered: 'He's replicating almost all of my techniques without fail. I need to figure out what limitation there is to it, otherwise nothing I do will be able to overpower him.'

"You seem to be in thought, Hiashi." Tanuki spoke-up, causing Hiashi's eyes to narrow in response. The former ROOT scientist made a hand sign as he began to channel more negative emotional energy: "If you're trying to analyze my jutsu, I hope you've figured out how to counter fast, otherwise, this is going to be the end of you!" He took in a deep breath before the negative emotional energy began to form rapidly in his hands, causing them to glow a black coloration: "Sage Art: Negative Emotion Manipulation: Wrath!"

'That amount of energy…' Hiashi bit his lip as he quickly spun around: "Rotation!"

Tanuki unleashed a seemingly endless barrage of chakra bullets from his hands that flew towards Hiashi's position just as Hiashi expelled large amounts of chakra around his body, forming a spinning barrier. The bullets collided with Hiashi's barrier, blocking the initial wave and causing them to dissipate. Tanuki's jutsu, however, was not faltered and continued to fire without mercy.

As seconds continued to pass, Hiashi began to bite down on his lip hard: 'How has he not faltered? Why does his chakra amount still appear to be the same?'

As the chakra bullets continued to rain down on Hiashi, the bullets finally managed to pierce the barrier, causing it to fall apart and for Hiashi to break his stance, ending the rotation.

"What-" Hiashi's words died on his lips as the bullets began to rain into his skin: "ARGH!"

The bullets began to hit his body indiscriminately, piercing his arms, legs, shoulders, and side. Hiashi used his arms to cover his vitals, but the man was still assaulted by the never-ending onslaught of Tanuki's chakra bullets, causing holes to appear all over his body and for blood to start pouring from his open wounds.

"Is that all?" Tanuki asked, grinning: "I suppose that's it for-"

"Alright, just a little more!"

"We're managing this. Soon, this thing will be destroyed!"


Tanuki's eyes widened as his attention was pulled away from Hyūga Hiashi. He focused his mind on his connection with Nue, turning his attention back to his creations' battle with Anko and Jiraiya.

Without his guidance, Nue's movements grew sloppier and less controlled. Where as the first attack that allowed them to seal a piece of Nue away was a careless mistake on Tanuki's part, without his aide, Jiraiya and Anko were able to repeatedly blow apart Nue's body and seal more-and-more of it s body.

His prized creation was now standing on only one leg, with no legs and no tail, and resembled more of a deformed worm than the magnificent chimera it once was.

'No…NO!' Tanuki's eyes widened even further as he clapped his hands together, ending his jutsu against Hiashi. Instead, he began to focus all of his negative emotional manipulation into Nue's body: "JIRAIYA! ANKO! I WON'T ALLOW YOU TO DESTROY NUE!"

"Oh, is that you Tanuki? Did you get distracted or something?"Anko asked with a snort as she pointed the Shibuki blast-sword at Nue's remaining body: "Well, it's too late to stop us at this point."

"Your 'Nue' is going to die." Jiraiya said sharply as he unsealed another scroll: "And once it's gone, you'll be next!"

"No! That's where you two are wrong!" Tanuki growled as he ran through six hand signs: "I'll use all of my energy if I need to manage this! YOU WILL NOT DESTROY THE FRUIT OF MY RESEARCH!" Tanuki's eyes began to turn completely black as negative emotional energy began to radiate off his body at a magnified rate: "SAY GOODBYE! SAGE ART: NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL-"

"Earth Style: Stalagmite! Eight Trigrams, Sixty-Four Palms!"

Tanuki's focus was forcibly pulled away from Nue as the ground directly behind him opened up, forming a sharp earthen spike just as Hiashi approached him and slammed two palms into his chest. Tanuki choked out blood as the stalagmite behind him applied pressure into his back.

"Two palms! Four palms! Eight palms! Sixteen palms!"

With each following strike, Hiashi struck at more-and-more tenketsu as he simultaneously dug Tanuki's back into the spikes of the stalagmite. Tanuki's body continued to get ravaged as his chakra network became sealed tenketsu-by-tenketsu.

"Get off Hyūga-"


Tanuki's eyes widened as the scream of his creation bellowed throughout his ear. The momentarily lapse allowed Hiashi to continue further than previously.

"Thirty-two palms!"

'I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASTE WITH YOU HIASHI!' Tanuki's mind roared as he began to channel as much negative emotional energy as he possibly could.

"Eight Trigrams Sixty-four Palms-"


Before Hiashi could finish his jutsu, Tanuki let out a loud scream as a blast-wave of dark-purple chakra rushed out of his body. The blast-wave exploded, sending Hiashi flying backwards, crashing through the wall and burning into his skin. Tanuki's blast continued to send another chakra pulse throughout the area, causing the abandoned building to cave in and collapse.

As the dust settled from the building collapse, Tanuki emerged. While seemingly unharmed from the collapse, Hiashi's jutsu appeared to have exhausted him; he was breathing heavily, a trail of blood coming down from his lips and with more injuries in his back. He appeared to be struggling to standing-up. Nevertheless, he managed to take a few steps forward.

In the distance, he could see Hiashi's unconscious body, lying directly in front of a nearby store that he had crashed into after Tanuki's last jutsu. The ROOT agent snarled as he took another step forward.

'Need to kill him… need to kill him… kill him… kill him…' He grit his teeth as he tried to channel as much negative emotional energy as he could: 'I… barely have access… to my chakra… but I still have some energy I absorbed… it should be enough… to kill him-'


Tanuki's eyes widened once again at the sound of the loud screaming. He closed his eyes as he changed his perception to Nue's.

His body proceeded to shake as he brought his right hand to his mouth: 'No…'

Nue's body was now reduced to only its head. The chimera was screaming loudly as Tanuki watched Jiraiya and Anko approach the head, the Hokage holding one final sealing scroll in his hands.

"There we go. It's finally over." Jiraiya said sharply as he placed the scroll down next to Nue's head: "Shigaraki Tanuki, your creation is done. And soon, you'll be next!"

"No, Jiraiya-"

Tanuki's words died on his lips as Jiraiya finished the sealing, sealing away Nue entirely and severing Tanuki's connection to the Hokage.

'No… No!'

The ROOT agent fell down to his knees in response, succumbing to his own exhaustion for a moment. His body began to shake more-and-more as the world around him began to disappear.

'It's over… Nue's gone… it failed. I failed.' He bit his lip as he shook his head: 'I failed… I failed you Danzō-sama… dammit…'

'… This battle's over… there's no point…'

Without looking up around him, Tanuki's body sank into the earth, using the Hiding Mole Jutsu, as he made his way out of Kumogakure, leaving Hiashi's unconscious body alone as a result.

"Paper Chakram!"

Konan's paper chakram flew directly at Fū and Yugito. Fū flew downward slightly, causing the two jinchūriki to narrowly avoid the weapon, but then Konan lowered her hand, causing the chakram to change direction and start flying downward. She then made a hand sign, causing the paper chakram to split into three separate blades, all aimed directly at the two female jinchūriki.

'Shit-' Fū cursed as she dodged the first paper chakram, but the second and third dug themselves into the back her chakra armor, piercing it cleanly and drawing an extensive amount of blood. Upon entering her skin, they began to spin more rapidly, digging themselves deeper into her body and causing her to choke blood: "ARGH-"

The pain became too much and Fū ended up dropping Yugito's body, causing her to start to freefall.

'Easy target.' Konan smirked as she gestured with her left hand.

The first paper chakram rerouted, aiming directly for Yugito's falling body. The Nibi jinchūriki adjusted her body midfall, facing the oncoming paper chakram and extending her claws. Her claws collided with the paper blade, causing the two to clash in a stalemate.

"Hmm…" Konan's smirk turned back into a frown: "My paper chakram was sharp enough to cut off a scale of Samehada. To be able to clash back against… the Nibi must really grant you a lot more strength than I had initially thought."

"Well, naturally. She and I are partners." Yugito hissed as she applied more pressure, pushing back against the chakram.

"She?" Konan repeated the word, her frown deepening: "The bijū are chakra constructs, and you would refer to one with a gendered pronoun? As if it was a living creature?"

"They are!" Yugito grit her teeth, her claws becoming encased in fire once again: "You Akatsuki agents may see them as tools, but the bijū are living creatures as well! And just as we are done with your shit, so are they!"

Konan shook her head, but said nothing in response. She changed her hand sign, causing the first paper chakram to change shape, forming multiple paper needles.

Yugito attempted to slash at all of them, but the needles were too close and too abundant to strike them all; paper needles pierced her skin and sent her flying into the ground. Yugito continued to grind her teeth, ignoring her pain, as she began to channel chakra throughout her body. The paper needles, in response, became completely encased before Yugito's reduced them to ashes.

'What?' Both the Animal Path's and Deva Path's eyes widened: 'Konan's jutsus are not composed of normal paper; fire should have no effect. The Nibi jinchūriki's jutsus were not this effective earlier… how is she…'

Yugito continued to fall down to the ground, landing next to the remaining jinchūriki and Kakashi. She then turned her attention to Han as she nodded her head.

"Send me back up there." She requested. "Like how you sent Fū flying a little bit ago.

Han nodded his head. He briefly laid Utakata's body down for a moment before grabbing onto Yugito. Holding her body tightly, he extended his body as steam surrounded his arms. He then threw upward, launching Yugito back into the sky, directly at Yugito.

Both Paths of Pains' eyes narrowed in response as the Deva Path held out its right hand while the Animal Path crouched downward.

"Shinra Tensei!"

"Summoning Jutsu!"

A gravitational force rushed struck at Yugito's body, sending her flying back into the ground. At the same time, a poof of smoke filled the battlefield as the giant drill-beaked bird re-emerged. It squawked loudly as it flew directly at Yugito's body, attempting to pierce.

Before it could connect, however, Killer Bee jumped in the way, striking at the bird with one of his swords. Upon collision, ink began to travel from the sword onto the bird's drill beak before it spread throughout the whole bird's body. Within seconds, the bird was completely covered in the ink and forced into the ground as the ink held its body in place.

"Try with all your might, but you'll never take flight." Bee said sharply before turning his head back to the other jinchūriki, eyes focusing on Han: "I'm going to take on the summoner, so you all help launch her. Send her back into the sky so the blue-haired bitch can die!"

"Of course." Han nodded his head before he jumped into the sky. He then extended his leg, kicking upward towards Yugito's position: "Eruption Kick!"

His kick connected with the air, sending a massive amount of steam force upward, like a burning air current. The resulting steam connected with Yugito's body.

'Most people would not be able to handle the temperature of my steam, but Rōshi's Lava Release makes him capable. With the blue flames from the Nibi, Yugito-san should be able to-' Han's thoughts died as he watched the steam launch Yugito further into the sky, no sign of burning on her body in the slightest. A grin developed on his face: 'Just as thought. Take her down, Yugito-san!'

"I'm going up there as well." Naruto said sharply, his eyes focusing on Fū, who was still suck midair with two paper chakrams buried into her back: "I need to help Fū." He then brought his hands together: "Wind Style: Drift!"

Naruto surrounded his body with his wind affinity chakra as he quickly ascended into the air, flying directly towards Fū.

With nothing blocking her way this time, Yugito continued to soar through the sky towards Konan, her fire-encased claws growing longer. Han's Eruption Kick had launched her into the sky with such force and speed that Konan was unable to block; Yugito's body crashed into her, her claws digging into her shoulder. Konan screamed in pain as blood started to pour from her wound as the surrounding skin began to burn. Her body began to unconsciously descend.

"Not… bad…" Konan hissed in response as she began to flap her wings: "However, shame you missed my heart. That mistake will be the end! Paper Drizzle!"

As her wings flapped, paper needles flew from the wings into Yugito's body. The Nibi jinchūriki proceeded to get punctured over-and-over again, causing more blood to pour. In response, blue flames spread once again throughout her body, causing the paper needles, after making contact with her skin, to burn away.

Konan winced further as, due to the proximity of her and Yugito's body, the blue flames burned into her skin. Nevertheless, she persisted with her paper drizzle, striking at Yugito over-and-over again.

"You may end up burning away at my attack, but my Paper Drizzle is still sturdy enough to connect with your skin." Konan noted. Her eyes narrowed as her wings continued to flap, releasing more-and-more needles: "It's a matter of seeing who can last longer, then. And while your fire definitely burns, I've experienced worst pain."

"I bet you have." Yugito acknowledged, closing her eyes from the pain of Konan's repeated attacks: "That's why… I have an ace up my sleeve… an ace that all jinchūriki like me are capable of!"

Before Konan could reply, Yugito opened up her mouth as she began to channel an extensive amount of positive-and-negative chakra, a bijūdama slowly taking shape. Konan's eyes widened.

'Shit!' Konan tried to pull away from Yugito, but found herself unable to get away. Yugito's claw, which was still embedded into her shoulder, was not budging: 'She never intended to risk aiming for my heart; she was just trying to hit any part of my skin that she could easily get a hold of! Dammit!'

"Get off!" Konan growled out.

Channeling chakra into her arms, Konan caused them to change shape, forming paper spears. She attempted to stab at Yugito's head with both spears, but adamantine sealing chains appeared from down below, grabbing onto the paper weapons and holding them back.

"What?" She snarled.

Briefly looking downward, she noticed Naruto flying through the air. The Uzumaki was holding onto Fū's body over his back, having freed her from Konan's last attack, and had now creating his adamantine sealing chains to hold her back.

"And it's over." Naruto stated sharply.

"Konan!" Pain shouted as he held out his right hand: "Shinra-"

"Sealing Jutsu: Octopus Hold!"

Before Pain could finish channeling his jutsu, Killer Bee jumped over towards the Deva Path and sent ink flying from his tails directed at Pain. The Deva Path turned his attention away, jumping away, and in the process, channeled his jutsu at Bee instead.

Killer Bee was sent flying backwards as a gravitational force crashed into his body, forcing him to choke up blood. As he was sent back, however, a grin developed on his face.

'I made him waste another use of that jutsu. That should be enough time for Miss Two to finish the job.' He noted.

Konan, realizing what was about to come, took in a deep breath. Her eyes moved from the developing bijūdama in Yugito's mouth to Naruto, whose chains were still preventing her from freeing herself, before moving back to the Deva Path.

"I failed you… my apologies…" She shook her head before her eyes narrowed on the Deva Path, seemingly looking past the body: "Keep moving on, Nagato! Be the God you were meant to be and end this corrupt, unjust world!" A small smile developed on her face, for the first time in years: "Do it for me and Yahiko!"


Yugito finally unleashed the bijūdama as Konan finished her speech, the orb crashing into the blue haired woman's body. The resulting clash generated a massive shockwave that sent Yugito flying backwards as the Amegakure Missing Ninja's body was completely disintegrated.


The words were spoken softly, but the noise seemed to draw the attention of all those in the battlefield. Everyone turned their attention to the Deva Path Pain, who had a look of horror on its face that seemed alien to its normally stoic appearance.

'Well, her death seems to have affected him much more than Kisame's did.' Rōshi noted, his eyes narrowing.

'Now Konan is dead too…' Obito grit his teeth: 'This is getting bad. We need to be more careful now.' His eyes moved from the Deva Path to the Animal Path then to Kabuto: 'The Animal Path might be expendable, but if we lost Kabuto, or if Nagato lost the Deva Path, we'll have to retreat.'

'Pain-sama…' Kabuto's eyes softened slightly on the Deva Path, recognizing the look of despair on his face. It reminded him of his own reflection after he learned the news of Orochimaru's passing: '… What is your next move?'

"This… This is just like with Yahiko…" Pain finally spoke, the Deva Path's hands shaking: "Now… even you Konan… this pain…"

Immediately, the Deva Path's body grew stiff as his eyes narrowed. The Animal Path jumped towards the side of the Deva Path as the two bodies narrowed their eyes on Yugito, Naruto, and Fū, who were all descending down to the ground.

"Just as I killed those who killed Yahiko… I'll repeat it." He said, speaking through both Paths at the same time. A snarl developed on his face as the Deva Path clapped its hands together, generating a large, black orb: "Jinchūriki be damned; I'll kill all of you! Chibaku Tensei!"

Standing outside Kumogakure, near a destroyed watchtower, Yakumo and Nowaki had kept their distance from the invasion. They had attacked and killed any shinobi that had approached their position, leading to a line of Kumogakure corpses around their position, but they tried to remain separate from the conflict as they continued to wait.

Time moved slowly as the two silently watched the village get more-and-more destroyed. After a while, two familiar shinobi finally approached them. Both Nowaki and Yakumo began to relax on reflex as Amuda and Chino arrived at their meeting point.

"About time." Nowaki stated.

"For someone with Swift Release, you really are slow." Yakumo noted, her eyes focusing on Amuda.

Amuda glared in response, but said nothing. Chino, meanwhile, chuckled.

"Sorry, we took a scenic route. I kinda wanted to get an idea of all the damage that was going on in the village." She admitted, a grin developing on her face: "Even if the Akatsuki lose, I think it'll take years for Kumo to ever recover." Her grin widened: "Now, imagine this magnified to an even higher level."

"Do you think it'll happen?" Nowaki asked. "That Akatsuki will be able to usher in a new era, beginning with the downfall of the major shinobi villages?"

Chino nodded her head: "I don't think; I know."

"… That's good to hear." Yakumo noted, her eyes moving back, away from Kumo and towards another major shinobi village in the distance – Konohagakure: "I'd love nothing more than to watch them all burn."

"And who knows, maybe we'll get to participate in it." Chino added.

"We're getting ahead of ourselves." Amuda spoke-up. The other former En Oyashiro agents turned their attention towards him as he looked onward into the mountains: "For now, let's just simply move on and enjoy our first taste of freedom."

Nowaki nodded his head: "Away from Oyashiro."

"Towards a new beginning." Chino added.

With that thought in mind, the four hurried off.

The large, black orb the Deva Path Pain released into the sky obfuscated the sun once more as the battleground began to shake again.

Kakashi's Sharingan eye focused intently on the orb: "This jutsu…"

"This again?" Naruto scowled: "Whatever, we can just blast this one away like we did the first-"

"Summoning Jutsu!"

Before Naruto could begin channeling his bijūdama, the Animal Path slammed its hand into the ground, summoning a giant crab that charged its way forward towards Naruto. The Uzumaki jumped away, narrowly avoiding one of its pincers, before he stepped foot on a chunk of ground that began to rise upwards.

"Dammit!" He hissed.

"Naruto-" Rōshi's words were interrupted as the ground underneath him rose as well. The Yonbi jinchūriki tried to jump back to earth, only for the patch of dirt he landed on to rise upwards as well: "Argh!"

"I'm not going to allow you all a chance to use your bijūdama like last time!" Pain said sharply, his Deva Path's eyes narrowed intently on the rising battlefield while the Animal Path continued to slam its hand on the ground, creating more-and-more smoke.

Within seconds, the battlefield was filled with multiple bats that flew throughout the sky, seemingly unaffected by Pain's Chibaku Tensei. The bats screeched loudly as they rushed the jinchūriki, trying to bite them.

One bat dived at Yugito just as she began channeling her bijūdama. The Kumo kunoichi was forced to jump to the side, only to get struck at by another. The bat collided with her shoulder, biting down hard and causing her to hiss as she canceled her jutsu. The ground underneath her then opened up as she, too, rose up into the air.

"Shit!" She hissed.

'He's also been paying. Just like how his gravity jutsu seems to have a cooldown, he seems to have noticed that the bijūdama requires a ratio of chakra and that it can't just be used in an instant.' Bee bit his lip in response: 'So, he's going to keep us all overwhelmed so we can't 'charge' it.'

"This type of aggression is appreciated and is necessary, but you Fudo remember we need the jinchūriki alive, correct?" Obito asked Pain.

Neither Pain responded to his words; the Deva Path remained focused on the Chibaku Tensei while the Animal Path continued to summon more-and-more bats that flew towards the other jinchūriki.

The combined force of Pain's attacks finally overwhelmed the jinchūriki, pulling all of them and Kakashi off the ground as more-and-more debris scattered into their bodies, pulling them upwards while the Bat summons continued to fly through the air, striking each of them. Within a few moments, the jinchūriki had finally made contact with the central orb in the sky as more-and-more debris continued to pile on top of them, slamming into their bodies.

'He's… going… to bury us…' Fū's mind realized as her eyes started to close. 'Dammit… there's something… we have to do…'

'This force…' Kakashi hissed in pain as another slab of debris slammed onto his body: 'I don't know… how much my body will be able to take…'

'Yeah, with this amount of pain, we can't possibly prep up bijūdamas to break through…' Bee growled as more-and-more pressure was applied to his body from the debris. '… But that doesn't mean there's something we can't do.

With a loud groan, Bee released a burst of chakra that rushed throughout the Chibaku Tensei. The chakra surge, while having no effect on Nagato's jutsu, reached the other jinchūriki, transferring Bee's emotions and thoughts towards each of them.

"Rōshi, Han, Utakata; you three are the key to busting us!"

'We are? How-' Utakata's thoughts were interrupted as he noticed that, despite the continuous debris applying pressure to his body, the chakra cloak around his body was still melting away at some of the rubble around: 'Oh, that's it.'

Utakata's chakra cloak began to leak more-and-more acid passively. Han and Rōshi followed suit, releasing steam and lava respectively. Seconds passed by as the entire orb in the sky started to get hotter-and-hotter by the second as acid, steam, and lava all seeped towards the center of the Chibaku Tensei.

Eventually, the heat proved too much; Utakata's, Han's and Rōshi's jutsu destroyed the core of the Chibaku Tensei, causing the rubble around the jinchūriki and Kakashi to break apart, freeing them all.

'Did they just melt away my Chibaku Tensei?' The Deva Path's eyes narrowed intently in the sky as the Animal Path made a hand sign: 'It wouldn't be that easy. Very well, let's overwhelm them one last time.'

The bats summoned from the Animal Path all flew forward at the falling bodies of the jinchūriki and Kakashi, all baring their fangs as they approached. Naruto's eyes narrowed as he held out his hands. Adamantine sealing chains rushed from his hands and arms, puncturing the bats as they got closer to the group.

Upon making contact with the ground, Fū immediately fell to her knees. She tried to pull herself off the ground, but she was unable to do so.

"Dammit." She hissed.

"Are you alright, Fū-san?" Rōshi asked.

"Been better." She admitted. Her bijū chakra armor pulsated for a moment, disappearing completely before reappearing: "I… may be spent for this fight-"

"Giving up so soon?" Kabuto asked, interrupting as he made hand signs: "Crystal Style: Crystal Wall Eighth Formation!"

Large red crystals rose from the ground rapidly, forming all around the jinchūriki and Kakashi and encasing them inside before they could jump away.

"If those three jinchūriki were able to melt away the Chibaku Tensei, I doubt your 'crystal' techniques will hold them for long." Obito snorted as he clapped his hands together: "Wood Style: Underground Roots Jutsu!"

Large wooden roots from the ground and quickly surrounded the crystal formations, adding on more-and-more pressure on the inside. Just as Obito had predicted, the acid, steam, and lava emitting passively from their chakra cloaks overwhelmed the crystals surrounding, causing all of them to crack. The roots immediately then closed in on their bodies, constricting them.

"D-Dammit-" Naruto's eyes widened as he noticed Fū's bijū armor start to dissipate. Unlike earlier, however, it did not reappear as her eyes closed. "Fū!"

At the same time, Utakata's chakra cloak faded away. The Rokubi jinchūriki's eyes, joining Fū in unconsciousness.

"Utakata-san!" Yugito shouted.

'These things are tight… god, that giant statue and now these stupid roots, I really get why the Shodai Hokage was some bigshot badass.' Bee acknowledged, struggling to breathe properly. His chakra cloak began to drip ink onto the roots holding him down: '… Now let's see what's the best approach for this.'

"Closer. We're getting closer." Obito said sharply as his eyes turned back to the Deva Path: "Why don't you bring this battle to an end?"

"… Of course. Tighten the grip with your roots." Pain said sharply as the Deva Path held out its right hand towards them: "Let's be done with this, once and for all. Shinra Tensei!"

As Obito sent out another pulse of chakra, causing the roots to tighten their grips on the jinchūriki and Kakashi, Pain released a gravitational force directly at them. The force attempted to send them all flying, but Obito's roots managed to hold the majority of the jinchūriki and Kakashi in place, causing them to experience Pain's Shinra Tensei force completely.

"ARGH!" Han growled out.

Unlike the others, however, Bee's roots managed to crack and broke apart, sending the Hachibi jinchūriki flying backwards instead.

'What?' Obito's eyes widened.

As Killer Bee began to fly backwards, he began to generate chakra in his mouth at a ratio. After a few seconds, he managed to catch his footing and, using his octopus tails as a catapult, launched himself directly at the nearest opponent: Pain's Animal Path.


After generating a large bijūdama in his mouth, Killer Bee consumed the bijūdama before releasing it in the form of a large beam. The Animal Path was unable to get away in time and Bee's jutsu managed to connect with its body, vaporizing it instantly.

"One more, gone in a flash." Bee stated with a grin as his eyes moved towards the Deva Path: "Now, let's take out some more trash."

As Obito turned his attention away from the other shinobi, the roots holding them down began to weaken. With a burst of chakra, Naruto, Yugito, Rōshi, Han, and Kakashi were able to free themselves. They then freed Utakata and Fū and laid them down on the ground for a moment as Naruto quickly summoned a toad to take them back to Mount Myōboku.

'At the rate this is going, this is going to be end in failure.' Obito realized. A scowl developed on his face as his eyes focused on the final remaining Pain: 'I can't wait for him to lose the Deva Path.' His Sharingan pulsated as a spiral began to form around the Deva Path: "Kamui!"

Pain's eyes narrowed: "You-"

Within seconds, the Deva Path was absorbed by the vortex, transported into the Kamui dimension.

"What are you doing?" Kabuto's eyes narrowed.

"This mission is a failure." Obito stated bluntly as his Mangekyō Sharingan activated once more and a spiral formed around himself: "Retreat for now, if you can."

"Where the hell do you think you're going, coward?" Naruto shouted as he held out his right hand.

Naruto created an adamantine sealing chain that flew through the air towards Obito, but before it could reach him, Obito was absorbed by the spiraling vortex into the Kamui dimension. A scowl developed on his face as he turned towards Kakashi.

"We need to go and chase after them!" Naruto stated. "We can't let them get away! Not when we're so close to destroying Akatsuki!"

"Understood." Kakashi nodded his head as his Mangekyō Sharingan activated: "However, using Kamui for an extended period provides an extensive drain on me. I can probably send myself and maybe two more people with me into Kamui dimension at most, otherwise I might exhaust myself in the fight."

'And it is essential that Kakashi is able to fight. It's the only counter to Uchiha Obito's Kamui...' Rōshi bit down on his lip: "Alright, then who wishes to go with him."

"Me." Naruto stated, taking a step forward to Kakashi's side: "I need to make sure they stay down."

"Allow me as well." Yugito stated, joining their side: "This mission was my mission. Just like Naruto, I need to make sure the leadership of Akatsuki stays down."

"Very well." Kakashi nodded his head as his Sharingan began to change shape: "Then Naruto, Yugito-san; let's do this. Kamui!"

A spiraling vortex surrounded the three shinobi. Within a second, Kakashi, Naruto, and Yugito vanished, entering the Kamui dimension, leaving Rōshi, Han, and Killer Bee behind.

"That... I think that was the right call. They have the numbers in that fight." Rōshi noted. His eyes then narrowed on Kabuto: "However, we can finish off the last one in their absence."

'Damn you, Obito.' Kabuto hissed as he ran through hand-signs: "Sorry, but this isn't odds I'm sticking around with. Swift Style: Acceleration!"

In an instant, Kabuto vanished in a blur as he hurried off at blinding speeds.

"Swift Release?" Killer Bee scowled. "I guess that asshole used it earlier. Must think he's some type of journeyer."

"Catching up to him is going to be impossible-" Rōshi's words died on his lips as Han began channeling an extensive amount of steam: "Han?"

"I'll catch him." Han stated sharply as he got into position to run: "Boil Style: Steam Engine Boost!"

Within seconds, Han launched himself forward, moving faster than any of the remaining jinchūriki could process.

"Wh-What speed…" Killer Bee mumbled, shaking his head: "Number five can move alright; probably fast enough to catch that guy for a fight!"

Rōshi remained still as he looked forward in the direction Han rushed off in. He shook his head for a moment before turning his attention towards the unconscious figures of Utakata and Fū: "We need to get these two somewhere they can rest. Then we need to rejoin the battleAutHHhowever we can."

Bee nodded his head as he picked up Fū's body. Rōshi carried Utakata's and the two hurried off, looking for an infirmary they can drop them off with. As the two left the remains of the Chūnin Exam Stadium, Rōshi turned his head once more to face the direction Han ran towards.

'I've never seen Han move that fast. I'm... I'm sure of it. He's able to catch up to him.' Rōshi noted, taking in a deep breath: 'Good luck, Han. Kick his ass!'

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