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"Okay, class, I'm going to pass out a scroll to you all about the Second Shinobi World War. We'll all read them in class and discuss it. Pay attention, everybody. You will be tested on it!" Iruka informed the academy students as he pulled out a pile of scrolls.

Nearly everyone in the classroom groaned at their sensei's words. They were not looking forward to any more 'boring' history lessons and were certainly not looking forward to any tests in the future.

Surprisingly, Naruto was one of the few people who didn't groan. Instead, he had a mischievous smirk planted on his face.

The scrolls were passed around the class. When Iruka noticed that all of the students had a scroll, he called their attention to him by coughing.

"Okay, now, let's open it up and start the lesson." He spoke, about to begin his lecture as he opened up his scroll.

Nearly everyone in the classroom began to open up their scrolls in unison with their teacher. When the scrolls were open, however, they were all met with surprise. A ball of blue paint shot out of each scroll, splashing the person who opened the scroll. In a couple of seconds, nearly the whole class was covered in paint.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Kiba yelled as he tried to rub paint out of his eyes.

"Who did this?" A student in the front of the classroom complained quietly, more focused in getting paint out of his shirt.

"MY HAIR!" Ino shrieked, trying to get the disgusting blue paint out of her hair.

Other various yells were heard from all the students. Iruka was barely containing his own yelling. His eyes needed to confirm something, in order to have a target for his yelling. The teacher looked around the room and saw that three students weren't soaked in paint. Hinata, Shikamaru, and Naruto were not covered in the paint. Iruka could feel his rage growing. His suspicions were all but confirmed and he now had an outlet for his rage.


All eyes in the room turned to the blonde-haired boy. All the wet, paint-covered students were sending the boy glares, blaming him for the incident.

"I don't know what you are talking about sensei! That wasn't me!" Naruto informed him. Then, the boy broke down into laughter. "Although, props to the guy who did. That was hilarious!"

"Oh, give me a break dobe!" Ino shouted in response, beating her own sensei to the opportunity to yell at the troublemaker. She spoke with an infuriated tone as she tried to get paint out of her hair. "A stupid prank like this is like your M.O. And the only people who don't get wet just so happen to be you and your friends? This is totally your fault you stupid baka!"

"It wasn't me! I bet if I opened my scroll I'd get wet too. I just didn't cause I didn't want to learn about some stupid war of the past." Naruto replied, his face starting to show some irritation.

"And what of your friends?" Ino asked back, still angry and blaming the boy.

"I just didn't open it. Don't care about the war. I probably know everything about it anyway." Shikamaru told the class with a yawn as he laid his head on his desk, trying to fall asleep.

"Um...I-I was j-just being slow t-today. By the t-time I w-was about to o-open it, I s-saw the p-paint hit everyone else. I-I didn't w-want to r-risk opening my scroll." Hinata replied quietly as she messed with her fingers. She didn't like the fact that too many people were staring at her.

"Naruto, can you prove that you didn't do it?" Iruka finally started to speak again. "You always pull pranks like this. It has to be you!"

"Can you prove I did it?" Naruto asked confidently, his smirk developing again. "I didn't do it. It would have been much flashier if I did it! Besides, I bet my scroll is filled with paint too. If I opened, I'd have gotten wet too!"

"We'll see if it is or not. That'll be the proof that you did it!" His sensei replied before he rushed to Naruto's desk and snatched the scroll from it. He opened it, expecting to see a blank scroll and having the proof he needed that Naruto committed the prank.

Instead, he was met with another ball of paint that smacked him in the face.

"NARUTO!" Iruka roared at the top of his lungs.

"Well, there's your proof right there. I didn't do it!" Naruto replied smugly.

Class continued to go on, as Iruka eventually started his lecture on the war. Still, throughout the lecture, the people in class continued to glare at Naruto. There was no proof that he committed the prank, but they couldn't shake the feeling that it was all his fault...

Once classes ended, Naruto dragged his friends with him to Ichirakus for some ramen. He had a special reason for the visit to his favorite restaurant today. Today was for the celebration of a successful prank.

"Oh man, you should have seen the looks on their faces!" Naruto exclaimed to the two ramen stand workers, Teuchi and Ayame. "They were all so blue and angry! But they couldn't prove it was me so they couldn't punish me."

"Good work then!" Ayame informed her best customer with a small smirk. "I'm impressed you were able to pull of a prank like that though! It's a little more complex than the usual ones."

"Well, I actually had some help with this one." Naruto admitted with a bit of a grin as he elbowed the two students sitting on both sides of him.

Teuchi gasped in mock disappointment. "Shikamaru-San! Hinata-San! You both assisted Naruto in one of his pranks?"

"Um...well, I k-kind of d-did. I p-provided the s-scrolls and g-got o-one of my clansmen to s-seal the paint inside." Hinata replied quietly, poking her fingers together.

Shikamaru grumbled in response. "I was able to give Naruto some advice on how to get out of getting blamed for it. If that counts as helping with it, then sure."

"They helped a lot! But it was all my idea and I was the one who did the dangerous work of switching Iruka-Sensei's scrolls with the rigged ones!" Naruto bragged to the ramen workers.

"Well, the ramen is ready. Here you all go, you crazy troublemakers." Teuchi informed them with a laugh as he and Ayame passed out the ramen orders.

"Finally!" Naruto shouted excitedly as he took his bowl. "Itadakimasu!"

Hinata giggled, watching her friend devour the bowl of ramen in front of him. Shikamaru just shook his head mumbling something under his breath. They then turned their attention to their own bowls of ramen and started eating with their friend.

For the first time he could remember, time really was going by fast for Naruto. Days at the academy went by quickly, as he enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with Hinata and Shikamaru. He was having more fun than he had at any other time he could remember. The three of them formed a group that seemed completely inseparable to others.

Eventually, another student joined this tight group. During the week Shikamaru and Hinata defended Naruto's dream in class, Akimichi Chouji was away with his clan on a trip to Taki. When he finally returned to Konoha, Shikamaru quickly integrated his old friend into the group. Hinata and Naruto grew close to the 'chubby' Akimichi heir due to his kind nature. Naruto also felt a connection from Chouji's appetite and love for ramen. The boy fit well within the group.

Naruto's relationship with the three kids was not something unnoticed by the academy teachers. Most of them were growing concerned that the 'demon brat' was getting too close to the heirs of the well-known clans of Konoha. Iruka, however, saw the relationships as something different. He saw it as healthy for each of them and beneficial.

The scar-faced chuunin noticed that all four students, with an emphasis on Hinata, Shikamaru, and Naruto, were improving in their grades and skills after their friendship began. Hinata, every once in awhile, would whisper something to her friends and somehow get them to pay attention. Naruto and Shikamaru were beginning to participate in class, which helped raise their grades and standings.

All four of them were also improving in their practical skills as well. The academy teacher noticed that their taijutsu, weapons skills, ninjutsu, and chakra control were improving rapidly, especially in Naruto. The improvements were enough to raise the blonde haired boy out of his position of 'dead last' and into the lower half of students. Iruka was very impressed to say the least. He didn't know how, but the group of the students were indeed improving due to one another.

What the academy teacher did not know, that could also help explain the increased skills, was the training sessions hosted by Shikamaru's parents. Yoshino was so pleased with the results of the first training session that she continued to invite Naruto, Hinata, and Chouji (when he returned) over for more training once a week. Naruto showed up every week, eager as always. Hinata and Chouji also showed up whenever they were given permission from their clans.

Each week, the students were taught under Shikaku and Yoshino, who proved to be extremely strict, sometimes cruel, but effective teachers. Shikaku had managed to teach the four students some proper taijutsu stances and styles and also managed to work on giving them some low-level offensive techniques he knew. The genius man regarded as Konoha's Jonin Commander had many things to teach the academy students.

Yoshino proved to me a major believer in 'proper chakra control' and went out of her way to strengthen the student's control. She taught them the tree walking excercise and was rather brutal with it, giving no breaks until the students were physically exhausted while occasionally throwing blunted kunai at the them, particularly Shikamaru, for 'slacking off'. Her methods were 'cruel and troublesome,' but she was able to simultaneously improve their chakra control and stamina.

All of the training and time was also working on a couple of 'inner' problems among the young students. Shikamaru, although still exceptionally lazy, would occasionally show moments of shear determination and focus. He was definitely not as lazy as he previously was. Hinata was slowly gaining more confidence in herself. Her stuttering, although still existent (especially when a certain blonde was a topic of discussion), was lessened. Chouji as well was growing more confident, despite not being able to show up as often as the others. And Naruto...

Looking back at all the time that had past, Naruto couldn't help but chuckle. He, along with his friends, had truly improved as a shinobi under the watch of the Nara clan. He had also found himself accepted for the first time by people his own age and was having a great time with them.

'Things really are going great dattebayo!' Naruto thought to himself, a large grin on his face.

"Okay, everybody, I'm just reminding you all that the graduation test is coming up in exactly one week! Because of that, we are going to be reviewing all of the material that will be covered on it!" Iruka informed everyone in the class.

A couple of groans were heard from the students, who were not looking forward to anymore 'reviewing'. Surprisingly, Naruto was once again not one of the complaining kids. Instead, he seemed thrilled.

"Finally! It's getting close to time until we are done with this place. We're all going to graduate! We're finally going to be ninja!" Naruto cheered loudly.

"Will you be quiet baka! Some of us are trying to pass here and need to listen to Iruka-Sensei!" Sakura hissed at him.

The blonde haired student frowned in response for a second before his cheerful grin was back. He turned his attention towards his friends.

"You guys just as excited as I am?" He asked them.

"Well, we'll finally be out of the academy and done with these troublesome lectures and excercies, so I'd have to say yeah." Shikamaru replied lazily with a yawn.

Chouji chuckled as he downed more chips from the bag in his hands. "I'm excited as well. Partly because I'm ready for the traditional feast the Akimichi clan holds for all members of the clan that graduate from the academy!"

"You would be excited about something like that!" Naruto noted as he started to laugh. He then turned his attention to the girl sitting next to him. "How about you Hinata? Excited to finally get out of here?"

"Ah! Um...yeah. I-I'm a l-little nervous, but I'm excited as well." She replied with a smile. "I-I'm hoping we can end up on the s-same team after graduation."

Naruto was about to respond but was interrupted by a cough from Iruka.

"Well, if everyone is so ready to get out of the academy," The chuunin stated as he glared over at Naruto and his friends, "then we can begin our review!"

Naruto grumbled in response but turned around and gave his teacher the attention he wanted.

Iruka spent the first hour going over information about Konoha, its history, and its famous ninja that had been discussed during the years in the academy. When he finally finished, he led the class outside to a field with lots of logs. The academy teacher began to review the academy basic jutsu (the Substitution, Transformation, and Clone Jutsus) and ordered the students to begin practicing the jutsu on their own.

Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru, and Chouji began working on their Transformation jutsu. All four students were able to transform into identical copies of various academy teachers, with Naruto having the most realistic transformation with his version of Iruka. After they realized they were down with the Transformation, they started working on the Substitution. All four students were able to replace themselves with any of the nearby logs.

"Two for two! Psh, this test next week will be a joke dattebayo!" Naruto cheered.

"It's not meant to be too hard Naruto." Shikamaru mumbled. "Anyway, on to the useless Clone Jutsu. And when that's done, we can just rest for a little bit."

All four students made the necessary handsigns for the jutsu. A poof of smoke filled the air around them. When the smoke cleared, perfect clones of Shikamaru, Hinata, and Chouji appeared. Naruto, however, only created one, seemingly dead blob that could be considered a clone.

"...what the hell! Why do I keep having problems with this?" Naruto complained. "After all of the training and stuff, I'm able to do Transformation and Substitution better. So why can I still not do the stupid Clone Jutsu?"

"Maybe you aren't using enough chakra?" Chouji asked, trying to help his friend.

"Probably the exact opposite problem." Shikamaru mumbled in response. "Hinata, why not you use the byakugan and try and identify Naruto's problem."

"Ah!" Hinata nodded in agreement as she performed the necessary handsigns and activated her clan's doujutsu. "Naruto-Kun, c-could you try the C-Clone Jutsu once more please?"

Naruto nodded his head and made the necessary handsign. Hinata gasped as she watched him perform the jutsu. A poof of smoke filled the air with the same, pathetic clone laying on the ground.

"T-That was far t-too much chakra!" Hinata informed him in shock. She had some expectations that Naruto might have been using too much chakra, but she never guessed he was using that much. "Y-You're going to need to use a w-whole lot less."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her a little but nodded. He made sure to use less chakra this time as he made the handsigns. Just like the time before, the clone that appeared was still dead-looking and on the floor.

"T-That was still too much..." The Hyuga heiress mumbled sadly.

"Oh come on! I was hardly using any that time!" Naruto shouted in frustration as he made the handsigns again. "Clone Jutsu!"

"K-Keep trying to use less..." Hinata requested when she saw another failed clone come out of the smoke.

Shikamaru, Chouji, and Hinata spent the remaining time of practice watching Naruto attempt the Clone Jutsu over and over again. Eventually he asked one of the academy teachers for help, and was only given either a 'use less chakra' or a 'keep trying and you will get it down eventually' comment in response. Nothing new and nothing helping him. Sighing heavily, Naruto went back to practicing until Iruka informed the class it was time to begin weapons training.

"It doesn't make sense. Most people have problems getting enough chakra. How is it that he can's use just a little bit?" Chouji mumbled in confusion.

"N-Naruto-Kun has more chakra than I-I've ever seen, even amongst the n-ninja in my clan." Hinata replied. The tone of her voice was mixed: she was happy for Naruto that he had so much chakra (as it would help him in the long run of shinobi career and make it easier to become Hokage) but also sad that it was causing him so many problems with learning the Clone Jutsu.

"It's a troublesome problem..." Shikamaru mumbled in complaint as usual. He seemed deep in thought. He didn't want to see his friend not pass the test for a reason as stupid as having too much chakra. 'That'd be the most idiotic reason to fail someone!' The young genius was trying to think of a way to help the blonde haired boy to get the Clone Jutsu down.

'...maybe Dad can help if I bring up the problem...' Shikamaru mused to himself.

The first thing Nara Shikaku did when he arrived at his compound was head to his private cellar, pull out a bottle of sake, and head out to the courtyard to drink in peace. Spending all day in the Nara Clan's Forest working with the deer was 'rather troublesome' and Shikaku enjoyed a drink or two after such a day.

The Jonin Commander of Konoha took a seat at a small table in his courtyard and immediately chugged on his bottle, prepared to zone out the whole world and enjoy an evening of sake.

"Hey, Dad!"

Shikaku turned his head and saw Shikamaru heading over to him. The Nara clan head grumbled to himself in frustration before putting down his bottle of sake and turning to his son. "Yes?"

"...troublesome request, I know, but it's going to bother me if I don't ask about it. We were practicing the Clone Jutsu today in class and Hinata and I noticed Naruto having problems with it. I was wondering what you think can be done to help him, since the academy is a pain in the ass that requires the stupid jutsu in order to graduate." Shikamaru informed him with a sigh.

"Well, what kind of problems are we talking about?" The Nara clan head asked. He had an idea on what he thought could be the problem, but he wanted to hear his son's suspicions.

"Chakra." His son responded. "It's as if he is incapable of using so little chakra for the technique. Hinata confirmed with the Byakugan that he uses way too much chakra, even when he is trying not to use too much."

Shikaku nodded his head in understanding before closing his eyes in thought.

'Just as I thought. The Kyuubi probably gives him too much chakra in his system. Heh, most people have issues with too little chakra. This kid's issue is the exact opposite. That's rather unfortunate.' He chuckled inwardly.

'Still, we have been working on chakra control. This kid is getting better at it, but it sounds as if he hasn't improved at all with the jutsu. He'll probably never be able to do a regular clone. Troublesome...very troublesome. Well, knowing that, how can we get the kid to pass?'

'...wait, he probably can't ever do regular clones. But what about a different type of clone?'

Almost immediately, an idea struck Konoha's Jonin Commander. He ran through the idea in his head and smirked at the expected results.

"Shikamaru, I'll have it covered by the next training session. In the mean time, don't worry about him and clones." Shikaku told his son.

"Eh okay. I wasn't too worried though, honestly. Even if Naruto couldn't make a clone, he'd still find some way to pass." Shikamaru shrugged in response. Despite his words, it was apparent that he was relieved for his friend.

Shikaku smirked in response. "Very true."

With his question and concerns answered, Shikamaru walked off, heading to his usual cloud-wathing spot. Shikaku remained in his seat, still thinking about Naruto and his issue with clones.

'If this were anyone else, I'd be worried to show them how to do shadow clones. But Naruto should be fine. He's got enough stamina and chakra to pull it off...troublesome kid.' Shikaku thought to himself in amusement as he picked up his bottle of sake and started to drink once again.

Two days later, the next training session began at the Nara compound. Shikaku and Yoshino stood in their usual spot in the Nara courtyard as they watched Naruto, Hinata, and Shikamaru walk up to them.

"Ah, Chouji couldn't come today?" Yoshino asked sadly.

"Yeah, he wasn't feeling too good in class today and went home. We stopped by the Akimichi compound on the way here to check on him and he said he was getting sick. His mom didn't want him coming today cause of it." Shikamaru informed her with a frustrated sigh. The lazy genius seemed bothered that his best friend was sick and couldn't train.

"That's not good at all! I'm going to stop by and see what's wrong with him after training!" Yoshino declared, still sad. She was rather fond of the Akimichi boy.

"Later though. We got training to do." Shikaku stated, getting everyone's attention. "Today, Yoshino will be working on improving your chakra control."

Yoshino's sadness went away in seconds and was replaced with a sadistic grin on her face. She instinctively reached for a blunted kunai and pointed it at the group of academy students, who sweat dropped immediately.

The Nara clan head chuckled before he continued to speak. "Anyway, yeah, she will work on chakra control today for about an hour. I'll tell you what we will do when you are done and recovered."

The three students nodded nervously in response. Yoshino giggled a little before starting to walk over to a couple of trees. All three students started following her.

"Wait, Naruto!" The blonde turned around to see that Shikaku was calling him. "You'll head over to join Yoshino and your friends in a little bit. For now, I have to show you something."

Naruto walked back, leaving his friends alone with the sadistic Nara woman. He remained with Konoha's Jonin Commander.

"Shikamaru told me you were having trouble with the Clone Jutsu." He told the boy simply.

The blonde haired kid scoffed in irritation. His irritation went away in seconds when he realized the implication of the conversation. "Wait, can you help me with it?"

"Heh, nope." Shikaku told him with a smirk.

"...what?" Naruto's eyes widened.

"You have too much chakra from what I understand. You're physically incapable of creating regular clones, so you probably will never get the jutsu down with any help." The Nara clan head informed him.

"...really?" The Jinchuuriki asked Shikamaru's dad, a distressed tone in his voice. When the man nodded in response, the boy immediately started to scowl and raise his voice. "Then how the hell am I supposed to graduate? This stupid jutsu is required for the test! Damn it!"

"Relax kid. Relax." Shikaku ordered Naruto. Naruto continued to fume silently, a frustrated and upset look on his face. "Look, you can't do a regular clone. However, that doesn't mean you can't pass with a different kind of clone!"

Before Naruto had the chance to respond, Shikaku made the necessary handsign for the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Smoke filled the air and another Shikaku stood right next to the man.

"If you have too much chakra for simple clones, then we'll just use your chakra for a more powerful technique that needs more chakra. You still interested in learning Shadow Clones?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

Naruto's eyes widened once again. A large grin appeared on his face, almost breaking his face in half.

"No way! Are you serious? Hell yeah!" Naruto shouted loudly in excitement. "I get to learn this epic jutsu and pass the test! This is awesome!"

The Nara laughed in amusement at the boy's excitement. 'I swear, no kid should get me to laugh this much. Uzumaki Naruto...you are troublesome, but in a good way.'

"Cheer all you want, kid, but know that this won't be easy at all." He stated. "Now, I'm going to show you how to do the jutsu. You need to pay attention closely. You ready?"

Naruto calmed himself down and nodded at the man's words. Shikaku in turn made the handsign for the shadow clones.

"Great, now let's begin! Now first, this is the necessary handsign..."

"You need to take a break soon? Get yourself more energized?" Shikaku asked Naruto, noting his panting after another failed attempt.

"No! I'm getting close! I can feel it!" He replied in response, determination filled in it.

The Nara shrugged in response as he continue to watch the boy try. An hour had passed since the training began. Yoshino returned to her husband, Shikamaru and Hinata following behind tiredly. The two kids were watching their blonde friend attempt the jutsu again.

"How did your training go?" He asked his wife.

"They're getting better. They can get higher on the trees than last time and stay up longer. And they were only hit by a few kunai today." Yoshino told him cheerfully. "I'm thinking during the next session, though, I'll use real kunai. Maybe if they can get hit by a real one and get one wound or so, they'll have even more incentive to keep training and not get hit!"

Shikamaru groaned in frustration at his mother's idea while Hinata's body shook nervously.

"How's your session with Naruto-Kun? Is he still working on it?" The Nara woman asked.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto shouted as a poof of smoke filled the air.

"Yup." Shikaku replied as the smoke started to dissipate. "He's making progress so far. He hasn't gotten it down yet, but he's getting close..."

The Nara had more he was going to say, but he stopped himself when the smoke fully disappeared. In its place, another Naruto stood right next to the boy. He was currently staring at it, eyes wide.

"...did I do it? This is it?" He asked.

Shikaku shook his head in frustration. "You would wait until I said you hadn't gotten it down to actually do it." The man sighed, before his lips turned upward in one of his trademark smirks. "But, yep. You got it down kid. You can do shadow clones now."

Naruto immediately tackled the shadow clone he had created to the ground, rolling around with it in excitement.

"YES! I'm going to graduate! I got this down! I'm one step closer to becoming Hokage dattebayo!" He exclaimed in excitement.

Hinata giggled at her friend's excitement while Shikamaru had a smirk on his own face. The two ran over to the blonde and pulled him up from the ground away from his clone.

"Impressive! Very impressive!" Shikamaru told him, his smirk not getting any smaller.

"Indeed! T-That was amazing Naruto-Kun!" Hinata informed him, her smiling face tinted with a light pink blush.

Naruto's reaction to his friends' praise was to grab them both and pull them into a large hug. Shikamaru started trying to squirm out a little, having problems breathing properly. Hinata had trouble breathing as well, but for different reasons.

'Naruto-Kun is hugging me! He's hugging me! Don't faint, don't faint, don't faint, don't faint...' Hinata repeated the mantra in her head as her face turned scarlet.

Eventually the boy did let go, allowing Shikamaru to breath properly. Hinata still seemed to be in some dreamy daze, but was inwardly cheering herself for not fainting under her crush's embrace.

"Well, from what I understand, you all deserve a break for a little bit. I know Naruto probably does at least." Shikaku spoke, getting the attention of all the students again. "Take about twenty or thirty minute break and head back here. We'll work on improving your resistances to genjutsu when you are back."

"Okay!" Naruto, Hinata, and Shikamaru replied in unison. The three of them walked off together, heading towards a tree. They then laid down in its shade and started to watch the clouds together.

"...just what we needed: more cloud watchers! Our son is rubbing off on them it seems." Yoshino noted with a sigh.

"Perhaps. And they are rubbing off on him as well." Shikaku replied.

"True. Very true. I like that they are and wished they would rub off on him more! Maybe that would get rid of his laziness!" The Nara woman told her husband with a smirk of her own. "They really work well together, you know. They probably would work well together as a genin team. Maybe even better than you and your old teammates!"

The Nara clan head was about to give a sarcastic reply back but one glare from his wife told him it would be 'troublesome' to say otherwise. Instead, he remained quiet and watched his son lay down with his friends.

'You know, I can tell they are all really helping each other get better as shinobi.' The Nara noted. '...maybe they would be a really good team...I should maybe talk to Hokage-Sama about them...'

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