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Tsuna - 15
Reborn - 21
Fuuta, Lambo, I-Pin - 9, 5, 5
Yamamoto - 15
Hibari- 16
Mukuro - 15
Gokudera - 15
Chrome - 15

Pairings: Allfem!27. Yes, including R27, 1827, 6927, 5927, 8027, 10027, heck, there's even G27 in there...

Songs used this chapter: No Logic - Composer: OneRoom, Vocals: Luka Megurine; English interpretation: Exile Wrath. If you don't know it, look up "No Logic Luka" on Youtube ^_^ brilliant song. Look it up even if you don't know Vocaloid. And hey! I bothered to make the English lyrics singable with the actual song~

No Logic

"Tsunayuki," a cold voice called out, "Here's your script for today." The brunette girl looked up from the floor, only to see several pages of paper thrust in front of her. "You have ten minutes to get in character."

"Hai, Hitoride-sensei," she replied, taking the pages and starting to read through the script. Her voice lessons teacher grunted in approval and turned back to the recording station. Sawada Tsunayuki focused on the words than she had to remember today.

The 15 year old went to Namimori Middle School, and was commonly known as "Dame-Tsuna". In all honesty, she was clumsy and was on the useless side of academics. She knew it. But that didn't necessarily give others the right to call her no good.

At the moment though, she was far from no good. Voice acting and singing were the two things that she loved in life, other than her family. At the moment, she was in Hitoride-sensei's home, preparing for her weekly voice lessons. Her mom didn't know about it, her siblings didn't know about it, and there were only two people in the world other than her that knew of her attending vocal lessons, Hitoride Ryuukei and Cao Cai Sen, her teachers.

"Ten minutes," Cao-sensei declared. Tsuna stood up reluctantly, staring at her script one last time before straightening up and walking into the recording room with a strong stride. She stood in front of the microphone and put on her headphones. "Begin!"

"In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit," Tsuna said in a prayerful voice, "Dear God, I pray that you protect my miserable little insignificant existence today. Please allow me to walk out of here with my sanity intact, no new wounds, and my clothes still decent. Amen." With that, she cleared her throat, continuing on with her monologue from the script she had been given.

Today, she was voicing a psychologist that was friends with a Mafia Don and was visiting his mansion to meet her new clients. Tsuna personally liked the character of the psychologist, because she had a good dose of sarcasm and a lot of common sense. The story itself was funny and a bit eye-opening.

Near the end, her voice shifted a bit, sounding more mature, "Computer cords are good weapons. Ever been whacked with one? They make great garrotes, too. And by the way..." here Tsuna hesitated and screamed out, "I'm not suicidal enough to stay and fiiiiight!" There the script ended, and Tsuna looked up from the paper to see her instructors falling over with laughter.

Hitoride-sensei began clapping with a smile on her face. "Good job today! And the last line made me imagine her actually running from Kudera's grenades!" Cao-sensei wasn't clapping, but there was the tiniest hint of a smile on his usually stoic face. Tsuna smiled back and dashed out of the recording room and to the area where her teachers were.

"So what should I work on?" she inquired once Hitoride-sensei had quit laughing. Cai-san simply gave her a CD, which no doubt contained her recording just now.

"You definitely need improvement on talking in a masculine voice," Ryuukei-san commented. "I want you to go home today and listen to yourself. Tomorrow we'll be singing." Tsuna's eyes brightened. "I knew you'd have that reaction. Here's the lyrics, and at the end of the disc should be the instrumental for your new song."

Tsuna abruptly hugged the woman. "Thank you, sensei!" then she hugged the man, "You too, Cao-sensei!" with that, she grabbed the other sheaf of paper which held the lyrics and dashed out the front door, not forgetting to snag the CD as well.

After the bright body of energy closed the door, the duo high-fived. "I seriously cannot wait to debut her to the voice acting industry."

When Tsuna reached her home, she smiled sadly, stuffing the lyrics into her bag and opening the front door. "I'm home!"

Immediately, she was greeted with a flying tackle from her younger siblings Fuuta, Lambo, and I-Pin. "Tsuna-nee! Where were you?" they chorused. At the sound of the commotion, Sawada Nana poked her head out of the kitchen.

"Ah, there you are, Tsu-chan!" her mother exclaimed. "The kids have been extra good today because they wanted to see you! Dinner will be in a half hour!" Nana disappeared into the kitchen once again and Tsuna smiled, hugging her siblings.

"So what's so special about today that you guys were extra-good?" she asked. The younger kids let go and started tugging her sleeves.

"Reborn-jii is here!" Tsuna's heart dropped into stomach. So her home tutor had finally arrived back from Italy to continue his torture of her. Well, she wouldn't say torture, but her godfather was definitely out to scare the life out of her.

"Oh...haha, I'll greet him later, okay? I have homework to do. You guys should play until dinner, okay?" she laughed nervously. But when the kids let go of her, she felt the cold metal of a gun on the back of her head. "Hi, Reborn."

"Dame-Tsuna, is that how you greet your godfather?" the Italian snapped. Tsuna rolled her eyes and turned around, hugging her godfather's waist.

"How long will you be here this time?"

"Don't try to slip out of the subject."

"What subject? I'm just greeting you!"

"What's this?" here a familar piece of paper was shoved in her face and she paled. "A 27 out of 100 on your Algebra test? Pathetic."

Tsuna just glowered at her fedora-wearing godfather, "Well excuse me for not being a genius and child prodigy like some people." Reborn cuffed her head. "Itai!"

He sighed, shaking his head, "Looks like I'll have to stay here and tutor you again."

"Nooooo! I hate you!"

"You know you love me."


At school the next day, Tsuna slumped across her desk tiredly, completely exhausted from sprinting to school and her training yesterday. Reborn is a son of a glitch, she grumbled in her head. The bell rung and Tsuna dug around in her backpack, looking for her homework from last night and pulling it out. At the same time, she glimpsed the CD and papers from yesterday, and promptly panicked.

"Shikes, the lyrics and the song...I forgot!" she muttered to herself in shock. Looking around the classroom, she noticed that no one was paying attention to her like usual and the teacher wasn't there yet. Quickly, she whipped out her CD player and ran her earbuds through her shirt and around her neck, putting one in her left ear so no one would notice it, then inserted the disc and skipped to the track with the instrumental. One last glance around the room, and she took out her lyrics and placed it next to her math homework.

The instrumental started playing, and Tsuna smiled as she read the lyrics. She would go to the rooftop at lunch to practice - no one ever hung out there, and she highly doubted that anyone important like the Guardians would hear her.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) she completely jinxed herself.

Yamamoto Takeshi was considered one of Nami-chuu's male idols. He was a baseball player and an honorary member of the kendo club, and in general the dream husband of many, many of his fangirls. Not that he really paid them any attention.

He was considered the best athlete of the school. Someone that couldn't fail when it came to sports. Someone who was always able to smile.

His smile is fake. Was what Tsunayuki noticed the first time she noticed him. Yamamoto had been laughing after a particularly hard baseball game, and Tsuna had merely been passing by. No, she did not have a crush on him. She was merely rather...observant, thanks to Hitoride-sensei and Cao-sensei. It wouldn't matter if she had a crush on him, either way. He probably knew about Dame-Tsuna, but he definitely didn't know Sawada Tsunayuki.

That all changed the fateful day that he and the other Guardians decided to meet on the rooftop during lunch to escape the fangirls.

Yamamoto was admittedly tired of smiling; of living up to the expectations people put on him. Whenever he missed a ball, people would gasp and start to fuss. He was tired of it. He was only human, after all.

"Ne, Hayato, let's eat lunch on the roof today," he suggested in the hallway during morning break to the silver-haired Italian that was one of his real friends.

"Quiet, baseball-idiot! Don't call me by my first name!" Yamamoto laughed as usual, just patting Gokudera's back. "Oi!"

"C'mon, I bet Mukuro and Hibari are going to be there too!"

"Fine, fine!"

Even though he was considered the frightening Head of the Disciplinary Committee, he still had fangirls. Oh joy. Hibari hated fangirls. No, he didn't hate them...he loathed them to the point that if he had no sense of morals whatsoever, he would gladly send them to the hospital. But no, there were no school rules against fangirling, so he had to content himself with doling out death glares left and right.

The only thing that contented him was the fact that his few other acquaintances were forced to deal with the same problem. "Hibari-samaaaa!"

But they were still annoying. "Shut up, herbivore," he snarled. The girl quieted down and scampered off, no doubt to go and fangirl with her other herbivorous irritating friends. Seriously...he never got a peaceful lunch.

Rounding a corner during his morning patrol, he started thinking to himself and emitting his standard killer aura to scare off the herbivores. Even though he was the most powerful person in Namimori, he was tired of the pressure that was put on him. Whenever an occasional crime occured, he was the one expected to find the criminal.

Truthfully, Hibari envied the fact that "normal" herbivores didn't have to do all his duties.

They didn't have to deal with fangirls either.

Hibari sighed in his mind. He'd go to the roof for lunch today. No one but he and his acquaintances dared ever go up there.

"Kufufu...are you bothering my dear Chrome again?" Mukuro Rokudo inquired "politely", his mouth in an unholy grin. The girls that had been surrounding Chrome Dokuro backed off right away, squeaking in terror before fleeing. Many of them shot the violet-haired girl more nasty looks before following the others. With a sigh, Mukuro spread his arms and hugged his little sister comfortingly. "Are you okay? Did they do anything? Shall I teach them a lesso-"

"I'm fine, Nii-san," Chrome interjected before he could continue the questions and start talking about which torture methods to use. Mukuro shook his head resignedly.

"Fangirls," he muttered the word like a curse. Namimori High was good academically, but it was hell for anybody with as striking looks as he and "the Guardians", a name given to him and his acquaintances. He had no idea why they were dubbed that, and he had a strong feeling that he'd be perfectly fine not knowing. "Chrome, do you want to go home again?"

His little sister shook her head. "I'm fine, Nii-san. But...can we eat together on the roof today? The M.M. girl said something about finding me at lunch..." Mukuro's face darkened and he started imagining the gruesome ways he could make that accursed species called Homo fangirlus go extinct. But he didn't need to go to jail again and make his dear Chrome sad, so he filed away the thoughts and nodded.

Chrome Dokuro was Mukuro Rokudo's youger twin sister, but she was in a grade lower than him because her frail health had caused her to miss an entire school year. In the meantime, Mukuro had gotten acquainted with the other three "Guardians" and thus, he had fangirls after him. When Chrome came to school, she was seen as a nuisance to Mukuro, leading to people bullying her. You'd think that they'd try to get on her good side instead, but no, Namimori High fangirls were vindictive and downright cruel. At least Mukuro didn't have to worry about anyone betraying Chrome's friendship.

The moment the lunch bell rang, Tsuna bolted from the classroom, sprinting through the hallways before anyone, especially the Head Prefect, could see her. She reached the door to the roof as people started filing out of their classrooms, took one last look around, and then exited the building, slamming the door behind her and putting some books in front of the door to prevent anyone from walking in while she was practicing.

Tsuna loved her new song. It sang everything that she felt on her shoulders, and she truly felt that God would hear her cry. She took out a pair of white speakers that had been smuggled in her bag and plugged them into the outlet and her CD player, turning it to medium volume so she could hear it and no passerbys would. Going to the edge of the roof, she heard the music start playing as she took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and sang, completely and utterly unaware of her surroundings. All that mattered now was the music and her voice. She was singing in her masculine voice in order to practice like Hitoride-sensei told her.

Isn't it fine to just know enough?

Isn't it fine even when it's rough?

Why not take some risk now and then?

Don't lead a boring life until the end!

Hibari was the first to reach the roof when the bell rang. However, when he turned the knob and pushed, the door refused to budge open. Scowling, he raised a tonfa to strike, but right then Mukuro and his twin appeared. "Oya? Don't tell me that you're losing to a door?" Hibari then turned to whack the insolent pineapple, but then the laughing idiot and the bomb-herbivore showed up too, wondering what the commotion was.

"The door isn't opening. It's unlocked and I was about to knock it open until this pineapple had to show up," he snarled. Yamamoto just laughed and asked,

"Why do you think it's blocked?" the group froze and Chrome was the first to break the silence.

"Someone's singing," she commented quietly, "It's really nice."

With that, wanting to please his sister and get onto the roof as fast as possible to get away from any fangirls, Mukuro pulled out his collapsible trident and forced the door open.

They went up right as the second half of the first verse started.

Shouldn't you take a break when you're tired?

Should you take a rest once in a while?

The things that we are living for,

Do you really enjoy doing them all?

None of them recognized the singer. In fact, it was only the fact that the person was wearing a skirt that they figured that she was female. The speakers plugged next to the wall and situated next to the singer at the rails wear playing a straight instrumental, and Mukuro could tell it was an orginal song. But still, they were on their guard in case the person was a fangirl just trying to impress them.

But for some reason, the song struck their hearts.

Isn't this basically good enough?

Isn't it okay to a little to mess up?

"To do our duty," yeah, I heard you.

"We were born to do it," Is that really true?

Hibari stiffened slightly. He had always been told that it was his duty to do this, to do that...but were they really his only?

Yamamoto's usual smile dropped off. He was always told that he was the one that would change the outcome of the game. But those people were wrong. It was supposed to be a team effort, isn't that true?

Since there's no way for me to live perfectly .

Everyone wants me to live in a perfect way so,

I can be awkward, so being awkward I'll stay!

Gokudera felt his heart beat faster. He had never heard a song that somehow was able to say everything that he wanted to scream at people. Just because he dressed like a punk didn't mean he was a delinquent. Just because he was an illegitimate child in the eyes of the Mafia didn't mean he was worthless. Just because he was who he was didn't mean that he had to be what other people wanted him to be.

Chrome felt a single tear go down her cheek. She wanted to know the lyrics now, so she could sing it someday and maybe let her parents understand. With her frail body, she was always compared to her older brother and disdained by their parents. She didn't want to have to do everything they told her to. As long as she had her brother, life would be perfect for her.

Kami-sama, can you hear this song I'm singing to you?

Even if you can't it's not really you I'm singing for!

I want to live happily

Cry and laugh aloud as I please.

I only want to be able to live freely

Someday everyone will regret the things that they've done

And we can't change it no matter what we do.

I don't want to do some of the things I'm doing but now,

I will change those problems myself.

Mukuro stared at the singer with slight respect. The song described how he and everyone felt: forced, pressured, and wishing for freedom. He want- no, envied the singer. To be able to come up to the roof and sing aloud without care.

Tsuna didn't hear any of them, continuing her song. She loved it; loved how much the lyrics flowed with her and how the words from the song felt so freeing. The acoustic instrumental helped, too.

Isn't it okay to just know enough?

There's no reason to make your life rough!

I'm aware that you're being a fake.

Your smile is falser than a liar's make.

Yamamoto's smile slipped off as it was replaced with a look of astonishment. Why was it that this song so true? he was tired of smiling to please people. But now, a genuine smile popped on his face. This person was interesting, and she was obviously not a fangirl just trying to impress them. Her straight posture, closed eyes, and calm aura full of obliviousness said so.

Gokudera's standard scowl dropped away as he stared at the ground, his mind thinking frantically. It was clearly obvious that the girl was singing for herself rather than an audience, but it puzzled his theoretical mind. Why would someone just come up here and sing at lunch randomly? He glanced at he speakers and the CD player and then realized: they were singing for the sake of practicing, just for the sake of singing for themselves.

Taking things one at a time,

thinking about what you want to do with life,

Getting 100% all the time

if anyone can do that, are they really living "life"?

Tsuna paused for a moment, waiting for her cue from the music. When it came, she smiled brightly before singing. Truly, she saw that this song named "No Logic" was full of logic.

Since there's no way for me to live perfectly .

Everyone wants me to live in a perfect way so,

I'm imperfect, but this is just perfect for me!

Everyone froze, waiting for the chorus. Chrome stepped forward a little bit, thinking I want to sing too.

Kami-sama, can you hear this song I'm singing to you?

Regardless of what you want for me to live by,

Right now I want to laugh,

And soon I will want to cry,

In the end, the conclusion is always NO LOGIC

In this universal dream of ours,

No matter what, the world will someday surely end,

But when it's time for my life to end,

We will consider stopping, and that's fine!

At that moment, the other five students on the roof felt several emotions: envy, respect, and love.

Envy because they were unable to be free to sing like this and not "ruin" what they had.

Respect because the singer was able to do it without caring about their reputation.

And Love because the voice that was singing those words to the sky resounded with their own hearts.

Tsuna stepped away from the fence a bit, closing her eyes and turning around, still oblivious and caught up in the song. The group hesitated, but then she walked along the fence to her speakers and sang as she picked them up,

Choose to do all the things that you want

And don't do the things you don't need,

hey everyone, that's a pointless way of thinking, ne?

Tsuna smiled to herself as she opened her eyes and shut off the speakers. Hitoride-sensei and Cao-sensei were fantastic people to give her a song like this. "God, I hope you heard that song!" she giggled to herself quietly, picking up her items and stuffing them in her bookbag.

"If God didn't hear it, we definitely did," a male voice laughed from behind her.

The girl jerked around, eyes growing wide in terror as she saw the five most known people in Namimori High in the Middle of the roof and dangerously close to where she had been standing to sing. "HIIIE! Wha...Wha...how long were you people standing there?!" she shrieked in embarrassment, a healthy red blush crawling up her face.

The only girl in the group blinked a violet eye innocently before running to Tsuna and glomping her. Chrome Dokuro. Glomping. Dame-Tsuna. "Thank you for that song..." Chrome whispered in her shoulder. Tsuna paled. "It was lovely, but we didn't get to hear the first verse. What is the name of it?"

Tsuna detached herself rapidly from Chrome, backing up against the fence, bookbag in hand. "Uh...you guys heard the whole thing?" she squeaked, white as a sheet. The expressions on the Guardians' faces was enough for her to figure out that they did. "It's No Logic! B-But this makes no sense! Where did you guys come from?!" she cried.

"Kufufu, so No Logic is the name of the song?" the one with his hair spiked up in the back asked, walking towards Tsuna and grabbing her chin. "You know, you have a lovely voice. What is your name?" Tsuna's eyes grew wider and as Mukuro was suddenly jerked backwards by the three other boys, Tsuna's mind clicked that she should escape right now before she screwed herself over.

So she did the best thing she could thing she could of and, well, jumped off the roof and down four stories of Nami High, landing on the ground below with a roll. For once, she was grateful that Godfather Reborn had taught her how to survive falling from extreme heights.

"What the..." Gokudera gaped. "Holy shit," with that, everyone rushed to the fence, only to see one mysterious singer running away from the building.

The baseball player next to him turned to Hibari. "Hey, you memorized all the student records, right? Who was that?" he asked cheerfully.

The prefect looked at him coldly. "Sawada Tsunayuki, age 15, class 1-A. Commonly referred to as Dame-Tsuna by other herbivores due to bad grades. I was the first one here." To a normal person, the last line would seem utterly random and unnecessary. However, the others knew it as Hibari's way of saying, "I saw her first. She's mine."

Yamamoto laughed, "1-A? Oh, then she's in my class!" Correct interpretation: "I'm closer to her than you."

"Tch. In case you were too stupid to notice, Baseball-Idiot, she sits right next to me," the half-Italian scowled, glaring at the prefect while saying it. Hibari just smirked and and started walking off, having won the silent exchange they had just had. That was Gokudera's way of saying, "Fuck off, guys. She's mine."

Mukuro was the last to add in his two cents. "Kufufu, well I'm the first one to actually touch her," the others bristled at this, "And the only one that tried talking to her. Mine." Chrome giggled slightly to herself. Seeing her brother possessive like this was rather out-of-character and amusing.

At the sound of her laughter, the boys all turned towards her as if daring to say something. Shrugging, "I want to be her friend. She's not like the other girls and...that song made me really happy." In a quieter voice, she added, "I don't think that anyone should call her Dame-Tsuna."

All the boys knew that Chrome had summed up their feelings with those simple sentences. In was true. That song, that voice, those lyrics...they conveyed everything they wanted to say. Just listening to her singing No Logic had been enough for them to feel completely calm and relaxed.

Everyone felt three similar feelings towards Tsunayuki: Envy, Respect, and Love.

Envy because they couldn't express the feelings that the song had sang for them without risking losing what reputations they had.

Respect because evidently Tsuna did not care about what other people thought of her, allowing her to come up here and sing aloud and express herself.

And Love because Chrome, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Mukuro, and Hibari wanted to hear that voice and that song for themselves and, in the males' case, monopolize that voice so only they could hear it's true beauty.

In short, one brunette had just acquired a group of fanboys in love with her.

"Tadaima!" Tsuna called out as she stepped through the doorway of her home five hours later. She was feeling elated, as she had just come back from her vocal lessons and recorded No Logic. Her teachers had applauded her and given her three more songs for next week, so Tsuna was extremely eager to practice them. One was called "5150", the second one was "Twitter", and the third was was named "Magenta". The only damper to her day though, was the fact that the most known people of Nami-High had caught her singing.

If word spread that "Dame-Tsuna" sang for apparently no reason, she'd be ridiculed and teased even more. Fangirls of the Guardians would probably go after her blood! Tsuna shuddered. And Rokudo-san had actually touched her. Her, Dame-Tsuna. And his sister had glomped her, too. But even though she hadn't heard or seen any negative results the rest of the school hours (minus the incessant staring from Gokudera-san and Yamamoto-san), she was still wary. Also, Hibari-san was probably going to punish her for bringing electronics to school...

The sound of a gun's safety clicking forced her out of her thoughts. "Hello there, idiot pupil," Reborn said lazily, sitting on the couch in front of an inactive TV. "Maman went out to buy groceries and she took the kids with her. Where were you?"

Tsuna gulped. She had managed to keep her voice lessons secret from her godfather for the past few years, but only because he had never asked. And she knew that he knew that she was a horrible liar. Before she could stutter out a reply though, he pointed to the chair next to him. "Sit down," he commanded. Obediently, Tsunayuki dropped her bookbag and went to he chair.

"Hai, Reborn?" she asked, praying that he didn't ask any more about her afterschool activities.

"Do you know what my job is?" he asked. The question took her by surprise and she shook her head. "Of course you don't. I'm a hitman, and my true line of work in assassination. I'm in the Mafia."

The girl's mouth went dry. So that definitely explained Reborn's gun stash and his abilities. Also, her gut instinct told her he wasn't lying. "Why are you telling me this?" her voice quavered.

"I came back because my employer, the Ninth Boss of the Vongola Famiglia, has sent me orders to tutor you to become a proper Mafia Donna. You see, dear goddaughter, you are first in line to become the Vongola Decima," Reborn explained. Tsuna blinked.

Hitoride-sensei and Cao-sensei would have been proud at how loud she managed to scream in surprise. All I wanted to do is graduate quietly and become a voice actress! She bemoaned to herself.

"Do I have no choice?" she asked the hitman. He shrugged.

"I'm here to tutor you. And tutor you I will. You'll be the best Mafia Boss of this generation," he declared.

"But doesn't the Ninth have any children or anything!?" her voice was getting highter, mostly due to anxiety.

Her face paled and she promptly regretted asking as Reborn flipped out three photos in front of her. "They're all dead. The eldest was killed in a gunfight, the second was drowned and no one has foound his remains yet, and the third was reduced to a pile of bones."

"B-But why me?! I mean...why not Ieyatsu-nii?" she said desperately. "He's older than me and...he's better at a lot of things..."

"He's going to succeed your father's job as External Advisor. So don't worry, even if you do mess up, your dear Nii-san will be there to tell me so I can whip you into shape," Reborn stated sadistically. "Also, your I put some books in your room for you to study."

"...Kami-sama...But if you're a hitman, why are you tutoring me?"

"I'm the number one hitman in the world. I'll teach you to become the one and only Vongola Decima..." Reborn stood up and put his hand on her head. "And your training starts today."

"Nooooo! I hate you!"

"You know you love me."


So. Yeah. Did you like it? Enjoy it? Laugh?

Basically, in this universe, Reborn is an Arcobaleno but the baby-forms aren't part of the curse. Tsuna is a girl and takes voice-acting lessons under the tutelage of a pair of cousins. Mukuro and Chrome are siblings that were not experimented on by the Estraneo, and live with their parents, but Mukuro still has his Six Paths of Reincarnation.

Hibari, Mukuro, Yamamoto, and Gokudera are civil acquaintances. They get along...decently. Gokudera is taking a break from the Mafia, and Yamamoto has been taught kendo by his father, not Shigure Souen Style yet.

Hitoride Ryuukei and Cao Cai Sen are cousins, female and male respectively, and they are giving voice lessons to Tsuna for a reason unknown. They're my OCs.

EDIT: Okay...When I woke up at 11:30 this morning...I found 125 emails from FFNET about this story. I spazzed out then when I read the reviews, I got stabbed by knives of guilt. The problem is that I have at least 5 other fics that are still unfinished, and I want to at least finish one before starting another. So I will update this fic and contnue it as a multi-chapter, but don't count on regular updates. Although I already started typing the second chapter for No Logic...so I will post a second chap maybe around next week. Just...don't get your hopes up for frequent updates :/

Bonus: 5150, Twitter, and Magenta are all actual songs. If you PM me the name of guy who produced those songs and the singer of two of them, then I'll send you the part of chapter two that I already typed up. Here's a tiny preview.


When Tsunayuki woke up the the next morning, she looked around her room, despair filling her as she looked at the piles of books on her desk. All of them were either textbooks, books on the Mafia, or books having to do with being a good Mafia Don. "I want to be a voice actress though..." she whispered to the empty bedroom. Today was Saturday, so she didn't have school and had been hoping to hole up in her room to do her homework and work on the songs that her teachers had given her, as well as look at the script. Maybe she could drop by Hitoride-sensei and Cao-sense's house later to escape Reborn...

At that moment, her bedroom door flew open and Tsuna was pinned to the bed by a familiar teen with golden hair and blue eyes. "Tsunayuki! My dear sister is so adorable!" And with that, Sawada Ieyatsu Giotto licked his younger sister's cheek like cat.

Tsuna shot up from her bed, sending Giotto flying into the wall. Reborn's training sure had its uses. "Baka-nii! Don't come in so suddenly! And stop licking me; you're not a cat!" The other pouted, then grinned widely and leapt back up in an attempt to pin his sister again. "I don't want to spar in the morning!"

"But I just got back from Italy with dad~" he whined, "I haven't seen my adorable little sister for three months..." he pounced on the bed, next to Tsuna, and flopped lazily on the pillow next to her.

Tsuna gave him the look. "Giotto-nii, can't you at least wait for me to change and get out of my room first?" she begged, rubbing her eyes.

"Fine..." her older brother complained, going into the hallway. Tsuna kicked the door closed behind him, and grinned as she heard the sounds of Lambo, Fuuta, and I-Pin scuffling with Giotto for "bothering Tsuna-nee".

Ieyatsu, or Giotto as he preferred to be called, was her older brother by a year. He had somehow inherited dad's recessive Italian genes, so some people frequently remarked that he looked like one his his ancesters, Giotto Vongola. His name was technically Ieyatsu, but ever since dad had told him about great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather Giotto, Ieyatsu had taken up that name. He was annoying, but Tsuna still loved her brother. But that didn't mean she couldn't whack him for entering her room in the morning.

Looking around at the empty room, Tsuna smiled brightly, thinking of a way to escape Reborn and everyone for the day. She quickly changed into her favorite orange "27" hoodie and some cargo shorts, then picked up her papers for her voice acting, plugged in her IPod and earbuds, then vaulted out the window into the tree next to her room. Unfortunately, her clumsiness caught her foot on the windowsill, leading her to crashing down on the ground. "Itai!" she shrieked, rubbing her head.

"Tsk, tsk, Dame-Tsuna. Mafia Donnas should be able to escape without attracting attention or getting hurt," her accursed hitman godfather stated, leaning against the tree and looking down in amusement. Tsuna paled just as he asked, "So, where were you trying to go?"

"Anywhere but here!" she cried before running away. A green rope fell around her and she was yanked back, landing on Reborn's chest. "Why? I wanted to enjoy my Saturday..."

"Enjoy it with your family."