Well, this is my very first fanfic I published, and I'm very nervous by what people think of it 0~0, I hope you guys like it ;3; It's about Izumi x Meroko, because I love this couple :D This story doesn't really have a plot, it takes place after the manga, when Meroko and Izumi are partners again…

"No" Izumi said, blatant.
Whilst his bubbly partner pecked his little dog ears impatiently waiting for a positive answer, Izumi lay with his arms spread out across his bed, tired from his day of shinigami work.

"Hmph. Why not?" The petite pink bunny pouted, in a matter of seconds she was back in her human form, getting more serious.

"Because I'm tired from a days work of killing people."

"If you say it like that it makes us seem like murderers, were shinigami's collecting spirits!"
"Same thing."
"Not it isn't."
"Yes it is."
"No it isn't."
"Fine, whatever. Why do you want to go out anyway? Aren't YOU tired?" Izumi turned his body around so his stomach was facing downwards and his face buried in the pillow.

"Nope! The weathers lovely Izumi, and we haven't been out together in a while." Meroko sighed. She was expecting another grunt from her ignorant partner when she caught a muffled sound from him.


"What?" Meroko asked, curious.
"Nothing, it's just nice to see you wanting attention from your uber handsome partner."


"OWWH! WHAT IN THE NAME OF FULLMOON DID YOU DO THAT FOR!?" Izumi let out a small cry and slid off his puppy hat, poofed a bag of ice from nowhere and placed it gently on his head.

"You deserved that! " Meroko exclaimed, "It's what you get from acting like a total jerk."
"…I'm sorry, Meroko, but that was uncalled for." Izumi uttered.

A few seconds passed with Meroko standing by the window, staring bitterly at her partner, and without warning tears started slowly emerging from Izumi's amber eyes. This shocked Meroko more than it should have. People cry all the time when they are hurt don't they?
No, not Izumi, that sadistic dog won't cry even if it cost his soul. Meroko's anger immediately drooped down and instead felt pure regret.

"Izumi…" Meroko whispered, ready to bawl out apologies, she stepped closer, feeling like a complete moron for not assuming of a better way to express her anger, and just as she put her arm out to embrace him, Izumi stopped.

In an instant Meroko found herself falling backwards, and in Izumi's arms, instead of vice versa. She glanced at her partner, who now put on a fiendish smile instead of a weeping face.
"You fool!" Izumi burst out in joyful laughter, clearly enjoying Meroko's shocked expression. Priceless, he thought to himself.
Still chuckling, he hugged Meroko playfully, and before she could act dumb and punch him again, Izumi caved in, partly because of his slight fear of what this aggressive rabbit could unleash. "Fine, we'll go, now change that face of yours, you don't want to look ugly on our date, do you?"

"I'm not ugly!… Am I? Wah!" Meroko darted to the mirror to see herself, cheeks rose-red with her eyes tearing up, she didn't think she looked that bad… But then she felt a huge sensation of butterflies in her stomach, he said yes!

Izumi snickered slightly, trying to hide his amusement, "You're easy to trick on, Meroko, but you're cute when you're fooled that quickly."

Meroko scowled at those words, "…So it's not a date?"

"Yes it is, if you want, but don't be so pushy…please." He replied politely.

"Fine." she muttered.

"Well, then! I'll go and change, meet me outside the apartment in 10 minutes, OK?"