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Pulling Heaven Down – Living


The quiet snick of the door closing brought me back to full consciousness. Leah was scolding Harry gently, and I tried not to smile. I'd worked nearly eighteen hours straight, but all I wanted to do was see them.

"You have to be quiet in case Edward is sleeping," she whispered. I could hear the rustling of paper and knew she'd been to the grocery store.

"Okay, Mommy," he promised in an exaggerated whisper of his own, and I smiled into the couch and closed my eyes tight. After a moment I could feel his little fingers on my face, and then his lips when he bent down to give me a soggy kiss.

"Shhhh, Daddy's sleeping," he said with a gentle pat to my head, but my heart was suddenly racing.

"What did you say?" I sat up quickly and held him under his arms up to my face.

"What did he just say?" Leah was out of the kitchen and standing at the edge of the couch.

"Daddy's sleeping?" Harry repeated with a worried glance at both of us.

"Who am I, Harry?" Leah pointed to herself.

"Mommy," he answered.

"And me?" I asked quietly. He smiled and leaned forward, wrapping his arms around my neck and resting his chin on my shoulder.

"My Daddy."

I took a shuddering breath and smiled up at Leah, whose eyes looked suspiciously wet, and blinked hard to clear my own blurry eyes.

"Hear that?" I grinned. "I'm his Daddy."

"Yeah. You are." She smiled back and settled herself next to us, her head on my shoulder next to Harry's.

"I play now," he said, as he pushed himself out of my arms, his tolerance for cuddling greatly diminished by the toys scattered on the floor. I laughed and let him go, still flying high over his words.

Leah's hand rested on my knee and I held it up, examining the ring I'd put there a few months earlier. The wedding was three months away and life continued to stay busy. She was in school and I was working what felt like too much, leaving me with too little time to spend with my new family. We were also in the process of moving into a little house we bought a few streets over from Rose and Emmett's.

So many things were happening at the same time that sometimes we forgot about the little things. Of course, being called "Daddy" for the first time wasn't exactly a little thing.

Papers had been drawn up for me to officially adopt Harry, though I knew in my heart that he was mine and would always be. I also knew that there would be a day when he would want to talk about Sam, and I would tell him whatever he wanted to know.

Leah took the change with as much grace as she could. It was hard for her to understand why someone wouldn't want Harry in their life, and I wondered the same. He was smart and sweet with an amazing blossoming personality. I couldn't wait to see who he would become.

I knew what a big responsibility it was to be a dad; I'd been living it for almost two years. So much of it just seemed natural, like I'd told Bella once: I was born for this life.

"Play with me, Daddy?" Harry appeared in front of me, gently tugging my hand that was still gripping Leah's. I lifted him into my arms and kissed his cheek, feeling my face stretch into a grin.

"You like that, don't you?" Leah laughed from my side.

I nodded. "More than you know."

She smiled and brushed my hair from my face before leaning down to kiss Harry's head.

"You better get used to it then, Daddy. It's all you're ever going to be called now," she teased.

"I'm pretty okay with that," I told her as I slipped my arm around her and pulled them both closer. Harry laughed and crawled into Leah's lap, smiling up at her.

"Good." She kissed my cheek and rested her head back on my shoulder. I smiled again, feeling content, happy, and grateful that we both took a chance on each other and never gave up, but most of all knowing that we never would.