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Chapter 15- Epilogue

That week, all of the Avengers were changed, in some form or another.

Steve, or Captain America, learned to love the world he lived in now, not the one he lived in seventy years ago. That week, he tried even harder to understand modern technology, even if it meant a couple exploded microwaves and singed eyebrows in the process. It really was such a different world, but maybe not in a negative way. Of course he still missed his friends and the age he had grown up in; that feeling of homesickness would never go away.

And of course he missed Bucky with all of his heart. And Peggy.

It took him a while to realize no matter how hard he tried, he would always miss those things. He remembered when he was real young; his grandfather would be reading through the newspaper, and would slowly shake his head. When Steve asked him why, he would say, "The sad part about being old is not being able to do stuff like football, it's reading through the newspaper and reading that one of your good friends died. And soon, it'll be me."

But he had a new family now. His old friends and family deceased would have a special place in his heart, but now, he had the Avengers. His family. His home.

And for once, Steve liked living now. It took a German boy to teach him that.

Natasha, the Black Widow, let loose a little. She went out with a Pepper Potts a little more often to get hair or nails done. She let Clint see her feminine side. Heck, she even agreed to go on a date with him, not on a mission, but a normal dinner. And you know what, she kinda liked it.

If Amber had taught her anything, it was that life should be enjoyed and optimistic. For some unknown reason, Fury seemed a little more optimistic, just a tad. But that wasn't the point. She could still be the intimidating 'Russian' Black
Widow, but that didn't mean she had to live life so strictly. Her relationship slightly picked up with Clint a bit, and she realized it was ok to have some emotion, as long as it didn't get in the way of her work.

Amber taught her to let her walls down a little, to show she was only human. And humans had emotions, some too strong to drown out. Even super heroes or assassins needed a break;one person can't do everything. What most people didn't realize is that behind that epic hero, there was a person with weaknesses too. And Amber taught her that.

Tony, aka Iron Man, was changed. First off, being a ' philanthropist', he donated lord knows how much money to charity, and tons to the Paralympics. But he learned something deeper than money could value to.

It wasn't the power that made the hero; it was the person behind the power that made a hero. To Tony, Zack was a hero. Not because he was temporarily paralyzed and all that, but the amazing attitude he took with it. The way he didn't give up, the way he smiled through it all. Tony wasn't that strong. He was just a man in a suit, like what Captain had said. The suit was just about perfect, but now, he had to work from the inside out. He wanted to make him better as a person, not the suit that held him. Because some people could look beyond the iron suit.

He took small steps.

Being with the Avengers really allowed him to do that. Sure, he was still a major bad ass, huge ego party soul, but he learned something from each hero. But, slowly every day, he made himself better, secretly. Maybe one night he didn't drink as much as he would have liked to. Or maybe one night he cancelled a party to go visit Zack. Or maybe, ohmygosh maybe, he even went to church one Sunday with Pepper. But mostly, he learned things from a little eight-year-old boy with a dream.

Thor, also known, as…. well….Thor, couldn't get the idea of Alex's brother abandoning him out of his head. He remembered how Alex told Thor that Loki was still his brother.

So that week, he visited Asgard. He visited Loki.

He simply sat in front of the cell Loki was in and talked. He explained to Loki how sorry he was, how very sorry. He talked ages and ages, while Loki, cover over his mouth, simply sat there. Thor knew he wouldn't be able to reply, but knew the better man would apologize first. He explained everything to Loki, not only how sorry he was, but he recalled times when they were boys and would play together, or would tell Loki what was happening at Avengers Tower. And Loki would sit there, face blank of expression. But Thor saw, once, a flicker of….What was it? Guilt, remorse, sorrow?- He wasn't sure precisely. He just wanted him and Loki to become brothers again, to have things the way they used to be.

And though he would never admit it, Loki loved it when Thor came. It made him feel at home, because in all reality, he missed Thor, he missed his older brother. And he was sorry. But it was too late for that now.

And ever since, Thor visited him once a week, just to be in his company, just to talk. And it was all thanks to a little Midgardian child who taught him family was important, regardless of their actions.

Clint, also known as Hawkeye, learned from a certain little boy that sometimes, you can't be shy; you have to state your opinions loud and clear. That's why he told Nat he loved her. It took him all week to gather up the courage, and right before he told her, he kinda had a mini panic attack. When he told her those three words, it sounded like a crazy blur of nonsense, then he stared rambling about how if maybe she would like to go to dinner with him but she didn't have to, only if she wanted to, and that it was fine if she said no, and god what am I saying,….. And she agreed. For once in his life, he smiled, genuinely. It wasn't the smile he gave at a sarcastic comment, but he smiled, for real. And he hugged he as tight as he could without crushing her, not knowing how she was smiling her heart out too.

And suddenly, his life became a lot better. He didn't feel as guilty for all the things he did while under Loki's control. He learned that he really did see better from a distance, but maybe he should take time to notice the smaller things rather than the whole picture. But that suit him just fine. And everyday when he went to the shooting range, he thought of Reed.

Bruce, also known as the Hulk, learned that sometimes it didn't matter what you had done in your past, it mattered what you were going to do in the future. His self-esteem raised a small notch, and he smiled and joked around more.

In the lab, he worked all day and night on the new projects he had discovered with Brendan. Brendan had taught Bruce that it didn't matter what obstacles you had in life, but that you should take them smiling and happily, and maybe a little angrily, even if they were a big green kick butt machine.

For once in his life, Bruce felt accepted, and cared about. The Avengers were the amazing, slightly dysfunctional family he never had as a child, but they surely made up for it, times ten. It felt good. And every once in a while, when he felt a bit low, he decided to talk to his team rather than go off and try to end his life; he would even talk to Brendan at those times. And it was all thanks to a boy with a mind like his.

That week, all of the Avengers were changed for good in some way. And they were just fine with that.

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