Sweet Dreams

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"Why must you always be so sad?" I asked him. We were sitting on a tree branch, overlooking the wonderful sights of Faron Woods. The teen looked up, wearing his normal Skyloft clothing instead of that dumb knight outfit.

"Well..." He outstretched his index finger, a Blessed Butterfly landing on it. "Fi is gone... I miss Skyloft... So many things I can't cope with. And quite recently, I've been having nightmares..." He lowered his finger, the Blessed Butterfly flying off.

"About what, love?" I was not surprised. I knew he had been having nightmares, and it was only a matter of time before he confided in me. "Were they about...?"

"Yes. Ghirahim, they were! There was so much blood- and, and-!" He lowered his head into his hands, tears slipping from his eyes. I wrapped my arm around his waist, trying to comfort him. "But you were so-!" I hugged him tighter.

"Dearest Sky Child, you know I would never hurt you or anyone else again, right?" He gave a tiny nod. Even though he knew this, these stupid dreams would scare him half to death. He would whimper in his sleep, scream even. He would scream names, but mostly mine. I felt horrible. Part of this was my fault. Everything, every horrible, cruel, senseless thing I did to him contributed to these dreams. Plus his whole adventure across here, the surface, added to them too. After all, he was just teenager, kid, child. And he was woven into this thread of fate through no fault or choice of his own. "It is late. You should go to sleep."

"But-" He stammered, clearly worried about having that nightmare.

"I will be right here to protect you. Now go to sleep." He nodded, lowering his head to my lap and closing his eyes. I lowered my head and gave a small kiss to his forehead. "Good night Sky Child."