*crawls out of an abyss* Oh my goodness guys. I feel like the worst person ever. When was the last time I updated this story? Five months?! Oh glob. Wow, I didn't realize it was that long! T^T Well, I guess just school got in the way, and then some family problems rose up in October through December. So I guess that's some of the reasons why I hadn't… ^_^; Anyways, here's my next drabble called "Done with the Past" Enjoy! xD

The Demon Lord known as Ghirahim landed on a nearby tree branch, about 12 feet above the Sky Child. The Sky Child, known as Link, spun around, thinking he had heard something. The winds of Faron Woods whipped around Ghirahim, sending his bangs flying upwards; revealing a single diamond tattoo that resided under his eye. The sudden gust had caused Ghirahim to lose his balance. In a pitiful attempt to not fall of the branch, he grabbed a hold of it tightly. Sending tons of tiny, green leaves scattering to the ground and around Link.

The blonde's head shot up where Ghirahim stood, with at first a look of confusion. Then it turned to horror.

"Dammit." Muttered Ghirahim. He spun on his heels and jumped to the next branch over. He peered back to the blonde who watched his mouth hanging slightly open. "What are you staring at, boy?! Haven't you even seen a demon before?" Ghirahim scoffed, not allowing Link to answer. "Of course you have! It was a habit of yours to slay them daily. Probably still is, no?" Ghirahim chuckled and jumped from the branch, landing deftly on the soft forest ground. Ghirahim stood up and brushed off the dirt from his clothes. Luckily he was no longer stuck with the burden of wearing that horrid jumpsuit! He was now attired in brown pants and a red t-shirt.

Link still stared at the demon with awe. How was he alive?! Link remembered that the last Ghirahim and him had met, Link had plunged the Master Sword into Ghirahim's chest, which was then brutally ripped open to have a massive sword pulled from it. And if that wasn't enough, he was absorbed into that very same blade!

Ghirahim made a humph noise in irritation, for the sky child- no; sky brat- to gawk at him. Unheard of! Someone of Ghirahim's position was- Ghirahim sighed. He had been mentally arguing with himself lately. He probably looked like a fool in the child's eyes. Ghirahim sighed in annoyance and put his face in his hand; his small curtain of snow white hair fell like the flow of a river over his hand.

The small metallic sound of Link drawing his sword, just a pathetic training sword from the knight academy, broke Ghirahim's concentration. The Demon Lord's head shot up, his russet eyes staring into Link's cerulean ones. Link held the sword pointed at the ground and Ghirahim saw his chance. He snapped his fingers with a smirk, and his black demon sword appeared in his hand. The red jewel lying in its handle gleamed as if it was thirsty for bloodshed.

But it would have to wait for another day, as well as the Demon Lord. That disappointed him, but he would get over it.

Ghirahim took his sword and raised it skyward, like Link had done many times before, and plunged it into the soft forest earth. The Sky Child gave a look of curiosity to Ghirahim but said nothing; after all, he was a man of few words. Link sheathed his sword cautiously, not taking his eyes off of the Demon lord.

Ghirahim sighed and his eyes turned soft as he saw the hate and anger present in link's eyes. Ghirahim didn't blame him one bit. Ghirahim had taken the love of Link's life away from him and pursued that girl. He spent his time plotting how to capture the girl and kill the boy. How sad. A waste of time. A waste of Ghirahim's abilities. The Demon Lord knew that he should have used his time plotting how to destroy Demise; not the petty children.

Some days, Ghirahim's bottled up emotions would just explode like a bomb flower! How annoying that was! He just wished that he could take that anger out on something, someone. Anything! But now he was free… And he could be peaceful once he made amends.

"Skychild, or should I say, Link. I want you to know that I am, shall we say, done with the past. I am not going to harm anyone or anything. Ever. Again." Ghirahim stared into the child's eyes, wordlessly saying his final goodbye. And with that, Ghirahim was gone. Leaving nothing but a few floating diamonds and the black sword.

Maybe Ghirahim was wrong. Maybe they would meet again…