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*Soul POV*

"Dude, you need to stop pacing. Calm down and think. How would a god like me handle it?" Black Star grinned at me. I glared at him and sighed.
"Fine. Get out. Now." I said, pushing him out of the room. I sat down with my head in my hands. What could I do? Maka was pissed at me for nearly burning the cabin down and calling that... that... thing a dirty demon. I came to a decision, and went to go find Maka.

I found her sitting on the front steps, a silly little smile on her face as she looked up at the stars. It was a beautiful night, a full moon with all the stars sparkling like gems in the inky blackness. She looked beautiful sitting there, and my heart lurched at the thought of her in the arms of that thing.

"Hey," I said, sitting next to her. Her smile disappeared when she saw me.
"Oh, it's you," she sighed.
"Disappointed?" I asked jealousy beginning to up in my stomach.
"Kid and I are going on a walk in a little bit," That silly smile I loved so much began to form again.
I sighed. "What do you see in him?" I bit back the other part of what i was going to say.
She turned to me, eyes blazing. "What do I see in him? He's smart, sweet, kind, he can always me laugh, he makes me feel safe..." She trailed off as I looked away. "Look, can't you just be happy for me, for once?"
"I can make you laugh," I mumbled, not hearing her.
"Don't I make you laugh? Don't I make you feel safe? What's wrong with me?" I took her hands in mine, pleading now.
She searched my eyes, confused, before pulling her hands away. "Soul, we're partners. That's what partners do."
"But what if I want us to be more than partners?" I bit my lip. Her eyes narrowed. Wrong thing to say.
"I thought you just wanted us to be partners, nothing more," she was quoting me, not good.
'"Things change though..." Her scowl deepened.
"This is because of Kid, isn't it? You're just jealous because he came in and took me away from you. Is that it?" Her voice was rising dangerously.
"Hush, no. Not entirely," I looked her in the eye. "I love you Maka, I just haven't realized it until now. Can you forgive me for being such a prick?"
She started shaking her head as I spoke. "I don't believe it..." she murmured.
"Don't believe what?" I asked, worried.
"All it took was to make you jealous..." she shook herself then looked up at me. "I can forgive you, but your too late."
"Too late? What do you mean too late?" I started panicking.
She bit her lip. "I'm dating Kid. And I'm moving in with him."

"You're what?" I whispered, shocked. The anger and jealousy finally boiled over, and I turned and punched the wall. She flinched and left. I sat down with my head in my hands and stayed like that until the first rays of sun shone over the ocean.