In Chapter 2, I first wanted to make a reference to my favorite YouTube-er just for fun. The conversation, however, didn't seem to make sense if you aren't a fan of him, so I pushed the reference back to Chapter 6, where you hear Punchy talking about him instead.


"It's called Eleven by C418," the man said, picking the disk back up and adjusting his goggles. "Doesn't Eleven seem like a random number to you?"

"I guess," I replied uneasily. Swift wasn't known to play music while at work, which made me curious. "Do you want something?"

"No," he answered defensively. After a moment, he continued, "I just, ah… I kind of lost my sword."

"Whoa, what? How'd you lose your sword?"

"Okay, I was branch mining the other day and I sort of… Threw it in lava?"

"Wow. Nice." I sighed, fishing through my inventory for something he could use for protection. I pulled out a wooden axe and handed it to Swift. "Don't go throwing other people's highly flammable things in lava, got it?"