Okay, so this is just a little thingymabober thing I wrote quite a while ago. I haven't read it through since then so it might suck. *shrug*


As Harry and Draco stumbled out of the Forbidden Forest after their detention, earned from skipping class for a snogging session, Harry got a glimpse of the first puff of snow falling, landing in Draco's long, blonde eyelashes. Harry jumped up, practically giddy, despite having to spend 2 hours with Snape, and Draco groaned. The first snowfall of the year meant a big party for the Hogwarts students.

"So who's turn is it to host the party this year?" Harry turned, his green eyes sparkling with anticipation.

"I do believe," Draco sighed, "that the Slytherin's will be having the party this year."

"No way! That means that you definitely have to go, oh, and make sure Pansy uses all of the house's colors. The last time you guys hosted, there was nothing but green and silver, and I'm not saying I don't mind the colors, because they look so amazing on you but too much is too much, you know? Oh, and we have to have a lot of sweets and drinks! Maybe cake? Or cookies! I love cookies. And fruit punch? Or butterbeer. Butterbeer is probably the way to go, but we'll still have punch for all the sober ones," Harry giggled, acknowledging Draco, "and there's going to be fabulous music, maybe some Twisted Wizards, or Wink-394! I love their song-"

Harry stuttered and stopped when Draco pushed him against the wall, a sharp rock jutting into his lower back, and put his lips close to Harry's ear.

"You sound," Draco chuckled, "so gay right now." They kissed until the snow really started coming down, and they were forced inside.