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This is a fanfic about Stelena. If you don't like

Stelena please don't read this.

It was in the middle of the night at the Salvatore boarding house. Elena and Damon were snuggling in a long chair outside. At first they did not speak, because they were just enjoying the quiet. The stars and moon were out. Elena said the first word "It's a full moon tonight, I feel bad for Tyler. He must be going through so much pain. At least Caroline is there for him". Damon did not speak, it was like he was not listening. Elena waited for 5 minutes for him to respond. "Damon, what's wrong with you? We have not talked in 4 days, is something wrong. Do you want to breakup with me, but you just don't know how to say it"? Damon turns away from the stars and looks into Elena's eyes and says "Elena, I love you. Why would i ever breakup with you? You are my whole world. I don't know what I would do without you." Elena smiles and kisses Damon. She stops, and realizes that he still hasn't answered one of her questions "Damon, then why have you been avoiding me, not talking to me for 5 days"? "Elena it's hard for me to say. I have a little brother" Elena stars laughing "Damon I know you have a little brother. His name is Stefan. You showed me pictures of him when the both of you were's sad that he died" Damon stops her " Elena, i lied. My brother did not die. He became a vampire just like me. But we had our differences and he left Mystic Falls just before i saved you from the car crash on the bridge with your parents" Elena was shocked that Damon had lyed to her "Why did you lie Damon"? "Because I didn't want you to get to know him. I don't want him to take you away from me" Elena looks into Damon's eyes and says "... I love you, Damon" she turns around and sits comfortably back on the chair. " Damon, is that all you want to talk about"? Damon replies "no. Something has happened with me and Stefan's uncle. Stefan has said his goodbyes and now he wants be to say goodbye. My uncle is sick and he is dying. I leave tomorrow. But I can't leave you alone. Stefan will be here tomorrow around one in the afternoon" Elena in shock after what she just heard. She hugs Damon for the next 10 minutes. She doesn't want to leave his arms. It so warm . She feels loved. Damon is the man who saved her from the crash on the bridge that forced her parents to die. Because of him she is alive. Even though Damon is a total jerk sometimes, and he tells her what to do. But she loves him. That night Damon and Elena slept outside. Just one last night until she has to face a whole new world without Damon.