A new story, yay! I had this idea hit me and it was really interesting in fact...

I read a 1940's Batman comic book that my friend lent me that morning, which was full of super lame lines.

Later, I was watching T.V. (sort of) and they were talking about somebody becoming a transvestite.

With my brain still in 'Comic Book' mode. I had an internal narration somewhere along these lines. "They looked in horror at their newest villain in fear. 'Haha! You can not defeat me! I am Gender Bender! Able to change your gender with a snap of my fingers!' and he did so to demonstrate. Suddenly, Our heroes felt very strange..."

I'm not on drugs, I just don't have a life. Anyways, without further adieu...

BTW, I don't mean to offend anybody, I'm just poking at stereotypes. Also I am not opening the floor to a debate on transgenders. I'm a Christian, so I don't support them, but I don't hate people. I ain't no hater. You can feel free to post your position, but please don't flame me for how I feel. :)

Starfire groaned as she laid on her bed. Her stomach was twisted into a billion knots and she felt like she was going to throw up. But this was normal. Normal? Why yes, she got this on a regular basis…a monthly basis. Yep ladies, you all know what I'm talking about. Fortunately for Star, this month was easy for her. Tamaranians still had the cramps and the mood swings, but it made so much more of a problem for them. If she was in mid-stride, she would suddenly start floating, or if she was flying, she would suddenly fall. This month, she had caught a small cold and in turn, it made her apathetic. So she was only in pain.


She learned early on that her friends did not enjoy her as much during this period (no pun intended) and so she usually spent it in her room. Of course, psychic Robin had to know what was bothering her and pestered her with, "Come on, you can tell me. We're friends right? It'll make you feel better." Hesitantly, she would give him a big clue…in which he would run out of the room in fear and disgust. She didn't blame him. He just didn't understand.

Beast Boy was pounding on Raven's door. Knock Knock Knock "Raven" Knock Knock Knock "Raven" Knock Knock Knock "Raven!".

The door slid open grimly. "WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT?" She hissed seething.

"Want to watch a movie?"


"Play a game?"


"Watch me work out?"


"Make me cry from a clever insult?" He asked with hope.

"Not right now, though it sounds VERY tempting."

He laughed sheepishly. "What are you doing anyways?"



"To control my emotions."

To this he scratched his head, what was so hard about emotions? "Well, have fun then." He resigned and walked away.

Raven felt sorry, she would have watched a movie with him, but her emotions had been rampant lately. She didn't blame him. He just didn't understand.

Starfire and Raven sat in the kitchen. Raven read while Starfire made snacks, and by making snacks, I mean putting chips in bowls without adding anything and following the instructions to a 'T' on the pizza rolls package. The food wasn't for her anyway.

Raven looked towards the noise when the boys suddenly jumped and screamed profanities at the T.V. The other team scored a touchdown.

"Dude! That was a foul! FOUL! Did you not see that!? ARE YOU BLIND?!"

Starfire approached Robin and put a hand on his shoulder. "Robin, I do not believe they can hear you."

He stopped his yelling and looked at her and smiled. He didn't blame her. She just didn't understand.

The alarm had gone off in the middle of the day and the team ran to where the mishap was taking place. It was a new criminal and he was robbing a store at the mall. The team raced there furiously to catch him in time. Upon arrival, the team looked at the perp in shock. Some more confused than others.

Starfire broke the tension with a hushed question, "Robin, is the criminal a man or a woman?"


"Yes, it is a man or yes, it is a woman?"


The genderless villain looked at them jovially. He (generalizing it to mankind) had a very square face with high cheek bones and a butt chin. He had a short nose and doe like eyes with long lashes. His hair was curly from a fresh perm, but it looked like he forgot to shave his face this morning. His torso was box shaped and looked almost normal, if not for the awkward breasts sticking out from it. His waist was skinny and hips wide, resulting in a misplaced curve. His legs were purely feminine. Long, curvy, hairless, and adorned with black knee high stiletto boots.

A piece of work to say the least.

"Haha, the titans! We meet at last!"

"And I hope we never meet again!" Robin shouted back. "Titans, Go!"

And the fight began. Amazingly, the odd fiend was talented and was dodging their attacks. He did a triple backflip away from the team to safety. "Fools! You cannot defeat me! I am Gender Bender! I have both the grace and agility of a woman and all the endurance and strength of a man!"

"Well, You're against three men and two women. You still can't win!"

"I don't expect to win the fight, I expect to win my escape! But for now, I leave you with a parting gift! Ta-Ta!" There was an explosion of smoke.

After minutes of coughing, they were finally able to see each other through the mist.

"Is everyone okay?" Cyborg asked. His voice unnaturally high.

"I don't know if you would say okay…" Raven spoke. Her voice was deep and strangely fitting. She came out into sight and what she had said made sense. Her hair was a bit shorter, and slightly tousled. Her face, thinner, with a more profound chin. Her blue cloak laid against widened shoulders. Her uniform had stayed much the same, except the bottom hem now reached her knees. Beast Boy shrieked as he looked at her, also coming into view.

"Dude! You're a dude!" He froze in horror as his voice pitched a new high. His hair formed two green ponytails protruding from both sides of his head. He looked down hesitantly. His uniform had changed to a skirt on the bottom and half calf boots. Two small bumps formed on his chest. "NOO! I'm wearing a dress!"

"Oh the shear horror." Raven felt pretty good, it was easy to be calm and collected.

"It's okay BB." Cyborg said, finally joining them. "As for myself, not much of a difference." He was right. His suit had a more hourglass shape to it and he had hair…and afro to be precise. "I can't remember the last time I had hair though."

"Friends. I feel strange." A rich, husky timbre filled the space as Starfire approached hesitantly. Her long flowing hair was cropped and lightly gelled to make it wave gently. Her chin was sharp and her nose profound. Her eyebrows, razor sharp and her eyes narrow, but still a heavenly green. Her neck was thick and defined with her windpipe and adams apple. Her shoulders and chest were broad and mighty. Her stomach showing a visible abdomen, chiseled to perfection. Her arms and developed rippling muscles. Her skirt had turned into mid-thigh length shorts and her black boots ended below the knee. Between them was a metallic looking fabric.

"Looking good Star!" Cyborg gave a thumbs up.

A little ways away they heard a curse. Then the silkiest, luscious, sexiest voice any of them had ever heard spoke. "Gender Bender got away, and he didn't leave us a trail to follow. I don't understand what he meant by parting gif-…" Robin stopped as he looked at his teammates in horror. They were gawking at him in reply.

His long silky black hair cascaded down his shoulders like a waterfall of ebony. His baby face remained much the same, except for the ruby red lips. His form was Barbie-like. It was physically impossible for someone to be so…alluring. His tunic fit tight to his form, cutting off a couple inches above the naval, much like Starfire's. The neckline changed to a 'V' and showed his pale collar bone. Finally, to his dismay, his already feminine legs were bare and his boots transformed into thigh-high, point toed, black stilettos. Everyone voiced his thoughts aloud:

"That's just wrong."

"Robin, what do we do now?" Starfire asked. Her voice bellowing and throwing him off guard.

"I guess we go back to the tower. There's not much else we can do here…and I don't really want anyone to see us in public."

"Agreed." Everyone said unanimously.

They hurried to the T-car and sped away.

Back at the tower, the titans sat all feeling slightly different about their situation. Raven and Cyborg weren't concerned, more amused and awaited to see what became of things. Starfire was ecstatic, for her transformation caused her…um…sickness to go away. But she was only wearing a small smile so not to weird out her companions. As for Beast Boy and Robin…

"I can't believe I'm a girl! Look at me! Listen to me! I'm not even a babe!" Beast Boy whined.

"Well at least you don't look like a prostitute! I can't even look in the mirror!"

"But Robin, you are so beautiful!" Starfire interrupted, hoping to make her crush feel better.

He blushed. "Thanks Star…you're handsome as well." Was that awkward enough to say?

"Dude, handsome doesn't even cut it. She's like…er, he's like an Abercrombie model!"

"Mmmmhmm." Cyborg agreed.

"Fine, you're sexy and you know it. But what are we going to do?!"

"Girl, you need to take a chill pill 'fore yo head 'splodes."

"Don't call me girl." Robin narrowed his eyes.

(Yes, I'm still using their normal pronouns. It'll be easier to keep them straight.)

"Dang, mood swings kick in already?"

"Shut it, Nicki Minaj."

Cyborg gasped. "Oh no you didn'! Bring it! I will cut you!"

"Oh I brought it, assembled it, and put double 'A' batteries in it!"

"All I's tryin' to do was help you, but nooooo…someone had to get their panties in a knot!" (I hang around a lot of Black people…I'm sorry.)

The fighting continued as Starfire addressed Raven. "Why are they fighting?"

"Their girls now remember? All logic has been distorted."

"You'd be mad too, if you were as hideous as I am!" Robin shrieked. The fight had de-railed and they were now, completely off topic.

"Girl, you ain't one to talk 'ight?"

"I'M SO UGLY!" Then he broke down into tears. Everyone stared at him in shock. He blinked a few times, the man in him switching back. "Why the heck am I crying?" At the question, he started crying harder because he didn't have an answer. "I can't stop!" He wailed.

Starfire offered an answer, "The stress of the situation has become too much for you to handle…and you couldn't keep it in anymore."

Robin practically flew to her and threw his arms around her in a tight hug. "Thank you Star! You're, like, my best friend ever!"

"Did he just say 'Like'?" Beast Boy asked Cyborg. He nodded with a crooked smile.

"It is the Ok Robin, I was glad I could help you." She smoothed his now long flowing hair. Robin looked up and smiled. Star blushed and then made a strange discovery. "X'hal! I have a strange feeling in my pants!"

Robin quickly pulled away in panic. "No! No no no no no, I am NOT explaining what that is!"

Beast boy had this one. "It's natural for a boy. Don't worry too much about it, it's only temporary…but you might get it when you look at Robin."

"Everytime?" She asked, looking south.

"Nah, only when you think 'she' looks really cute."

Robin was fuming. "Can we please get back to the task at hand?"

"Oh sure…first, we need to fix our names." Beast Boy pointed out.

"Why, what's wrong with our names?" Raven asked.

"Well think about it! I can't be Beast Boy anymore! Duh! And Cyborg doesn't sound very girly. And Starfire? You might as well call him Princess Twinkle-Sprinkle!"

"What is wrong with my name?" Starfire asked in woe.

"Nothing," Robin cut in, "He's simply suggesting it doesn't work now that you're a boy."

"I understand…but Robin still works for a girl."

"Thank god."

"Yeah, but your first name doesn't work." BB teased.

"Why does that matter?"

BB was talking aloud as he thought. "Okay, so Victor can become Victoria...not that hard. Uh...Rachel? How about Rick? Let's see, my name goes from Garfield to Grace...Kori could be a guys name if you changed the spelling..." Then he looked at Robin with mirth. "The female version of Dick."

"You say it out loud, I'll kill you."

"Let's just stick to our normal names. Why do we need to confuse ourselves?"

"Because I can't be Beast Boy!"

A small little bulb appeared over Starfire's head. "How about Beast Beauty? It is a play on both his original superhero name and on the classic Disney movie." She smiled.

"You think I'm beautiful?" BB said with sparkling eyes.


"OMG Star you are so nice!"

"Starfire doesn't really sound like him anymore." Cyborg commented. "He needs a name that's dark, epic, and manly."

"I believe on Tamaran, my name would be the equivalent of Rarfned'enkerk."

"Which means...?"


Robin looked at her wide-eyed. "Um…Can I keep calling you Star? I don't want to get used to calling you dead."

Starfire chuckled. "That is fine."

"Alright team. It's been a long day, so you are dismissed. As for me I'm going to find some clothes that don't make me look like a slut." And he marched out.