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Britt, you okay?xxxxxx

Santana text her beloved friend for about the tenth time, she couldn't help it - she was just worried. When she was worried, she over panicked… especially when she was worried about one of her loved ones. She'd not heard from Brittany since that morning, and she was expecting her to come round knocking the door down with her flirtatious personality at any moment.

It got to 6pm and Santana had not seen or heard anything from Brittany still, and her anxiousness just grew. They'd been keeping their relationship secret from the rest of the world for nearly two months now, officially anyway. Though Santana did doubt whether Brittany was still hooking up with random guys. It wouldn't surprise her, but she could at least have the decency to admit it. If she did admit it, then she'd have Santana on her case even more, demanding to know why. Was she not good enough? She would have to show that girl a good time like never before to gain her back, all for herself. Thousands of thoughts were running through her mind as she waited to see her girlfriend, or even just a phone call, or a text at least. Leaving her to worry for this long, she was expecting at least a phone call.

"Santana! Dinner! Now!"

"Coming Mama…" Santana sighed as she tossed her phone onto her bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen, sat down to enjoy dinner with her mum. She ate much quicker than usual, hurrying through the food so she could get back to her phone, she didn't want to miss a phone call from Britt.

"Thank you mama," she said, taking her plate to the sink and rushing back up to her room without another word. Picking up her phone she sighed with relief as a text message from Brittany flashed up on her screen, though she was a little disappointed it was only a text.

Sorry for getting you worried San. Can I come over?xxxxxx

Yes please come! I've been waiting to see you all day, where have you been?! I think we need to talk xxxxxxx

Talk? We talk all the time San. I'll be over in 5 xxxxx

Santana smiled to herself as she set her phone down on her nightstand, and contently sat cross legged in the middle of her bed, flicking on the tv as she waited for Britt. She kept to her word and around 5 minutes later, there was a knock on the door, as soon as she heard it she ran down the stairs so she'd get to the door before her mum, and rushed Brittany upstairs to her room once she'd shouted hello into the lounge.

"I've missed you so much all day Britt Britt!" Santana gushed, placing a peck on the blonde's glossy lips.

"I've missed you too. What did you want to talk about?"

"Sit." she instructed, flopping onto the bed and pointing for Brittany to do the same beside her. They sat close, their thighs touching and feet dangling off the side of the bed. "Are you still seeing…guys?"

"I see guys every day."

"Britt, you know what I mean. are you still seeing, seeing guys? Like, sex and stuff?"

"Yeah… Finn came round. That's why I didn't pick up my phone, and then I dropped it, and lost it…. I'm sorry San."

"Wait wait wait. Why did you see Finn? I thought we were a couple now Britt! Am I not good enough for you or something?"

"Of course you're good enough San, I don't want anyone else but you." she leaned over to kiss Santana's cheek, but Santana pulled away quickly.

"So what about Finn? And the other guys?"

"Finn was a mistake. If Rachel finds out…-"

"-screw Rachel. Stop side tracking. I want answers."

"I promise I won't do it again Sanny. I didn't mean to hurt you… it's just you from now on ok? I don't want anyone else but you."

"Are you sure?" Santana was still unsure, unsure if Brittany was going to keep to her word, tiny feelings of doubt creeping into her, the whole worry thing again.

"Pinky promise?" Britt asked hopefully, holding out her finger to Santana. In her world, a pinky promise could fix everything.

"Pinky promise," Santana sighed happily, Brittany never broke promises, especially not with her. They shared a little kiss, and snuggled up on the bed, watching the tv and chatting. Santana was just happy that Brittany promised not to see any more guys, she was positive that she wouldn't break her promise. She wanted Brittany, and Britt only, and it worked both ways.

Slipping her hand over Britt's, intertwining their fingers, she looked across at Brittany and smiled, leaned across and kissed her lips, then her cheek, finally nibbling at her ear. They were soon no longer interested in the tv, and things got playful…