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"That. Was fucking amazing." Santana proudly told Brittany once they'd both calmed themselves down a bit, laying still naked wrapped in each others arms, just listening to the sound of each other breathing.

"I know San... I mean wow." Brittany moved closer and gently edged her arm underneath Santana and played with her hair, twiddling it around her fingers whilst nibbling softly at her ear, she wasn't done playing yet. Santana played back, moving her leg over Brittany, spooning her. The feeling of Brittany's warm skin against her own was magical, she just wanted to lie there with her forever.

What they'd both forgotten was that Quinn would be arriving any minute. They went from ear nibbling, hair twiddling and spooning and stepped it up again to passionate kissing - with tongue.

Thank god Brittany's parents are away all week. Santana thought to herself. We could do this every day... And all weekend. She imagined. That would be her ideal weekend, spending it with Britt, with lots of making out sessions... Maybe a bit of a shopping spree thrown in for good measure. She was going to have to take Brittany away for the weekend when they broke up from school, they didn't have much longer left and they'd be able to enjoy their summer together before they both went to off to college. Graduation for Santana wasn't a huge deal, but as long as Britt was there with her it would be okay. She thought about the two of them graduating together, and the little ceremony that there'd be. Thinking about that made her realise that she had to be more comfortable with herself by then - and that was her target, her little challenge. Except it wasn't so little to her - to come out the closet. Far out of the lesbian closet before graduation. She had to. She wanted to celebrate with her girlfriend. And guess what? You're never going to know what the reaction will be to something if you don't do it, who knows, people are awfully good at surprises. And being unpredictable.

Santana whilst in her trail of thought, wrapped her arms around Brittany and held her close, before rolling her on top of her. Brittany straddled Santana leaning forward and putting kisses all over chest making Santana arch her back off the bed and groan with pleasure.

They were interrupted minutes into this by a quiet knock on the door that neither of them properly heard, and Quinn coming in. Neither of them noticed to begin with, and of course Quinn couldn't believe her eyes. she'd never have expected to walk in on what was in front of her eyes then, and she didn't know what to do.

She'd had her suspicions between those two for a while, she didn't know if they were just really close friends or whether there was something else going on - and there was her answer. Staring her in the face. She literally stopped in her tracks when she saw them, her mouth open as if she was going to say something but unsure of what to say. Whatever was going on between them, she would fully support them - no doubt about that. In fact, if they were in fact a couple, she really wished they'd told her sooner, she'd be totally fine with it.

"I- I'm sorry- I'm er, interrupting something..." she stuttered causing both girls to snap their attention open to their best friend, and they both swallowed in unison as they took in what just happened. Mean time Quinn had walked out into the hallway, pacing up and down a little. She still didn't know what to do, but she was awaiting an explanation which she assumed was going to come shortly.

"Shit!" Santana hissed under her breath as soon as Quinn had walked out again. SHe rolled Brittany onto the other side of the bed so she could get up, and pulled on her cheerio uniform again, skipping the underwear part which she shoved in her bag. Brittany pulled on a dress which was laying on her desk chair, also skipping the underwear part. They just needed to cover themselves up as quickly as possible and whip up an explanation.

"San. Calm down honey." Brittany said, taking hold of the latina's shoulders. "it'll be ok."

"Q!" Brittany called, opening the door to see Quinn facing away from the bedroom with her head in her hand, one hand fiddling with her phone. "Come in, we have clothes on now."

Reluctantly Quinn walked into the bedroom, perching on the chair, she didn't want to sit near that bed. "I'm confused. And I'm so, so sorry I walked in on you. The front door was open so I just assumed you'd left it like that for me and came up..." she said, shaking her head.

"Oh I didn't realise.." Brittany said.

"I'm so so sorry you had to find out like this..." Santana started. "the reason we invited you over was to tell you... About us."

"Well that solved your problem of how to bring the subject up I guess..." Quinn came out with. She still didn't know what to make of the whole thing. And she wanted to know what was going on exactly. Maybe her friends were just experimenting? No, that wouldn't make any sense, the fact they 'invited me to tell me about them' she thought.

"So what I exactly going on between you two? I assume you're not just experimenting?"

"No..." Britt confirmed.

"We've been a 'couple' officially about two months... Before that we were just messing around I guess. And afraid to admit our real feelings. We wanted you to be the first to know."

"Well I'm really happy for you guys! And I'll support you whatever happens, I promise."

"Soooo did you have any suspicions about us?" Britt asked crossing her legs.

"I have to say I did a few times... But nothing really. I just thought you were really close friends... But it does make sense I guess."