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Chapter 1

My name is Takahashi Misaki. I am on the streets, homeless. I was kicked out of my house because I had abused the family, mostly the baby.

I really regretted what I had done. I very much do. I was very mad that day. I was bullied by some upperclassmen.

It really wasn't that bad. The only thing that shocked me was that Sumi-senpai was one of them. He was friends with them that had been plotting to do this for some time now.

I heard them talking about it but I never expected it to come true. I would always brush off the thought of it not true. I would produce words from their own mouths from my thoughts even though I knew they weren't saying it.

I went home that day and was throwing things around. I was so mad that I couldn't think straight any more. I began to cry. Cry out tears of frustration, sadness, anger, and feeling betrayed and sick of myself for believing that Sumi-senpai was actually a good guy and trying not to believe in the fact of it even happening.

I heard Nii-chan and Manami come in with their baby. They asked me what was wrong or what had happened at school. I really didn't pay attention to they were saying at that time.

All I felt was anger and rage boil up inside of me. I started to punch the walls to vent out my feelings. Nii- chan tried to stop me but he got punched instead. He fell to the ground and I continued punching towards the walls. He got up and was yelling at me but I couldn't hear him.

Manami tried to shake me and calm me down but I punched her too. She fell and almost dropped the baby. The baby started to cry.

I am kinda jealous of babies. They can cry out tears of what they felt and soon it will be alright for them. They would forget about what happened and act like everything is ok.

I could never be like that. Takahiro continued to yell at me. Something about Manami and walls. I can't recall anything else he said. I started yelling back at him some gibberish and crap that I didn't even understand.

I felt like punching something again. No, not even something, but someone. I looked at the baby next to Manami. To tell you the truth I found him annoying. He cries over things that are so simple and not hurt enough to cry for.

I felt more hurt than he did. My heart hurt so much after the feeling of being betrayed. I bet he has never had that feeling before, so he has no reason to cry.

I went up to him and looked at him. His crying was so innocent yet guilty, just like mine. The only thing was that he was only crying because Manami fell down, not that hurtful as me being betrayed by my own friend.

I punched him in the stomach. I punched him because of how annoyed I was at him. I punched him because he had no clue was real life and sadness was.

Takahiro tried to pull me back while I saw in the corner of my eye Manami crying. I couldn't stop myself. I felt like a madman. I finally stopped punching the little baby and saw him laying there. He just laid there motionless with his baby eyes looking at me. They were tormenting me. They were asking me why with their little baby language. They were dead.

Nii-chan slapped me and Manami ran over to the baby and tried to get it to wake up. He was long gone. I think he was long gone after the first punch in the stomach. Nii-chan dragged me to the door and threw me out onto the street.

He asked me what was wrong with me, hoping to give me one last chance. I didn't answer. I couldn't answer. I felt the words lodged in my throat. I turned my head away and he slammed the door on me.

That was the end of it. I punched the hard ground and saw blood forming on my knuckles. I sat there and cried out my tears. I couldn't move. I didn't care if anybody saw me or called me a whiny baby. They could never understand what I have just been through.

Day by day I wandered around trying to steal food or begging people to give me money. My clothes became raggedy and old. There was only one person who ever tried to help me. He was always walking around, looking all flashy and rich.

Well not only his looks was rich, but his fame was rich also. Everybody knew him. Whenever he walked the streets everyone would bow at him. Whenever he saw me he would smile and give me money or food. Sometimes he would take me into the stores and get me whatever I wanted.

I felt bad for the man. I was sapping out his money like a leech. I was taking advantage of him and he didn't know it. If he knew it then he was a very good actor because he never showed it.

Whenever he gave me money, I would go and by me food. I know I could have bought lots more but ever since I have been kicked out my stomach was like a bottomless pit. Whatever I ate would never fill me. It was like the only thing that kept me alive was food and money.

One day he never showed up. After that he never walked the streets or gave me stuff like he used too. I was left to fend for myself once more.

After weeks of stealing food and being beat by people that I stole from he finally came back. I was eating my bread that I had stolen that day and he drove up to me with his red car.

I didn't know the name of cars anymore like I used to. Sumi-senpai and I would talk about them endlessly like they were our favorite subject to talk about. That would never happen anymore anyways.

The man stepped out of his car and picked me up. He got back in his car and put me gently down in the passenger seat and drove away.

I kicked and screamed at him but he wouldn't let me out. The doors were locked and the only way out was to unlock it from his side. I asked him why. Why did he kidnap me, a homeless boy with nothing left to give?

What I heard was the most caring reply I have ever heard. It made me cry. Cry tears of happiness and forgiveness of myself. "I pity you. Come live with me. Forget about your past and live with me."

I cried out all of my tears for the second time in my life. As I cried out my tears, I felt comfortable. I felt like sleeping for the first time in months. I slowly stopped crying and laid my head down onto the car seat.

Who is this man? Why was he so kind to me? How can a person who is so rich let a poor fellow like me live in his household?

I closed my eyes and let all my worries and thoughts disappear along with the questions in my mind. I let rest engulf me in the darkness that I haven't seen in months. I let a hand stroke my hair as I let my brain sleep in peace.

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