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Doctor John Smith blinked. This hadn't been what he'd been expecting when Pete had offered him a job at one of his companies. After turning down a job at Torchwood, he had been at a loss for what to do. Upon arriving back in Pete's world, Rose had also resigned from Torchwood, and was currently looking for work, but Pete had been keen for the Doctor to work at this particular company. Now, the Doctor found himself outside a smart new-build office block, all big glass windows and smooth white walls, stretching high above the Doctor's head.

"Now come on, Doctor, can't keep them waiting. Just because I'm one of the two Directors, doesn't mean we can turn up to your interview late." Pete chuckled, nudging the Doctor into the large office block.

As the Doctor stepped through the doors, he watched as the large sign on the outside of the building disappeared from his view. Pete quickly signed them both in at reception, handing the Doctor a visitors badge and led him to the lift. The lift headed up to the thirty-fifth floor- the top floor of the building- and as the Doctor stepped out, he saw that the majority of the floor was walled off, presumably making up the Directors' office, but the remainder of the floor was taken up by the Directors' secretary's office.

"Hello, Jenna," Pete greeted the receptionist as he hurried the Doctor towards the office.

"Good morning, sir," Jenna replied politely, looking up from her filing.

As the Doctor was led into the office, he saw that it was full of expensive furniture.


"Now Doctor," Pete told him, slightly patronisingly "I understand this wasn't the excitement and adventure you and Rose were expecting, but until your TARDIS grows, you will need to earn a living."

"Dad," Rose chipped in hurriedly "if the Doctor doesn't want to take the job, I'll just stay on at Torchwood,"

The Doctor, who had been resting his head in his hands, sat bolt upright at that.

"Rose, you are not working at Torchwood! It's too dangerous, we have to be more careful now!" the Doctor told her, sliding across the sofa to take her hands in his.

"Says you, who can't wait to go off in that damned blue box of yours." Jackie protested from where she was sat with little Tony, who was eagerly finger painting.

"Jackie, it won't be like it was in the other world; no more life threatening situations," the Doctor insisted, before adding "well, hopefully not, anyway,"

"Doctor?" Rose asked cautiously, shocked that he seemed even more determined than he used to be about staying away from dangerous planets.

"Rose, I've lost you once already, and we both know we only have this one chance together. So, I apologise for taking that chance and refusing to let go of it, but I can't lose you again," the Doctor told her gently.

At a loss for what to say, Rose nodded, dumbfounded.

"I admit I may not be able to help you find a job, Rose, but the Doctor's exactly what we're looking for in the company." Pete told his daughter, who nodded, before he turned his attention to the Doctor again "Now, this is a fairly new company, but I've put a lot of money into it. The young woman who owns it came to me about six months ago, and asked if I'd be interested in funding the start of her company and being the second Director for the company. I know that you're not qualified to work for a PLC in terms of previous business experience, Doctor, but the company can hire someone they believe is capable for the job, which I believe you are."

The Doctor nodded, but was a little worried. From the way Pete was speaking, the Doctor figured his new job would be either a secretary or an accountant, and neither really appealed to him.

"Plus, the money's amazin'!" Jackie chipped in eagerly.

Both Pete and Rose rolled their eyes while the Doctor frowned.

"And that matters because?" the Doctor prompted, genuinely confused.

"Well, as much as we love havin' you here, you and Rose will have to get your own place eventually!" Jackie announced.

"Jaqs..." Pete warned, shaking his head slightly.

Not noticing Rose blush at her demands, Jackie continued, undeterred.

"An' what with Rose quittin' Torchwood, you'll need a steady pay coming in, in case Rose can't find another job for a while. Besides, a house isn't gonna pay for itself!"

The Doctor sighed, glancing at Rose, who was looking extremely worried.

"Ok," the Doctor agreed eventually, looking over at Pete "I'll take the job,"

"Perfect!" Pete replied, grinning.


"Take a seat, Doctor," Pete told him, gesturing at a chair opposite one of the large desks.

Nervously, the Doctor slipped into the seat. He fiddled with his tie- Jackie had gotten their tailor to make the Doctor a brand new black suit, and she had made Rose take him out to get several shirts and ties, and smart black leather shoes- ran a hand through his hair, and tapped his fingers on the arm of the chair. Finally, a young woman, probably early thirties, stepped into the room. As the Doctor glanced round to see who had entered the room, he had to stop himself from gasping in shock.

"Donna, sorry, I should have given you more notice, but this was the earliest date I could get away from Torchwood, and I figured you'd want to meet your new employee as soon as possible." Pete explained.

Donna nodded, before turning her gaze to the Doctor, smiling supportively.

"Hello," the Doctor announced, grinning, hurrying towards Donna. He shook her hand eagerly "I'm Doctor John Smith,"

"Hello, Doctor Smith, I'm Donna Noble. Head Director here at Noble Corporation PLC Limited. Pete here tells me that you'd be a wonderful addition to the company, and I'm so glad you accepted the position. Of course, you will be on trial for six weeks, during which Pete and I will monitor your progress in the company, at the end of which we hope to be able to offer you a full time position." Donna told him, shaking the Doctor's hand. "Now, shall I show you to your office?"

The Doctor nodded, still ever so slightly dazed that he was stood in front of the alternate Donna Noble. A Donna Noble who, it seemed, was doing rather well for herself. A swell of pride filled the Doctor, and he grinned.

"Yes!" he answered quickly. Noticing both Donna's and Pete's bemused expressions, he started again "I mean, yes. Donna Noble, lead the way!"

And so, only slightly bemused at her new employee, Donna Noble led Doctor John Smith to his new office, the Doctor grinning away to himself. He was going to enjoy working here.

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