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Chapter 1

I was walking home from school, just an average day when I felt it. Something was off, not just the atmosphere but everything. I tended to have these feelings and I had never known why. Nothing bad ever happened to me except... NO! I was never going to think of that time in my life again. Those monsters would never find me or my family. I could never live with myself if I lead them here. I probably wouldn't live at all... That feeling again! I wished I knew what it meant, if anything at all. I could have just been suffering from PTS but that was unlikely. Walking home was always monotonous. I would walk twelve miles, through the woods, to my home when I could have just taken the bus. For some reason my parents wanted me to walk so I just went along with it, there was nothing I could do to change their mind. If they ever saw me on a bus they would beat me. It was almost every day now, like a routine. I would walk home from school, do my homework and then my dad would get out the belt. He would beat me with it while I cowered in the corner. I would always beg him to stop but he found my pain funny. My mom would just sit in her room until it was over. The first time he had hit me with a belt was when I was five. I was just watching tv when my dad came in and changed the channel. All I asked was for him to change the channel back to my show when he took out the belt. My mom had tried to defend me but he ended up beating her into submission. That was one of the worst days of my life. I was almost fifteen now and the beatings had become, as I said earlier, more frequent. At least I could find some peace in the woods. There was no one or nothing to judge me but I still had that fear. The fear that they would come for me again. I suddenly heard rustling a while away from me. It didn't sound close but it didn't sound far either. The rustling was followed by a yelp. A yelp that was far too loud to be from anything other than what I feared. I stood in pure shock, waiting for my feet to take me away from this place but they refused to move. I was still standing there when I heard the noise get closer. I looked towards the direction of the noise and saw... nothing. I was probably imagining things. My fear had probably taken over my mind. I slowly began walking again, listening for the noise. It had cut off for a moment but began again in full force. It was getting closer which concerned me but if they were coming for me again, I stood no chance of outrunning them. I would try but that would only make the punishment worse. Suddenly, I saw a large mass of fur tumbling down the slight incline I was walking up. It was fairly large and seemed to be making the noise I had heard. There was growling and the occasional screech as it continued down the hill. Once they finally stopped rolling, I looked at them. There was a large silver wolf baring its teeth and snarling at a chocolate brown wolf. They were glaring intently at each other and didn't seem to notice me. I was only a few feet away and was horrified. They had found me. I would be stuck with them again. Abruptly, the snarling cut off as the two wolves looked at me. My eyes were wide with fear which I was sure they could sense but I didn't care. I began trembling and couldn't help the sob that broke through my chest at seeing them. It was all over. I had lost. I fell to my knees and didn't know what to do. I wouldn't get a chance to say a last goodbye to my friends or slap my father for all he had done.

"What are you waiting for?!" I practically yelled, causing them to wince. If I wouldn't have been so frightened, it would have been almost comical seeing two giant wolves flinching away from a petite girl like me.

"Phase back, no one else is here. I know why you're here. There is no way I can run anyways." I was crying softly into my hands. I was doomed. They would take me back and I would once again be nothing. At least when I was here, getting beaten or not, I was someone. I didn't have to deal with the degrading at school while I did at home but with them I would never be anyone but a servant. I just waited for the impending disaster. They would surely beat me for running away but there was no way I could fight back. I suddenly felt a warm hand on my shoulder which caused me to flinch away from the contact. I didn't look at my captor, I couldn't. I would surely break down which I would be berated for because of my weakness. They never tolerated the weak.

"How the hell did she know?!" I heard a loud voice bellow from a distance away from me. Why would he question such a thing? They were here to get me after all. I obviously knew what they were.

"Would you shut the hell up Paul? Can't you see she's upset?!" The man closest to me asked. Maybe they thought they could get me to go back to them if they were kind to me. I would never want to go back but it wasn't as if I had a choice.

"You know I can't do that! What fun would I be if I did?" I heard the man named Paul answer. They seemed to be joking when they had a job to do. The Alpha would not be happy if he found out.

"Hey, are you alright?" I heard the man that wasn't Paul ask.

"Why haven't you taken me to the Alpha yet?" I was still crying but I looked up to give them each a long glare. They both looked very similar, like they all were. They seemed to be Native Americans with cropped black hair and from what I could tell, brown eyes. They were only wearing shorts which I had expected since I already knew what they were. The guys were looking at me in shock. Seemingly unprepared for my question.

"What, isn't that why you're here?"

"What are you talking about?" The man next to me said.

"Well, you were obviously told to come here to get me so what's with the delay? I mean seriously. What is with this? Can't you just get it over with."

"What the hell are you talking about you bitch?"

"Paul!" The guy next to me seemed to growl. I was, however, far angrier than he could ever be. I would be taken from my home while being degraded by their deranged Alpha. I was not going to deal with this crap being spouted by one of his lackeys.

"What the hell? I have to deal with this from your Alpha but I AM NOT dealing with this from you. A subordinate such as yourself doesn't have the right. You're obviously new so I'll spell it out for you. The Alpha won't let me get hurt 'cuz I am of use to him for now. At least when you drag me back there, kicking and screaming I might add, I will still have what little pride I have left from years with monsters like you!" I was yelling by the end. All of the pent up rage that had been brewing inside me had been released and it felt good to finally let it out.

"You know Sam?"

"I don't know what the Alpha's name is but I do know he's not you." Paul growled at me and stepped forward in a menacing manner. The boy who had not introduced himself stepped in front of me protectively. I didn't know why he did it but I was grateful. I did not want to have to deal with the wrath of a werewolf.

"Lay off Paul."

"Who's gonna make me?"

"I will, if it comes to it."

"Like you could stop me, Jared."

"Sure I could. You let your anger take over way to easily. Like if I did this," Jared said, stepping towards him and smacking the back of his head, "You'd get angry." He finished his sentence as Paul started shaking. I knew what the result would entail and I really didn't want to stick around and watch it unfold but I was frozen in place.

"Honestly Paul, you're too predictable." Paul stopped shaking for a moment, an evil smile playing on his lips.

"Like you're not predictable. If I hurt Kim then you'd be angry too. I bet you'd even try to kill me. Emphasis on the word try." Jared started shaking even more violently than Paul had. What was with these guys? I thought they had been after me but they didn't seem to know what I was talking about. Also, who was Kim and what did she have to do with any of this? Maybe she was someone like me who had been taken by them. I started backing away from Jared. If he was going to phase then I could not afford to be too close. "Well, what if I hurt Rachel? What would you do then you lousy son of a-"

"ENOUGH!" I heard someone shout from deep in the woods. I could hear the Alpha timbre in his words. The boys were abruptly silent. He was here. How could he have been here? I was doomed.

"I try to give you two minutes to work this out and then you..." A man came out of the woods and stopped, seeing me. He sighed, closing his eyes as though knowing what was about to come. He looked almost exactly like the others but seemed older. He may have had the Alpha timbre but he was not the Alpha I remembered. Maybe in my absence, the old one had been overthrown.

"Who's this?" I stayed silent. I would never talk to an Alpha. They were all evil. Every last one of them. They always let the power go to their heads and ended up making very unwise decisions. "Jared, who is this?" He asked again, staying completely calm.

"I don't know. We just saw her in the woods and she knew what we were." He looked a little sheepish, his eyes watching the ground.

"Could you please tell me your name." He seemed pleasantly reasonable when talking to me but how could I trust him? He could easily turn on me. It seemed as though he sensed my hesitation because he clarified. At least he didn't seem to be ordering me around. I had hated it when the Alpha of the past had done such a thing.

"We would just like to know how to address you." I could respect that request. He wasn't asking much from me.

"It's Maddie, Maddie Rodriguez." I spoke quietly while extending my hand to him. He took my hand in his and shook it once. Our exchange was followed by an awkward silence. It carried on through an immeasurable length of time until the Alpha sighed.

"We will need to talk to you about what you know." I was abruptly scared by his statement. I though he could tell because I gave all of the signs. My heart rate sped up while my eyes widened in shock. I had never told anyone the full story and I didn't think I ever could. They were asking far too much from me as I had just begun to know them. I only knew their first names for crying out loud! Also, they should have known everything, they were after me weren't they? My eyes stayed wide as I thought through his request. It was far too much to ask from one person at one time so I did the only thing I knew how to do. I ran. I ran as fast as I could but I knew there was no way I could outrun them, even if they were in their human forms. I had only made it a few yards when I felt two large, warm hands grasping my arms. I screamed out in shock as I flailed, trying in vain to free myself. By the time they had dragged me back to where we had been previously standing, I was in tears. I knew it was happening again but I didn't want to believe it. "Maddie, what's wrong?" I heard the Alpha ask me in obvious concern. I wondered why he cared. He was just like the rest of them.

"You know what's wrong? Your entire race! Your race can go to-" But I never got the chance to finish as I passed out from the stress of the day. I had just given them the perfect opportunity to carry my limp body back to their pack. I was doomed and I had no way to prevent it. It was inevitable. I was going back to face my worst nightmare.

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