My Story: By Molly Marie Wells Warbucks

My story begins on May 5th 1927. That's when I was born. My mom always used to tell me that I was a pretty easy-going baby. I don't know much about that. What I do know is that on my 4th birthday my parents took me to Coney Island. I don't remember much about that day except for my dad knocking some bottles down with a baseball and winning me a stuffed pony and getting my picture taken on a pony. I must have gotten very sleepy because the next thing I remember is waking up the next morning and my mom coming into my room to wake me up.

I remember her saying to me "Molly your dad and I are going to a Broadway Show tonight and you will stay with Mrs. Johnson. We will be back late so she will put you to bed and we will see you in the Morning." So I spent the day with mom and dad. That night they got ready to go and Mrs. Johnson came over to stay with me. Since mom and dad had always tucked me in I asked if I could stay up and wait for them. Mrs. Johnson told me that Mom said that I should go ahead and go to bed and they would see me in the morning. So I went to bed. The next thing I knew Mrs. Johnson was waking me up. I looked at her and asked if my mom and dad were home. She told me to come into the living room.

When I went into the living room I saw to policemen sitting on the sofa with her. The policemen told me that my mom and dad were dead. I asked if I was to live with her she said that she was to old to take care of me like a mother should. She told me to pack a few things because I was going to go to an orphanage. I didn't know what that was so I was a little scared and excited at the same time. After I finished packing Mrs. Johnson told me to go back to bed and we would leave for the orphanage in the Morning.

The next Morning Mrs. Johnson got me up and fed me a big breakfast and told me to go and get my belongings that I had packed last night. We then got into a taxi and she told the driver to take us to the nearest orphanage. The orphanage he took us to looked really scary on the outside. I started to cry and say that I didn't want to go in. Mrs. Johnson said that maybe it would be better on the inside. She then went up to the door and rang the doorbell. a few minutes later a little red-haired girl came to the door. She looked at me and Yelled for a Miss. Hannigan to come to the door. When Miss. Hannigan came to the door she asked if my parents were dead. She said that they were. Miss. Hannigan to leave me with her and that I would be okay. Then she took me into her office and said " Little Molly you might want to change into something more right for your new situation." She then handed me a ragged blouse and a pair of grey leggings with patches on the knees. When I put them on I noticed that the leggings were a little tight. I told Miss. Hannigan about it and she said "deal with it rotten orphan." After I got changed I asked her about my shoes and she said that they didn't have any shoes at that moment so I should just keep wearing the ones I had.

After I finished changing my clothes Miss. Hannigan said " Molly there are some rules that you need to know if you are to stay here. They are one will address me as Miss. Hannigan Two never tell a lie and three when asked you will respond with "I love you Miss. Hannigan." When she told me to say "I love you Miss. Hannigan." I looked at her and said "I thought that you told me to never tell a lie." because I didn't love her in fact I was really scared of her. She then went and got a big wooden board off the wall and started to hit me with it. I don't know what she put on it but every time she hit me with it the board really stung my bottom. After being hit about four times I decided to go ahead and say "I love you Miss. Hannigan." After all of that she took me upstairs and got some ragged sheets out of a closet. She then took me into a room and pointed to an empty metal cot and said "Molly that is your bed. I expect it to be made by the time I get back or else you will be paddled again."

After she left I tried and tried to make my bed but I couldn't because I didn't know how since my mother had always done it for me. After I had tried for some time I heard someone coming up the stairs. I thought that it might be Miss. Hannigan and got scared that she was coming back to see if I had made my bed yet so I tried to hide under the bed but I couldn't fit so I curled up into a little ball and started to cry for my mommy. A few minutes later I heard a voice telling me that everything was okay. I looked up and saw the redheaded girl I saw at the door earlier. She told me her name was Annie. I then told her that my name was Molly. I realized that she wasn't going to hurt me so I got up and went over to her. She asked me why I was crying. I said it was because I was afraid that Miss. Hannigan might be coming back upstairs and I hadn't made my bed yet. Annie looked at me and said " I bet you don't know how." I said "you're right because my mommy always did it for me." She said "why don't you and I do it together? That way I can show you how to do it." After we had made my bed I heard some more footsteps coming up the stairs. Annie said "Molly you stay here and I will go see who it is." When she came back she said "it's okay Molly it's just the other girls."and began to introduce them to me. There was July, Duffy, Kate,Tessie and Pepper.

Everbody was nice to me that first night except for Pepper. She looked at me and said " you don't belong in here. You're a baby and I am going to get Miss. Hannigan to put you in the nursery with the babies." I was afraid that I would have to leave and be away from Annie. Annie said not to pay attention to Pepper she was just being mean. After I had met everybody Annie told me that I should get into bed. I started to cry because I was hungry and scared. Annie came over to me and said "Molly how would you like to hear a story?" She then told me the story of how she came to live at the orphanage. Then she read the note that her parents and left in the basket with her. After she did that I still couldn't sleep so she started to sing to me. As she was singing to me I got really sleepy and fell asleep.