WOW: Balcony. Where there's a balcony, there's romance! The old house is haunted by a tragic and lovelorn spirit. Sam feels her pain and wants to take the sensitive approach in summoning her.

Dean's not convinced.

Disclaimer: Don't own them. So not fair!


"Have some sympathy," Sam explained; "this poor girl pined for her absent sweetheart and you look kinda like him so, serenade her; it might bring her out onto the balcony."

Dean wilted.

"Back in black," he began, wailing tunelessly; "hit the sack an ...'"

"Dude," Sam cringed; "all you'll bring out with that racket is a rash; sing something romantic."

Knowing only one romantic song, Dean grimaced.

"Near, uh ... far;" he warbled hesitantly, "um, wherever y ..."

The song choked into a strangled squawk as a bucket of water hit him in the face.

"Sympathy, my ass," he spluttered.

"We bust in there and toast the bitch."



Just in case anyone wasn't sure - Dean's chosen song of love was that delightful Celine Dion ditty that made Balthazar want to smite himself, 'My Heart Will Go On'. :)