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Drabble #2- Stay


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I puffed out some warm air onto my cold hand and rubbed them together, trying to warm myself up.

It was one of those nights where there was nothing but cold, dark night. My breath made a tiny white cloud in the jet-black pool of darkness.

I glanced once more into the streets, seeing a few people rushing to and fro, but none of then were the person I wanted to see.

Where was he?! Kazuma was never ever ever late!

I readjusted my seat on the stone pedestal of some raised garden and then tucked my hands in my pockets again, pulling out my phone.

11:27. We were supposed to have met at 10:30!

Feeling cold and dejected, I slipped the phone and my hands back into the pocket of my jacket. It was Christmas Eve, and here I was- alone while the rest of the world celebrated. Another joyous couple passed me, holding hands and lost in their own worlds.

At this point I wondered if I should just go back home and give up on Kazuma ever coming. For some strange reason I sat there some more, wallowing in despair.

Some more time passed, and Kazuma still wasn't anywhere to be seen.

I was brought out of my daze by a strange man who wobbled up to me. He reeked of alcohol and addressed me in a wavering voice. "Hey there missy, wanna c- -hic- come with me to a -hic- special place?"

I immediately recoiled and started to walk away from him, but to my horror he latched onto my wrist firmly. I turned and saw his face. The moonlight cascading upon it made his angular features seem sinister. I struggled against him- trying to run away.

"S-sir, let me go!" I cried, feeling my stomach drop and a chill running through me. I was too cold and tired to fight back against his iron grip. The strange man's face then twisted into a strange sort of smile.

"Well well, what do we have here?" His hand was on my abdomen, trying to snake its way up.

I yelled as loudly as I could, "HELLLLPPPPP!" I tried to get his hand off me, but he easily pushed me away.

"There's no one around missy. No one to help you. Now let's get a kiss here-" At that point I felt like all hope was lost.

Suddenly, he was flung onto the ground and away from me. A withering punch hit the bum's face and I heard a loud crack. Another punch and the drunkard toppled to the ground.

I quickly scooted to the side, wanting to be as far away from the drunk man as possible. When I looked at who had saved me from who knows what, I saw a familiar face.

It was Kazuma. I looked up at him blankly for a second- seeing his eyes widen in recognition. "Ay-" He choked out, immediately wrapping me in his arms. I was too stunned to move for a while, just standing there in his embrace stiffly.

Suddenly I melted into his arms and began sobbing. He whispered many things into my ear that night. Words that started off soft, broken, thick with regret and then slowly went to his regular voice. He told me over and over again how sorry he was, and how much he regretted something so horrible happening to me. When I was more or less calmed down, we called the police and testified to the whole incident together.

Luckily a surveillance camera proved the bum's bad deed and he was arrested.

When me and Kazuma finally left the police station, the morning sun shone over the buildings softly. It was almost morning.

"Let's go to my apartment." He suggested, stroking my hair rhythmically. I nodded, burrowing deeper into his chest. He cradled me in his arms and I was glad of how safe I felt with him.

With me in his arms the whole time, we somehow made it to his apartment.

When the door was shut tightly behind us, we separated to take off our shoes and change into slippers. I was getting tired and hungry, but I was still shaken from the incident. I whimpered when Kazuma began to walk into the kitchen, leaving me in the living room. Hearing me, he turned back and swept me into his arms yet again.

"Don't leave me." I whispered. At that his arms tightened around me.

"Never, Ayano. Never."

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