E/O challenge: Balcony. 2 x 100 word drabble

Not Letting Go

I knew the shoulder was dislocated the moment Dean struggled to his unsteady feet.

"Let's get you outta here," I murmured determined to get him away before the creature returned.

But it was too late. Attacking from out of nowhere the ravenous werewolf knocked Dean to the ground; pushed me over the edge.

I clung in desperation to the side of the balcony, long legs dangling – barely able to hold on.

Moments later I heard gunshots and then felt my brother reach down to pull me up.

"Hold ... on," he gasped. It was then I remembered the injured shoulder.


When I saw Sam disappear over the edge I thought I'd lost him.

"Sonovabitch," I yelled emptying the barrel into the werewolf at point-blank range.

Couldn't believe how lucky we'd been when I saw my brother's long fingers clinging to that balcony railing. I rushed over; reached down for him.

"Hold ... on," I gasped as I began pulling him up, his entire weight pulling my arm further from its socket. The pain was excruciating.

"Dean," Sammy murmured. "Enough man ... you gotta let go."

"Never," I groaned as with one final heave he was safe. Time to pass out!


Can't believe I looked at this week's drabble word and thought "hey, what a great way to hurt Dean." - I'm sorry I think I need professional help!