During a mission, Anakin is gravely injured - and presumed dead. When he regains consciousness completely healed, he returns to Coruscant, unaware of the life altering change he has gone through.(Set after the events on Mortis.)


He only needed to make it ten more steps to the hovering gunship that was waiting for him at the edge of the cliff; the droids were right behind him, but in ten steps he would be safe_

he made it four before the explosion knocked him off his feet, the ground trembled, rumbled ominously, then collapsed under him him and Anakin felt himself falling into the bottomless chasm below.


Obi-wan could only watch in horror as the explosion caused the edge of the cliff to crumble, if Anakin had been on his feet, he may have been able to outrun the collapsing rocky ground. The explosion had blasted Anakin to his knees though...

As the ground around him fell away, Anakin's horror matched Obi-wan's as he fell to his death.

Ok, I know it's really short. But i wrote this in a book lastnight, it seemed longer, and I didn't want to incorporate my Prologue and Chapter one - so the first few chapters might be a little on the short side, but they will be good I promise.

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