Springsteen – Eric Church

Okay, so imagine you're sitting in a bar. It's a Saturday evening in mid July. You're seventeen years old and you look it; cut off denim jeans, pink blouse and shiny white pumps. You touch a ringlet of perfectly curled hair. You take a drink of your soda - you're beyond excited. Why? Because your insanely hot, older boyfriend is coming to meet you. And by older, I mean about 1100 years older. He's not a wrinkly. He's a vampire.

That seventeen year old was me. That vampire was Eric Northman.

I had met Eric about a month before in a club that I'd been dragged along to by my friend Gracie, who had been dragged along by her beau Jason. It was kinda seedy and definitely not the sort of place that my mama would have wanted me to go to. Lord knows if my brother got wind of where I was, I would have been in deep shit. The club was called Fangtasia and was a place that brought together all kinds of dodgy dealers. But as soon as I saw Eric, I didn't notice anything else about the club.

He was sitting on a throne. There was a semi naked woman gyrating in front of him. He was staring at her without any kind of interest and there was a bored look in his eyes. And then he smelt me.

I knew it was me that he smelt, because my kind have a very distinctive smell. I'm a half blood. My mother was a human and my father…well he was an angel.

Now this sounds a lot more glamorous than it really is. I don't get to fly. I can't become invisible. I can't read people's minds. The best I can do, is sit and look pretty. My mother always used to tell me that I was special, but that's what every mother says to their daughter, right?My father didn't stick around. My mama didn't blame him. She said he had otherworldly duties and that one day he would come back to us. Me and Noah, my brother, who's only a year older than me, well – we're still waiting on him. Mama died, so she never got to see her one true love again. But maybe she's joined him in heaven.

I don't go shouting out about what I am. Not many people know. In fact, I could count them on one hand; Noah, Gracie and my shifter co-worker Ben. Not many people at all, huh? I just never could see what good would come of people knowing. To be honest, most people would probably just laugh in my face if I had told them. The only people who understand are the supes and people who have been exposed to their world.

At the time I met Eric, vamps and weres had just come out to the public. There was still a lot of taboo about them, but I wasn't afraid. I knew what it felt like to look like a human on the outside, but feel alien to them on the inside.

Anyway – I will always remember that look that Eric gave me when he looked up to find out what the hell had just walked into his club. He came over to me in that crazy quick way that vampires do and put his nose right up against my neck. You have to remember that I was an innocent, naïve little girl. He sweet talked me and I lapped up his every word. I'd never had a boyfriend before him. He made me feel so special. We saw each other regularly. He said he'd never met anyone like me before. He told me he loved me after we had made love. He was my first. I believed everything he said to me.

Now, back to the bar. You're still sitting in your seat, even though your boyfriend had said he would meet you half an hour ago.

That in itself was strange. Eric was never late. I should have known something was different that time.

You look up to the door in one last desperate move. It's him! It's Eric! But something's not right. There's a woman with the man you love. And she has a protective red taloned hand on his shoulder.

I stood up.



"Where've you been? I been waiting here for half an hour. I thought you weren't coming."

At this the beautiful woman said, "Jesus, Eric, doesn't this blood bank ever shut the fuck up?" She laughed a dainty tinkling laugh that didn't match her vicious words.

Eric turned to look at her, languidly as he always did. "No," was all he said.

My jaw dropped.

"Eric?" I whispered. I felt like I had been stabbed. What had I done wrong? Why did he hate me?

The vampire turned his gaze back to mine. "Ally. I have to leave town. I probably won't see you again."

I staggered back and leant heavily on the barstool. "What do you mean? Please…tell me you're joking."

The woman laughed again. "You surely don't think that a vampire, especially one such as Eric, would even dream about pledging himself to a human? Even a half breed," she added thoughtfully.

I saw red, as any hormonal teenager would. (It was that or break down in hysterical tears. I'm a very productive girl.) "You bitch," I hissed.

She flew at me and I was backed up against the wall before I could blink. Her fangs shot out (yeah – she was a vampire too) and she came right up close to my face. "You don't know who you're messing with, little girl. But if you know what's good for you, you will do exactly what I tell you."

I struggled against her iron grip. "You can't glamour me."

"I wouldn't think about trying to glamour a…" she sniffed the air. "A half angel. You underestimate me. No. I don't need to reduce to glamouring. I'm simply threatening you. Because Eric and me? We belong together. No-one can stop us. So unless you want to answer to me," she hissed at me dramatically, "Then I would let Eric leave without making a fuss. Don't ever try and find him."

She let me go, and I dropped heavily to the floor. I gasped for air, and clutched at my neck. I looked pleadingly at Eric, willing him to see sense and come back to me. But all I was met with was his cold, icy stare. I was nothing to him.

The woman took Eric's hand and they walked to the door. I waited a moment before following them. There was no one else in the parking lot. The moon was high and full, sending a pale light down to earth, making the two vampires glow even more than normal.

As a last resort, I whispered into the darkness, "You said you loved me."

I knew he heard me. I saw him slightly turn his head, not quite enough to be called looking back at me. He carried on walking into the night. They held both hands and flew up into the sky together. Me, the angel, was left on earth. All alone.

I wouldn't see that bastard Eric Northman for another ten years.