This Ain't No Love Song – Trace Adkins (You really need to listen to this song for two reasons: 1) the lyrics are great for the chapter, like how Ally's feeling. 2) IT'S AMAZING)


Is it bad that I missed him? I didn't want to miss him, but I couldn't help it. I got back at about three in the morning, so I went to bed straight away. The last thing I thought of when I closed my eyes was Eric Northman. The only thing I dreamed of while I slept was Eric Northman. When I woke up the next morning, the face in my head was Eric fucking Northman. I was in a foul mood. Like, PMS times by ten.

I called Ben at about eleven to tell him that I would be able to come into work today. The conversation went a bit like this:

"Hey Ben?"

"Why you callin' this early?" His voice was slurry from sleep.

"Ben, it's eleven in the morning. I've been basically nocturnal for like three days and even I'm awake."

I heard a female voice in the background and rolled my eyes, even though Ben couldn't see.

"Ugh, I'm awake. What is it?"

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm coming back to work tonight."

"Oh you are, are you? Got tired of your vampire friend?" He sniggered.

"Shut up. Or I won't come in and you'll have one less bartender again."

"Tetchy, aren't we?"

"Ben. I am so not in the mood for you right now."

"Come in at seven, okay?"

"What's the magic word?" I asked spitefully.

"Pay check."

"That's two words, but they're two pretty damn good words. I'll see you later."

I put my phone down. I had nothing to do for the whole day, so I put the telly on to a re-run of Friends. I couldn't concentrate.

"Rachel's pregnant!" said Ross.

EricNorthmanEricNorthmanEric Northman, the voice inside my head whispered.

"Holy mother of God!" said Joey.

EricNorthmanEricNorthmanEric Northman.

I basically sat like a vegetable in front of the telly (half concentrating on the programmes and half thinking about Eric) all day. At six, I changed into my work clothes; black tight t-shirt, black shorts and all black Vans. I tied my hair up (didn't want a repeat of an unhappy customer getting a hair in his tequila…not a good day for me) and applied a coat of mascara. As always, I drove to All Bar None. Herbie was being especially temperamental today, so I had to drive even slower than usual. By the time I got there, there were already plenty of people at the bar. Ben was doing his thing with his cocktail shakers and Taylor and Carry were running around picking up empty drinks glasses, toothpicks and credit cards. No, I'm joking. Not the toothpicks. We're not rednecks in All Bar None.

"Where've you been?" Asked Ben, who was mid Bloody Mary Routine and surrounded by insanely hyper college girls.

"My car," was all I needed to say.

I got my waist apron on and washed my hands.

My first order was pretty tame: two Buds, a Black Velvet and a Mojito. I set to and got a sweet tip from the guy buying the drinks. Who, incidentally, was about a billion years older than me. But hey, it's money. I'm not saying no.

I turned around to hang a few glasses up on the racks.

"I want a True Blood. AB Negative."

No. No no no no no no no .

I turned round quickly. "What are you doing here Eric?"

"I was just passing by and-"

"Bullshit. What are you doing here?"


What was I doing here? I couldn't tell her the truth: I just wanted to see your face again. No, that wouldn't be a good idea. She would either laugh or get really mad. Probably mad because I could even smell her bad mood. And normally, I can't even smell moods.

"I wanted a drink and this was the nearest bar."

"Eric. You work in a bar."

"I wanted to get away from my adoring fans." Be jealous, be jealous, be jealous.

"Well, you've come to the right place!" No, not jealous.

This was a serious backtrack from yesterday. It didn't exactly fill me with hope. She banged a bottle of blood in front of me. I didn't really want that synthetic shit. I wanted her blood again. I could imagine the taste now: sweet, but not too sweet, just like Ally.

Without another word to me, although I did see her look at my arms appraisingly (I was wearing a vest as usual, but no jacket) when she thought I wasn't watching her. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

And neither could some of the other fucking cowboys in the bar. My hearing had always been good, even before Godric had turned me, but now that I was a vampire, I had excellent range. There was a group of three young men, perhaps about Ally's own age, who were nudging each other and winking whenever Ally came into their vision.

"Look at her ass," one of them said admiringly. I saw his eye rove downwards as Ally turned to reach down a bottle of rum from the top shelf.

"Her tits man," another one said. "Hey, Jeff, you go up get us some drinks. See if you can get anything outta her."

My fangs ached. I wanted to tell them that she was mine. Even if she wasn't mine yet. She would be.

The one they called Jeff approached the bar. He was overly confident and gelled his hair like Danny out of Grease. He swaggered up to the bar. "Hey sugar?" he called out. Ally was in the middle of serving another customer a Bud. She looked up.

"One minute," she called out, taking the money from the guy. She pocketed the tip and put the money in the cash till. She approached me and 'Jeff's' end of the bar. "What can I do for you?"

Jeff gave a leering smirk. "Oh, I can think of plenty of things…but they can wait until later. Right now I'll take three beers."

I wanted to laugh when I saw Ally raise her right eyebrow and look at the creep scathingly. "Coming right up." Her tone was bored.

Jeff's eyes wandered lower and lower. I was conscious of the low neckline of her top was and for the first time quite possibly ever, I just wanted to cover up her beautiful honey skin of hers. "What's your name baby?" He asked, in what I supposed he thought was appealing tones.

"Ethel," Ally said spitefully.

"Come on, don't tease me."

"Ally," she said, finally relenting.

"What a beautiful name…for a beautiful lady."

"Would you excuse me, I have another customer. So sorry." I snorted at her insincerity.

The guy heard me and looked over. "What are you laughing at?"My face turned stonier and I let my fangs slide out. Jeff's face paled. "Oh, I didn't know…she's all yours."

I heard him run back to his friends at the smoke covered table. He muttered something about her being a fangbanger and I rolled my eyes in annoyance. I hated that term. Especially because there was absolutely no banging involved in our relationship.


I waited and sat at the bar all night. Ally was busy and everywhere, serving drinks and smiling. She wasn't impressed when she realised I wasn't going to go to Fangtasia or home, but she didn't kick me out or anything and I wouldn't have put that past her.

Her bartender friend shut the door and locked it. "Aren't you going home now?" he had asked me.

"No Ben," Ally cut in. She sounded tired. "He's coming back with me."

I don't really know why I had stayed at the bar all night. I suppose, I had lost track of time. But going home with Ally didn't seem like such a bad outcome.

I followed her out the back way and to her car. It had started to drizzle and Ally was fiddling with her keys. "It's not opening," she hissed. She pushed the button on the keys again in desperation.

"Here, let me try," I offered. She handed me the keys.

"It's done this before," she explained, as I fiddled with the batteries.

"Oh? And what did you do to fix it?" I was getting steadily wetter as the rain was getting heavier.

Ally bit her lip endearingly. "Well…the car went into servicing. And it stayed there for about a week. They're pretty old fashioned batteries in the bleeper thing…pretty hard to find."


"You want me to fly us to your house?"

I shrugged. "Not unless you want to walk." Fly. I had never flown with him before. He held out his arms. I took his hands in mine and said, "Do I have to do anything? I don't know, hold my breath? Think happy thoughts?"

He laughed a deep rumbling laugh. "Only if you want to." He looked deep into my eyes.

I blinked and looked away. "Come on then Peter Pan. I believe in fairies. I think I've even met one."

Eric drew me in closer, wrapping his arms tight around me. "Hold on," he said, right beside my ear. And with that, he took off like a rocket into the air. I shrieked with delight. I couldn't even tell which way we were…flying. I laughed in delight.

"Eric!" More laughter, I couldn't stop. "Where are we? It's all blurry!"

I could make out his bright pale eyes through the darkness. Everything behind Eric was a haze. He was smiling wonderfully. "We're right here," he said. "We're going down!"

Suddenly we were dropping, falling through the sky. It was like going down a sharp slope on a rollercoaster, but worse because there was no seatbelt to hold you down, only Eric's arms. And they weren't doing anything to calm my heart rate.

We finally came to the ground, Eric landing perfectly on two feet. I ended up on my ass on the dirt track in front of my porch. "You could have caught me," I said, grumpily from my seat on the floor.

He knelt down slowly. "I could have done, but I preferred my view from above. That is a very nice top that your work makes you wear."

"That's vulgar," I said, standing up (without his help, may I add) and dusted off my shorts. "Listen, you can stay here tonight, but only because there's like three hours until dawn. You can't make a habit of it, okay?" I looked down to him, still on the floor. His eyes were on my ass. "Alright buddy, my face is up here." I pulled him up by his hair, the only way I could cause him pain.

He smiled. "I like what I see up here too."

"Thank you Casanova. Let's go inside. Unlike you, I actually worked all night and I'm beat."

I unlocked the front door and went straight to the sitting room. I yawned and stretched like a cat. Eric was sitting opposite me, just staring. I gave a little sigh/laugh. "You know I always got creeped out when you did that. You always used to wake up before me and just watch me."

His eyes softened. "When you and I were together?"

"Yes," I said slowly. "When we were together."

Eric rested his head on his hand. "Have you…have you been with many other men since I left?"

Please no. This can't be happening. It's too embarrassing. "Erm…well, I wasn't exactly keeping count. I haven't really dated anyone. But, y'know…sex. Sex is good." What the hell was I even saying?

"Yeah sex is pretty good."

"What about you? Have you been with many other women. Since you left?"

"Yes, I have been with many women."

"Right, well…now that we've cleared that up-"

"But none were perfect like you."

Silence. A cold, scary silence. "Well, that vamp that you left with that night seemed pretty damn close to perfect. Or at least, more perfect than I was because you chose her over me."

Eric shot up and began pacing my room. "I didn't have any choice! Sophie-Ann…she's my queen…I had a job."

"A job? You didn't think you could tell me about that?"

Eric turned his eyes to me. "I'm a murderer. And you're so…angelic and innocent and young. You couldn't have understood."

"I'm not I'm entirely understanding right now." Murderer?

"Sophie-Ann gets into trouble quite a lot. I had to…turn a human. She's called Felicia. That's who you saw me with."

"Okay, okay. So…Sophie-Ann gets into trouble. She makes you create a vampire. Why you?"

Eric was running his hand through his hair repeatedly. It was sticking out endearingly. "Because she didn't like that I was fa-…in a relationship with a human. This was a while ago now, it's a lot more acceptable for our kind to be with humans. She didn't want me to be with you. Creating a vampire takes three days, but bringing up the vampire can take many years. Sophie-Ann ordered me to live in Shreveport with Felicia and bring her up there. When she was about five years old in vampire ages, I released her. That means she has no more ties to me and she can live on her own."

"Okay…so that leaves like three years when you were on your own?" I asked. "Three years where you could have found me?"

"I didn't think you would want to see me again."

"Damn straight I didn't want to…but that's not the point."

"I wanted to see you!"

"Eric, pitiful has never suited you. Look, I'm annoyed at the fact that you left me. No, more than annoyed. Fucking incensed. I think I spent about three months imagining your slow and painful death. But now you're back and I wanted to still really hate you. I can't even hate you…all I feel is how I felt eight years ago." I glared at him. "It's funny because you are so annoying and I like you so much." It wasn't funny at all.

"So…this is what guilt feels like," Eric said quietly.

I threw my head back. "Now you're making me feel guilty…and I haven't done anything!"

"You've stolen my heart. Stealing is a crime."

"That's a rubbish line," I said with a little grin. Damn it, he was cracking me…I promised myself I wouldn't be cracked in the bar.

"Forgive me. I'm still not very good at human chat up lines." Eric smiled. He walked around the coffee table to the couch and sat next to me. "But…was your father a thief too?"

"No, I don't think angels need to steal much."

"Because he must have got those stars in your eyes from somewhere."

I face palmed. "That's terrible. Please stop!"

"You must be tired?" He said.

"I am actu-" I began to say, but he cut me off.

"Because you've been running through my mind all night."

I hit him with a cushion, but he just brushed it off, laughing. I was pretending to groan in agony. I could barely remember Eric's humorous side. He was actually joking around.

"Did it hurt?" He asked seriously.

"Please don't tell me this is going where I think it will."

"Because it has to hurt if you fall out of heaven." Eric was right up close to me.

"Do you have a map?" I whispered. "Because I keep getting lost in your eyes." I put my hand on the back of his head and drew him into me, closing the gap between our lips. The kiss was slow and passionate, just how I would want it. My other hand rested on his cheek, which was slightly stubbly.

I heard Eric take a deep breath and his eyes closed. I smiled against his mouth and straddled his legs. It felt so right to finally be with Eric again, like it hadn't been eight years since I had last kissed him like this; everything was coming to me so naturally. Eric's fangs slipped out, but he took care not to cut me with them. His mouth brushed over my cheekbone, my chin, and the shell of my ear and down my neck, nipping and kissing at my skin as it went. "So beautiful," he murmured against my collarbone, sending little breaths along my skin, causing Goosebumps to appear. "So perfect. My angel."

And if I wasn't turned on before, that did the trick.

My hands slid down to the hem of his stupid little vest. I pulled it upwards. "Off," I said. "Now!" Eric carried on kissing my neck. "Fine, you asked for this," I said and ripped his vest right off him. When I saw he was about to protest, I put my pointy finger over his mouth and said, "That is also payback for all the dresses that you ripped off me."

Eric shrugged as if to say, 'Fair enough'. I took in his chest properly this time, as all the other times I had seen it in the past few days; I had been trying to ignore his attraction. I decided it was my turn to do the kissing and I ran my tongue from the cleft at the bottom of his neck all the way down to the bottom of his sternum. His nipples hardened and I licked one of them too for good measure. Eric seemed to like that, judging from the twitch in his pants beneath me. So I did it again and again, until I was basically sucking his nipple. Eric pulled me back up to his mouth and began kissing me again. It was a rougher kiss this time, his fangs scraped at my bottom lip. Eric's large, very masculine hands were wound around my hair. He drew his head back, just a touch, but enough to break the kiss. I pouted and he pecked my lips.

"It's only fair that you should take your top off now too, angel." As he said this, his hands snaked their way up under my shirt and over my stomach. He drew the t-shirt over my head and threw it somewhere behind me. He eyed my bra indifferently. "This is nice," he said. Then ripped it off. Literally. It was in shreds.

"Eric!" I exclaimed. It's one thing to rip a t-shirt, but bras are precious to girls.

My chest was now completely exposed to him and I was now choosing this moment to feel shy. That didn't last for long however, because Eric was nuzzling (yes, nuzzling!) between my breasts. There was a strange mix of kissing and licking and sucking. He pulled his head up briefly and said, "May I bite you again…I have to taste you." He stroked his thumb over his fang marks on my neck, which were fading extraordinarily quickly.

"Of course," was all I said, before he attacked my breast with vigour, biting down hard, but somehow not hurting me at all. I held his head in place as he licked away the dripping blood. He came back up to meet my mouth. "Ew!" I said, after he had kissed me. "That tastes horrible!"

Eric looked confused. "Your blood is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted."

"It tastes of…well…blood."

Eric shook his head. "Not to me."

"You know," I said conversationally. "Your pants are really getting on my nerves now. In fact, life would just be a lot easier if you took them off."

"Oh, really? Well now that we are on the subject of items of clothing that we find annoying, those shorts that you've got on are just pissing me off. You wouldn't to piss me off would you?"

I shook my head. I stood up and turned around. As I pulled my shorts down, I bent over slightly, giving Eric a teasing view. I heard a little growl from behind me and grinned. When I faced him, I wiggled my hips a bit and said, "You like?"

I sat back down on his knees and undid his belt buckle and the buttons of his jeans. (I don't see what the fuss is about buckles and buttons – girls always seem to have such a hard time undoing them.) I made way to push them all the way down to his feet, where he kicked them off properly. I ran a finger leisurely over the tip of his erection that was straining under his boxer briefs. It twitched under my touch and I giggled. Eric stood up, holding me carefully in his arms. "I am taking you to the bedroom," he said, "So that I can fuck you senseless and then we can rest, and then we can fuck some more. Does that sound alright to you?"

My mind had glazed over as soon as he had said the words 'fuck you', so I nodded stupidly like one of those bobble head things people keep in their cars. Eric did the insanely fast running thing up the stairs to my bedroom, so we were there in about a second. He lay me down like a princess on the bed, like I was fragile. He lowered himself down over me, bracing his weight on his arms either side of me.

"Eric?" I said. "You're doing that staring thing again."

My vampire smiled and kissed me swiftly. "Sorry angel."

He moved further down my body and kissed my hip. Drawing up my legs, he placed them over his shoulder. I felt his breath tickle the tops of my thighs and shivered with delight. Without warning, Eric bit down on the skin between my ass and the tops of my legs. I couldn't help but cry out – this felt better than anything I had felt before. Eric was moaning from his place on the bed, rubbing his hand over my hips. When he stopped drinking from me, he licked the two round marks and I felt them begin to scab. He rubbed a thick finger pad over my pants and my eyes rolled back into my head.

"Oh my god," I muttered.

With astonishing grace and ease, Eric pulled off my pants and sank back down on the bed and began to lazily flick me with his tongue. My breaths were ragged and short. I was mumbling something about please and never stop and more oh my gods.

He must have stayed doing that for some time because I think I came twice.


I was going crazy. Literally. Every time she moaned my name, I had to shut my eyes so I didn't do anything that I would regret. Her blood tasted good, but damn, her juices were like the perfect wine. It was getting too much for my dick to cope with, so I pulled off my boxers. I pushed myself into her with an urgency that I have never felt before. She gave a shout, a carnal animal noise that I matched. I pushed into her slowly at first. She was tight and snug around me and I paused for just a moment to collect myself. I had waited for years to feel this again and I wasn't going to blow it all now (excuse the pun). I opened my eyes to find her honey ones staring at me. She caught me unawares and flipped me over so that she was sitting on top of me. My angel pushed herself up on her knees and sank back down onto my dick. I watched her intently; she was concentrating hard, her eyes blazing. Her hands were on my stomach and she was using me to push herself up and down. Her hair was wild, tumbling down her back. I had the sudden urge to run my fingers through it, but before they got there, she started moving her hips up and down a lot faster and rotating them in little circles. My tongue tangled in my throat and I let out a strangled sound that sounded very uncharacteristic. She made a breathy noise every time she landed on me (which was often) and her beautiful breasts were bouncing high and fast. This was getting to be too much for me and I came, hard.

"Mmm," Ally moaned under her breath. She sank back down to lie down on top of me, not letting me pull out of her (although I wasn't going to complain about that). She closed her eyes and wrapped her hands around my body. I let my hand trail along the dip of her back and kissed the top of her head. "That was pretty damn good, mister," she said.

I smiled, although she couldn't see me. I did an awful lot of that smiling business around her. "You're not so bad yourself," I said. When we had been together before, obviously I was far more experienced than her, so it was a very different kind of sex that we were having, now that Ally had had more familiarity with the art. I tried not to let that fact annoy me and drew my fangs in with a click. The thought of Ally in anyone else's arms but mine now was painful, physically painful. I looked at the digital alarm clock beside her bed. "I have a couple hours before I need to sleep," I said gently.

She rolled off of me and I hissed at how cool my body felt again. "If I shut the curtains and the shutters, then can you sleep here in my bed?"

I let that thought roll over in my mind. I had never slept in any girl's bed intentionally, not even Teenage Ally's. It strangely appealed to me. "Of course I will angel."

She smiled happily and closed all the curtains and shutters in the room until we were in pitch black. She looked at me thoughtfully. "I think maybe I'd better get you some of Noah's clothes or I won't get any sleep tonight." Ally left the room and returned a few minutes with an old greying t-shirt and a horrible pair of plaid boxer shorts. I tried not to look too disgusted. I took the clothes from her and dressed myself.

Ally had disappeared into another adjoining room (I'm guessing bathroom from the smell of it) and came back later dressed in blue and white striped pyjama shorts and white button up pyjama top. She looked so pure that it was hard to imagine that we had just had hot sex on her bed. She got under the sheets and smoothed them out over herself. Before she lay down to sleep, she bent over to kiss my forehead. "Goodnight Eric." She rolled over to lie on her side facing the window (i.e. not me) and I curled into her. She gave a happy little sigh and wriggled further under the sheets. In a moment, she was asleep and sending out gentle breathy snores. I buried my nose into her hair and held her closer, following her lead and forcing myself to sleep.

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