The Goddess of War reincarnated

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Pairing ~ Bella and Jasper (Major)

Summary ~ Vampires get tired of living in secret so they come out of hiding, the Volturi are out to collect talented humans and vampires. A very human Isabella Swan unknowing mate of Major Jasper Whitlock, God of War gets captured. But the thing is Jaspers mate died in a battle with newborns…

Chapter One ~ Introduction

It was 7 years ago that vampires pronounced their presence in the human world. It had been an easy war for them to win since they are destructible, the only think that kills them is to tear them apart then burn the pieces, or they will reconnect and the vampire will live. Only few human, if any have done this because there skin is the strongest material on the Earth.

Major Jasper Whitlock was one of the main leaders in this war. He had a mate, a wife but in the battle she was one of the few vampires that got torn apart burned, and killed. All he ever does now is sit in his study in the Volturi Castle (where he now lives!) in silence and thinks of his lost mate. He wont speak, wont move, wont even go hunting so he has to have his meals brought to him by one of the guards.

That was until he met a human girl called Isabella Swan. Who smells and looks like his lost mate.

His world is about to change…

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To answer some questions that you might have

now or farther on in the story!

1 Japser is a human drinking vampire

2 Male/Female vampires can tell how their mate is

by the smell of their venom/blood and can feel

electric sparks when they touch it is a sign that

their souls are reaching out to each other.

3 Males vampires are extremely possessive and

protective of their mates.

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