Love With A Hint Of Surprise

Author: sup! Well I have been reading an awesome fict named Stuck With You by Ray-Kat-Hollows. And as I was reading that awesomeness I got a couple of ideas from it and as of always I had to run to my computer and now here we are! This fict is dedicated to Ray-Kat-Hollows; thanx Ray for the awesomeness and the ideas! Hope you all enjoy it!

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Farore's P.O.V

"I'm sorry Farore." Nayru says with a saddened tone.

"It's not your fault that I have this cursed eye." I say and she gives me a hug.

"It's not a curse it's a gif. You can see people's past while looking at them straight in the eye; you can understand them more or see why they are filled with evil and help them." My eighteen year old sister informs. She is one inch taller than I and she has straight shoulder length purple hair and she also has bangs that slightly cover her forehead. She has normal colored skin and her eyes are an ocean blue they hold wisdom, kindness, and for now sympathy. She's wearing a blue sun dress that is above knee length with two golden bracelets on both wrists, a silver necklace that has the Triforce symbol on it, and high heels that are silvery blue with straps that curls around her legs and stops below her knee. She also has a fragile like frame, but not as fragile as mine. I sigh and shake my head in disagreement.

"But they see my past as I look into theirs and I can't even control how much I look into their past and most of the time I don't even want to know about their past! My cursed eye is even a different color then my left!" I slightly yell at her and Nayru sighs.

"So what? I think pastel green is a gorgeous color and the different color of your eyes adds to your beauty." She replies. I sigh again. Really, does one aqua-green eye and one pastel green eye make me even more beautiful? Even if I'm not beautiful not even slightly cute in the first place? Not even! Everyone says I'm the most gorgeous goddess of them all, but I know it's all a lie. Nayru sighs again and grabs my hand lightly.

"Follow me and I'll show you what I mean." she says and I obey and she leads me to a long mirror that shows my whole being. I look at my reflection and see a slightly shorter (one inch smaller than Nayru) seventeen year old girl with slightly below rear length straight dark brown hair that's silky soft with a side bang on the right side of her face, it doesn't cover her pastel green eye though, because Nayru is holding it back. Her left eye is aqua-green, she has natural blood colored lips and a fragile-like body frame, her skin is pale as the moon and she's wearing a strapless faded green dress that's below the knee with a red choker that has the Triforce symbol on the middle of it. She's wearing no shoes and will continue to do so.

"I still don't see the beautiful Goddess of Courage that everyone claims to see." I say as I stare at my reflection. She lets go of my side bang and it falls over my pastel green eye completely covering it. She kisses the side of my head and walks out of my room. I sigh again and walk to my bed and plop on my bed and stare at the celling. Then I hear my door open again and I see Nayru again.

"Remember we have a Ball tonight so get ready. We're leaving in an hour." With that note she closes the door and again I'm left alone.

Author: sorry it's an uber short chapter, but I got family over so I got to go chill with them. Again Thanx Ray for your beastliness and review please it helps and gets me in a happy mood. Bye and see you guys later!

Love Farore Beast