Chapter 3

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Farore's P.O.V

"Farore, sweetie wake up." I hear someone say sweetly to me and I flutter my eyes open to see Nayru sitting on the side of my bed, smiling. I smile back at her.

"Good morning." I say. She gets up from the bed and walks to the door. I get up too.

"You have to hurry up Little Goddess; you have violin lessons in 30 minutes." She informs then closes my bedroom door. I nod then get myself ready for the day; I'm wearing my usual white dress that has no straps and the outline of it is black. I'm wearing no shoes and I have my red Triforce choker, also my hair is down, but this time I put a Spider Lily in it. I grab my violin and run to the practice room. My violin looks normal, but it has vines on it. I burst the doors open and I run to the stand.

"What happened Farore? Did you perhaps had too much fun with Link yesterday?" Din asks and Nayru bursts out laughing. I blush and they both are laughing. I set up my equipment while my sisters calm themselves down. Din clears her throat.

"Well then, back to business. Farore begin." Din orders lightly and I obey and start to play (XD I rhymed!) this sad, but soothing melody. In about 2 seconds I immediately go into my own world with just me and my music, no thoughts, no worries, nor even reality, just me and my music. After about 3 minutes the song is over and I hear someone clapping. I open my one visible eye and see that Din and Nayru are not clapping, but looking towards the door with a smile. I look in that direction and see Link! He smiles at me and I blush deeply; he saw me preforming. I look at my sisters with confusion. Nayru was the first to speak.

"Farore, since that event with the shadow being Din and I decided to hire a body guard for you. Since you and Link get along very well we hired him to do the job." Nayru and Din giggle and again I blush.

"Alright." I answer then stop blushing and walk towards the door and accidentally brush against Link's shoulder. I turn around, blushing.

"Sorry." I simply apologize; trying hard to hide my blush. He nods and I do the same, but then walk to my room. I know for a fact my sisters told Link to be by my side all the time, because I can hear his footsteps, protective, but slightly quite steps. We go outside and into the training grounds, where my sisters and everyone else practice their fighting skills. I walk in the middle of the field then I take out my sword.

"Link, can you press that yellow button on the wall right there, please?" I ask and he nods and presses the button. Then a whole bunch of Skultulas and one Armogoma crawl towards me. Right away Link pulls me behind him and takes out his sword. I slightly smile.

~He's so sweet, but still I need to improve, not him ~ I say in my head.

"Link, I'm sorry, but I can do this alone. Besides this is something that I need to do to become stronger." I tell him and he looks at me with shock. I just smile and walk around him and to the army of enemies. About 60 Skultulas start to pounce towards me, but I slice each one's heads off. I hear Link gasp in surprise and I smile at him.

"See? I told you I can do this." I say to him and he smiles warmly and I go back to fighting.

Finally I'm at the last stage of training! Right now I'm covered in blood and my body is sore, but I'll ignore that, for now I'm focusing on destroying the last enemy. I hear the red doors open and I wait silently for the creature to appear.

"Well look who's at the final level! Too bad I'll kill you before you can even get to me." Says a harsh voice that sounds similar to Link's. Oh no…

"Dark Link." Link says with a scowl and said shadow comes out with a big smirk on his face.

"So Link, you're the guard dog, huh? Well this will be fun!" Dark says with a cocky tone. I growl under my breath and scowl at him.

"You're only fighting me, Dark. Now shut the hell up and fight!" I shout at him. I charge at him and stab him in the chest. Damn, I missed his heart! He stares in shock for a second, but then chuckles and punches me in the back of my head and I slam into the ground. He was about to stomp on my head, but I quickly roll away and flip back up on my feet. He again chuckles evilly and I growl; a thing I do when I'm annoyed or frustrated. I charge at him again and get in a slash in his left arm. He scowls at me and tries to stab me in my head, but I keep on dodging the attacks. I take the risk and stab him again, but this time on his side. He moves back a little and right away I try to stab him again, but this time he grabs my sword and uses the hilt to hit me in the stomach! I stubble a bit and hold my stomach to try to stop the pain. Dark grabs me by my neck and starts to strangle me to death. I try to take his hands off me, but he has me in a death grip…..I…I can't breathe and my vision is getting blurry….why is it so cold? I hear Dark chuckle.

"Rest in peace, Farore." He says with pleasure in his voice. Am I going to die?

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