I have re-written Steve, so read again and enjoy! Also that means from this moment on (until the new chapters, not re-written ones) there will be no more AN.

A shadowy figure ran through the night, avoiding the blocky obstacles that were in his path. This figure, who had come to call himself Steve, still had no idea how he had came to be on a beach in this blocky world.

Suddenly, Steve heard the hiss of an arrow and he let out a yelp of pain as it pierced his knee. He fell to the ground and listened instinctively for the sound of bones clicking together. Steve had no idea why he had the instinct to search for this sound. He searched for the sound, but he heard nothing.

Steve winced as he pulled the arrow out of his leg. He crawled to a nearby stream and tried to clean his wound but it would not stop bleeding.

The world started to spin, and Steve had only just registered how much blood he had lost when he passed out.

Steve awoke to the 'oink' of a pig and the sound of footsteps. Then he heard a voice. It was female, and it sounded excited, "Guys, over here, Jeffery's found something!"

Steve opened his eyes to the pixelated face of a pig. This pig started to lick Steve's face.

Again he began to feel light-headed, and he blacked out.