"Where are the others?" Steve asked as Kryptid looked out over what was once his home.

"I couldn't keep the portal open, so I left them behind," Kryptid answered.

"Okay," Steve said, and then gasped as blocks of yellow stone rose up from the void, creating a staircase down to the floating island beneath them. Kryptid raised his eyebrow, then began to slowly make his way down the staircase.

As he climbed over a large hill made of the end stone, Steve saw a strange obsidian altar, and hovering above it was Herobrine himself. Smiling, he floated down towards them, and hovered above them.

"You know, I didn't think you'd actually come," he said, sounding saddened by their presence. "I'm sad actually. I mean, you are the only people who have ever come close to defeating me, and it'll suck to see you die. So I'm giving you a choice. Leave now, or die."

"We're not leaving," Steve said, and Destructo groaned.

"Seriously? He gives you a choice between life or death and you choose DEATH?" he shouted. Herobrine laughed, and sent him flying into one of the pillars. Herobrine looked back at Steve and scowled.

"Fine, have it your way," Herobrine said, sounding genuinely upset. He lifted his arms above his head, and behind him, on the obsidian altar, a Nether portal slowly rose, following the movement of his hands. When it was fully visible, Herobrine clapped his hands, causing it to light up.

Out of it poured monsters. Hundreds of monsters flooded out, filling up the stone field around the group, surrounding them.

"Oh this is just great," Destructo moaned as he rubbed his head from his concussion.

"That's not all," Herobrine said menacingly, and an ear-splitting roar echoed out of the void. A look of utmost terror etched across Kryptid's face, and he shook his head, pleading. Out of the ground behind them burst an enormous dragon.

The Enderdragon.

Steve kicked a zombie backwards, sword slicing through another's neck, and then swung in a circle, clearing his way to the others.

"We'll deal with the Enderdragon!" Kryptid shouted to Steve, and he teleported himself and Destructo to the top of one of the pillars. Rookie and Fido joined up with Steve, and they began to fight their way to the altar.

Kryptid turned to face the Enderdragon, which flew around the End, roaring every now and then while glowing particles swirled into it from the glowing orbs atop each pillar.

"We need to destroy each of those orbs. They heal and give power to the dragon," Kryptid said, turning back to Destructo. He was too busy admiring the floating orb on the pedestal beside him. Kryptid sighed, and then threw an enderpearl straight up into the air. He then punched the orb. It exploded, but not before Kryptid teleported back into the pillar, not being affected by the explosion. Destructo however was launched backwards, luckily not falling off of the pillar.

"You need to do that to every single orb on each of these pillars," Kryptid said to Destructo, as he stood up, obviously angry.

"Why the hell did you do that for?" he shouted.

"Well you weren't listening," Kryptid said nonchalantly. Destructo scowled, but he aimed his bow at another pillar, destroying the orb on it. He continued to do this, while Kryptid used his teleportation to destroy others.

Down on the ground, Steve climbed up onto the altar, and out of the portal more and more monsters were flooding. A ghast flew out, but was soon taken down by the Enderdragon as it flew overhead. Rookie and Fido joined him, and they all began to hold off the monsters, while trying to take out the portal. Steve looked over at Herobrine, who stood on short pillar, behind the altar, watching over the battle.

"Go deal with him," Rookie said, pointing at Herobrine. "We'll take out the Nether portal."

Steve nodded, and ran over to the pillar, cutting his way through the seemingly endless horde of monsters. Launching himself onto the pillar, Steve barrelled into Herobrine, knocking him to the ground.

Destructo fired endlessly at the Enderdragon, which swooped overhead, roaring loudly. The arrows collided with it, which served to only make the dragon angrier. Kryptid teleported to the last pillar, and once the strange energy source was destroyed, the dragon became more frantic. Destructo continued his rain of arrows, dealing massive damage and pain to the dragon. It swooped over head, knocking Destructo off of his feet and into a heap at the bottom of his pillar. As he twitched in pain, Kryptid used an enderpearl to appear on top of the Enderdragon itself. His blades flashing in his hands, they clanged against its scales, and it screamed in pain. Spinning, the dragon collided with the ground, Kryptid slammed into the rocks while the dragon continued through. Kryptid cringed as monsters surrounded him, and he slowly stood up, and began to fight through them.

Steve punched Herobrine continuously, but he was thrown off and Herobrine scowled. Summoning a glowing sword to his hand, Steve kept up his onslaught of attacks on Herobrine. Back and forth with sword and energy, the fight went on and on. Herobrine seemed to give way, but it was just a feint. As Steve stepped into it, Herobrine brought his fist up under Steve's chin, which launched him into the air. When he landed on his back, Herobrine put his foot on his chest.

"Why are you trying to do this?" Herobrine asked, pushing his foot down further.

Steve didn't answer. Instead, he swung his legs up, and kicked Herobrine off of him. Spinning, he brought his sword up until it was buried in Herobrine's leg. Roaring in pain, he pulled the sword out of his leg and threw it aside. Steve charged at him, but he wasn't quick enough, and Herobrine launched him backwards. He laughed.

"Look around, Steve. Your friends are dying, and you will join them," he said, all the while laughing menacingly. Steve looked around slowly. Rookie and Fido were slowly being overwhelmed by monsters, and soon disappeared under the masses of undead. Destructo was lying unconscious at the base of one of the obsidian towers, and Kryptid was nowhere to be seen. The Enderdragon swooped on the masses of monsters, attacking anything and everything.

Steve looked at Herobrine, and he continued to laugh.

"You are going to die. Don't have any doubts about that," he said. "I want you to know however, that it will be painful. Extremely painful."

Steve looked around again, and smiled. Rookie and Fido were holding of the monsters, and Rookie climbed through the portal, and it was soon destroyed. Kryptid had appeared, and had woken up Destructo. Together, they were holding of the monsters. Destructo raised his bow and fired at the Enderdragon as it swooped over him. When his arrows pierced its scales, the dragon screamed, and curled into a ball, glowing inside out from a bright light. As it exploded brilliantly, Steve stood and turned to Herobrine, smiling. Herobrine looked surprised, and Steve finally saw the way to kill him.

"You're right. I am going to die," he said as he ran at Herobrine, knocking him off of his feet and off of the floating island. They fell together into the Void, while Herobrine tried to fly back up to the island, but Steve held him down.

"Why are you doing this?" Herobrine shouted, as he punched Steve over and over again. Steve blocked most of his attacks, and finally was able to kick Herobrine further into the Void. As he fell, Herobrine scowled, and he was then swallowed up by the Void.

Steve continued to fall, no longer able to pull away from the massive amounts of force pulling him down. Steve thought over his short life, and he was happy.

The Void swallowed him. He was dead.

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