The next two weeks go excruciatingly slowly for JJ and Emily. The only time it seemed to speed up was a case that took them to Reno, NV. And they think that was due more to the fun the team had had after the case ended. Emily couldn't drink or be around a lot of smoke so the team had found a restaurant with a private room and spent the evening eating, laughing and celebrating another victory for the team.

JJ had passed her test and her proctor had simply assumed she kept the personal experience out of the Charles McGrew question to maintain objectivity. JJ didn't bother to correct him. She is now working towards her third and final test, making her extremely grumpy. Her grumpiness explodes when Straus comes to see her the Friday before Emily's ultrasound.

"Agent Jareau, do you have a minute?"

"Of course, ma'am," JJ says, gesturing to the chair in front of her desk.

Straus sits down and sighs regretfully. "The budget meeting that was cancelled this week has been rescheduled for Monday at 9 a.m. Attendance is mandatory."

JJ's jaw tightens as her back stiffens. "Mandatory? Monday at 9?"

Straus nods. "I know Agent Prentiss has her ultrasound. I've already made a call to the director's office on your behalf. The meeting cannot be missed by any of the officers in charge of budget justification."

JJ gets up and starts to pace. "What if…what if someone attends for me?"

"Would they be able to answer any question put to them?"

JJ takes a deep breath, knowing the kinds of questions that usually come up. Reid would ramble on about statistics and lose the audience. Morgan would be defensive. Rossi would be sarcastic. Hotch would be there but he doesn't know all the ins and outs the way she does. There's things he just doesn't need to worry about with all his other duties. JJ leans against her bookcase.

"And it can't be at 11 or so?"

"I'm afraid not. I asked for a day later or even later that day but it's the only time the director can make the meeting and it needs to be done by the end of next week."

"Son of a bitch," JJ blurts and kicks her desk.

Straus stands. "I'm very sorry, Agent Jareau."

"I know. Thank you, ma'am." JJ stands there a moment then leans on her desk. She hits Emily's speed dial.

"Yes, Jen?"

"Can I see you a moment, please?"

"Uh, sure. Be right there." A second later, Emily leans in the office nervously. "Jen?"

"Come in and close the door please."

"Um, okay."

JJ is a ball of tension. She paces back and forth, the anger just radiating off her and making her ears bright red. Emily stares at her, wondering what she's done wrong.

"Um, did I forget a major report or something?"

JJ turns to her in confusion. "What?"

"You're pissed at me. What did I do?"

JJ stares at Emily as if she's grown a second head. The blonde finally closes her eyes and lets out a deep breath. "Shit." She leans against the counter behind her desk. "I'm not pissed at you, Em. I'm sorry if I seem like I am. Straus was just here. The budget meeting has been rescheduled for Monday at 9."

"What? Can't you miss it? Or send someone else?"

JJ runs down the reasons she can't send another team member. "And as to missing it, no. Straus even tried to get it pushed to later but the director's schedule is set. That's the only time he can do it and we have to have it before the end of next week."

Emily drops down into the chair. "Oh. Maybe I can get the appointment moved to—"

"No! Emily, even one day not knowing is going to be too much for the both of us. We're snippy with each other, your stress level is getting worse the closer the appointment gets, neither of us is sleeping well. One way or the other we have to know." She moves around to lean against the front of her desk. She takes Emily's hands in hers. "Just promise me you'll text me the ultrasound. I can look at it when we have a break."

Emily stares at her a moment. She wants to argue, to insist on waiting. But JJ's concerns are valid. Emily lifts JJ's left hand and gives it a kiss. "I really hate you won't be there. Because positive or negative I really need you there holding my hand. But you're right about the stress and other shit." She stands and pulls JJ into a hug. "I'll go and I'll text you the ultrasound but I'm still going to hate you're not there."

"Me, too, baby. Me, too."

They give themselves 5 minutes, figuring they deserve it considering the rain on their Monday parade. Finally Emily heads back to her desk, her frustration obvious to Reid and Morgan.

"Princess? Everything okay in Prentissville?" Morgan asks.

"Yes. No. Sort of. It's…complicated," she mutters, opening the file on her desk.

Reid and Morgan exchange a look. It's obvious Emily doesn't want to talk about it but Reid still leans towards her desk.

"We're here for you, Em."

Emily looks up at the concern on Reid's face. She looks over and sees Morgan's worry. She sighs, feeling like a jerk. "I'm sorry, guys. Jen can't make the doctor's appointment on Monday. I'm just…pissed."

"I can go if you want," Reid offers.

Emily smiles, touched by the offer. "Thanks, Reid. But I think the last thing you want to see first thing on a Monday is my naked torso."

Reid blushes as Morgan busts out laughing. Reid manages a smile. "Um…true…but only because JJ would kill me."

Emily laughs, glad her friends can make her feel a little better. She gets back to work on the case in front of her.

Monday morning Emily jumps as the cool gel is placed on her stomach. She is sure if they had hooked her up to a heart monitor the machine would explode. The doctor smiles at her.

"Just relax, Emily. Everything will be fine. Let's see if we can find a baby."

Emily can only nod worried if she speaks she might throw up. The doctor manipulates the transducer over Emily's stomach. Emily stares at the screen in front of her. She has no idea what to look for as it all just looks white and black.

"Well, there it is," the doctor says.

Emily frowns at the screen. "Where?"

The doctor chuckles. Using a computer mouse, she circles a small, lima bean shaped blob in the center of the screen. "That, Mrs. Prentiss is your baby."

"Oh…oh, wow," Emily says incredulously.

"It's well attached and looking good. Now, since you did in vitro, you're actually about 7 weeks along in your pregnancy. So if I adjust the sound a bit…"

She trails off as she adjusts another knob on the machine. Emily's eyes widen as she hears what must be the heartbeat of her baby.

"Oh, my God," Emily whispers, tears in her eyes. "Is that…is it really…is it…"

The doctor smiles. "Yep, it's your baby's heartbeat. Strong and steady. Sometimes it can be up to 8 weeks before we hear such a strong sound. You've got a healthy baby in there, Emily."

Emily just stares and listens, tears rolling down her face. "Can…can you send it to Jen?"

The doctor smiles. "We will. We loaded her info already. Once we're done here we'll send it to both of you. Would you like a print out of the image?"

Emily nods eagerly. "Yes! Please! Oh, wow…it's so tiny."

The doctor chuckles. "Give it time. It will get bigger. I promise."

Emily laughs. Thirty minutes later she is preparing to leave. The nurse walks in and gives her a copy of the sonogram. Emily just stares at the image. It is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen.

"We've emailed your wife and your home email. Congratulations, Mrs. Prentiss."

"Thanks. Thanks so much," Emily says. Normally not a hugger, she stuns herself and the nurse by pulling the woman into a hug.

The nurse chuckles. "See you in 2 weeks."

"Yes. Right. Thank you."

As Emily walks out to the reception area, the lady at the desk smiles at her. "Congratulations, Mrs. Prentiss. See you for the next sonogram."

"Yes. Thank you."

Emily is pulling out her phone. She never notices the man sitting in the corner who gets up and follows her out, himself on his own phone. Just as she is about to dial JJ's number the phone rings.

"Oh, my God, Emily! It's beautiful!" JJ gushes.

Emily smiles. "I know."

JJ had reported to the meeting at 8:30 to make sure she was set up for her portion. When Director Ryder sees her he frowns.

"Agent Jareau? What are you doing here?"

"I do the justifications for the BAU. I'm always here for these, sir."

He smiles. "True. But usually your wife isn't having an ultrasound."

JJ's jaw drops open. "How…how did you know?"

He chuckles. "Saw Elizabeth in London last week. She's practically floating."

JJ smiles. "Ah, of course. Well, since this meeting is mandatory and couldn't be moved I had to—"

"Why couldn't it have been moved? I could have done it this afternoon."

"But…but Chief Straus tried. She said you were booked," JJ says angrily.

Ryder turns to his assistant, who has visibly paled. "Uh, well…I just…"

"Next time, you ask me, Praytor. If there is a next time," Ryder says threateningly.

The man gulps. "Yes, sir."

Ryder turns back to JJ. "I'm sorry, Jennifer."

"Thank you, sir. Emily promised to have them email me the file."

He chuckles. "Well, if I see your phone buzz and your eyes get big I'll call a break."

She laughs. "Thank you, sir. I'd appreciate that."

True to his word, when he sees JJ's eyes flick to her Blackberry at 10 and then flash to him, he calls for a recess. JJ hurries out into the hallway, Hotch right behind her sure he knows what this is about since she had warned him.

"And all is healthy and good?" JJ asks.

"Everything is perfect. The heartbeat was strong and steady and-HEY!"

"Emily?" JJ frowns at Hotch as she hears the sound of Emily's phone hit the ground. She puts it on speaker so the unit chief can hear. "Emily, can you hear me?"

The next word out of Emily's mouth paralyzes JJ.

"Ian," Emily says in terror.

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