Beneath The Sky

Chapter 1

The chains rattled loudly as the red dragon slammed against his bonds. Oh, what a trick had forced him here!

His eyes fell upon the ill-fated Dovahkiin. Had she not been strong enough to defeat Alduin? And yet this one wizard was able to capture her. He tortured her for days. Her skin was covered in burns and cuts and she was dripping with water. He hurt her until she was delusional, impressionable – she believed the wizard when he said shouting for a dragon would save her.

And so she screamed his name with every force in her soul. It took the final resources of her energy and sent her into unconsciousness. He had been her last hope.

Odahviing heard her desperate call and knew she was in trouble. He had vowed to assist her and he flew as fast as he could into the high-ceilinged cave – right into the trap by the mad wizard.

The wizard had explained what he did to her while he pulled scales and extracted blood. Something horrible was happening, the dragon knew.

"Now, hold still," the wizard said. "I've spent quite a bit of time perfecting this spell – it will go best if you stop struggling."

Needless to say, Odahviing only struggled more.

The wizard began chanting unrecognizable words. Instantly, pain ripped through the body of the dragon. He felt as though his body was being torn to shreds. He let loose a horrible roar – before he fell deep into unconsciousness.

A/N: Because we don't have enough weird ships.

This was pretty shocking even to me. I was just watching Odahviing talk to the Dragonborn at the Throat of the World. And then this appeared in my twisted mind.

I've come to the conclusion that I ship the Dragonborn (no specific race or gender) with everything that breathes. Well, at least everything that has a name and is mildly important.

I'm sorry for the short chapter. Hopefully, future chapters will be longer. Reviewing encourages me to update, because it lets me know people are reading and (hopefully) enjoying my story.