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Bella was your everyday average girl. She worked, studied, had nights out partying with friends, and occasionally saw her family. She wasn't anything spectacular, her life wasn't particularly thrilling. The only thing she looked forward to was Sundays where she would go and visit her Nan in Pine Tree Lodge nursing home.

Bella was a pretty shy and retiring kind of gal. She never went looking for trouble, and she certainly wasn't the sort of girl to go out and sleep with everything with a pulse. Her mother and father had severely drummed into her from an early age to be careful and choose wisely as to who she laid down with. Bella was determined not to be the sort of woman who gave up the most sacred thing a woman owned to any random guy.

She was a straight A student, who was currently studying the Master of Science degree in Nursing at California State University. The program was extremely time consuming as it required a lot of studying, but it was a field close to her heart. She wanted to be able to take care of her Nan, and give her the care and attention she needed. Bella knew how much her Nan hated being cooped up in that nursing home, but at that particular moment in time she had no other choice.

Bella held down a part time job at the Hollywood Internet Cafe; it wasn't the best job in the world, but it paid for her studies and paid the rent. She wasn't proud of the fact she worked at an Internet Cafe as her mother and father had always wanted more for her. When she was younger, they put constant pressure on her to strive to be the best she could be; and, for a brief time she was grateful for what she thought was their loving support.

It wasn't until she told them she was moving to L.A to go to college to pursue a nursing career that she found out their 'support' was nothing more than pure control.

Bella loved her parents beyond belief and she knew deep down they loved her too. However, she knew they had never really been happy with her decision to move to another state, and they reminded her of it every chance they had.

Jacob was the complete opposite. He wasn't just your average young guy, he was one of the most famous young actors in the world. Since he was a young boy he dreamed of becoming something better, achieving a better life, helping his family anyway he could. Jacob wasn't a particularly loud and in your face guy, he liked to keep himself to himself. He wasn't in the news every day for doing drugs or getting into trouble with the law, and he didn't believe in one night stands. He had morals and was determined nothing would deter him from breaking them.

Jacob strongly believed in no sex before marriage. Granted, most of the time he paid the price for that particular belief; but, it was something he was adamant about. The way he saw it, if the woman he chose to spend the rest of his life with couldn't or wouldn't wait until marriage to experience that pleasure with him, they didn't truly love him and clearly didn't respect his feelings and beliefs.

That was all well and good until he was around a certain few of his friends. Jacob's friends, Jared, Paul and Sam were a bad influence on him. He tried extremely hard to be the reasonable one, but sometimes he would get so caught up in their fun and games he would completely lose himself.

Embry and Quil, Jacob's best friends, were the one constant in his life that kept him level headed. They didn't pressure him or force him into anything. They simply believed he had his own mind and would do what he felt was necessary at the end of the day.

Jacob was never one to display his personal life in front of the cameras. He was a quiet person and believed his personal life was exactly that, personal. He had to be very careful who he chose to date, as most of the girls he dated only wanted two things: his body and his money. Jacob wanted a girl that would see through all the glitz and glam of his 'amazing' life and be with him for him.

He wanted a girl who wasn't afraid to go out of the house without wearing makeup, spontaneously kiss in the rain, have pointless play fights with him just to make each other laugh. He wanted a girl he could tell how much he loved her as they laid together on the grass in their backyard.

Yeah, it might have sounded corny, normal. But that was what he craved...normality.

But, of course he couldn't say that around his friends. They would think he was a complete pussy.

Around them he had to be someone completely different; someone, who to be honest, he quite frankly hated.

Some people might say he was a double edged sword. To his family and the people he loved he was the caring, kind typical young adult; to his crew he was, Black, the cocky bastard.

Bella had finished her four hour shift at Cafe and was now headed home. It was just after 8pm that evening and she was beyond exhausted. She had barely slept the day before as her studies were stacking up on her desk. She really needed to crack down on them if she wanted to pass her exams.

She made her way to the staff room to grab her things when a high pitched - abnormally excited for that time of night - voice called her name.

"Bella!" The voice squealed from behind her.

She slowly turned on her heels, fearing if she spun around too quickly she would lose her balance and stumble over.

"Alice..." she mumbled tiredly.

Alice Brandon, one of Bella's best friends, bounced over to her with a grin so illuminating it reached her eyes.

"Do you have any plans for tomorrow, because I have some exciting news I want to tell you!" She clapped her hands excitedly.

Bella sighed and ran her hands through her long auburn strands, "Well I have work tomorrow until 3, and I have to study for a bit but other than that I think I'm good."

Alice beamed. "Oh yay! That's settled then, I'll be around at five o'clock! You better be fully awake when I get there, girlie!" She yelled as she bounced out the Cafe doors and toward her flashy new car.

Alice's parents were extremely well off and unbelievably lovely. Esme, short for Esmeralda, was an extremely artistic and creative person. Even though Esme didn't need to work because of her husband Carlisle's high paying job, she still felt the need to keep her mind busy and occupied by renovating old houses.

Bella, on more than one occasion, wished she had a mother and father as loving and supportive as Esme and Carlisle.

One hour later, Bella was walking through her front door. It was just after 9pm and she knew her housemates would be getting up soon for their jobs. Jessica, Rosalie and Mike, her housemates, all worked at a club called Elevate Lounge. The one decent thing about working the day shift was when she was at work they were at home and when she was at home they were at work. Don't get her wrong, she liked and got on well with her housemates; but she couldn't stand the thought of being around them twenty-four-seven.

She placed her keys on the hook and quietly shut the door with her four inch heels. Yes, they were a pain in the ass to wear as it was; but, having to endure them for four hours straight was plain hell. Bella dragged her tired body into the small kitchen and grabbed a bowl of soup and glass of water then continued up the stairs toward her room.

As she entered she kicked off her heels, placed her glass and food on her nightstand, and collapsed on her super comfy double bed.

"Ugh, what a day," she whispered to herself.

As she sat up on her bed, she reached for her glass of water and quickly downed it, then placed the glass back on the stand and reached for her soup. She climbed off her bed, stumbled toward her open laptop, and moved the cursor which brought up her Twitter page.

She took a sip of her soup and sighed as the boring sustenance swirled around in her mouth, "Oh how I live the life of the rich and famous." she complained as she picked up her computer and walked back toward her bed.

Bella began to scroll down her Twitter time line when she saw a group of irate looking tweets.

'OMG, and I thought you were a well refined young boy. But it turns out you are exactly that, a boy!'

Oh wow, she wondered what had those followers' panties in a bunch. Bella kept moving down when she saw another reply; but, this time to a man she had crushed on since she learned how to pronounce his name!

' J_Black22 B careful what u wish 4, that request might just come back 2 bite u!'


Bella scrolled down a little further when she saw the reason behind those irate tweets. Jacob Black had tweeted something highly uncharacteristic for him about the entire female population.

'Women are only good to suck and fuck, so do us men a favor and keep off the road and in the bedroom.'


Since Jacob posted that disastrous tweet his time line had been inundated with tweets from severely pissed off women. Every few seconds his cell would vibrate alerting him to a tweet. As he sat in his trailer on the set of his latest film he signed in shame. He didn't think the backlash to his tweet would have been THAT bad, a part of him thought that because he was famous people would simply shrug it off...apparently not.

Why did he listen to his friends, when all they ever did was get him into shit?

Still, they didn't force him to send the tweet. It wasn't like they held him at gunpoint and threatened to end his life. Nope, he sent that tweet off his own accord.

Bella's eyes widened as she saw the rather controversial tweet; she couldn't believe the guy she had watched grow, crushed on, obsessed over for years had written something so...so arrogant, something so completely sexist.

That wasn't the guy she had come to admire.

A huge part of her felt extremely let down and disappointed by his shameful actions. Why say something so completely against your nature, why be that person?

Bella knew she shouldn't have felt so upset and hurt by his tweet toward the female population, but she couldn't help it. She really thought he was different.

Clearly she was wrong.

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